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Update! Donation Requests Adjustments

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Donations Requests

We're delighted to inform you that we are switching back to our glorious old-school threads system when it comes to Administrative Requests such as Refund Requests, Donation Requests, Property Placement Requests, etc; considering the fact that threads are way more flexible than tickets. We will be converting Donation Tickets to Threads for now, as the conversion process consumes a lot of time.

Please post your donation requests via this link, as your thread will be posted here.

Allow me to remind you that we now accept the following forms of payment:

1. Debit Card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Discover / JCB & more)
2. Credit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay
3. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash / Dai /...

Update! Happy Easter Lawless Roleplay!

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Happy Easter, Lunatics! We in the admin team wish you a day full of blessings and happiness, stay tuned for the upcoming events here at Lawless Roleplay!

The golden Easter egg was stolen by a group of thieves! The bunnies had to bring the egg back or their festivals might fall apart, so they decided to team up to retrieve the egg. Will the thieves get to keep the golden easter egg or will the bunnies bring it safely back home?

First event - 03:00
Second event - 23:00

35,000 materials...​

UPDATE The Methamphetamine Update

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Ladies and gents, I know we always say that this is the best update we have ever made but truly, this update is the BEST WE HAVE EVER MADE. No 🧢 !

This update brings a unique and new dynamic to Lawless Roleplay that has been meticulously designed and developed to completely change how you play and interact with other players on Lawless Roleplay.

We have reduced the distance that players can see other player names as well as reducing the distance of all action-based messages (eg. /me and /do).

We have done this to ensure that players always experience the best level of gameplay as well as roleplay.

During the development stage of this, we invited multiple players including admins, gang members and faction members until we were able to fine-tune the distance to be just right...​

Announcement Content Creators Club

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Greetings Lunatics! We are glad to announce that we will now provide premium support to content creators in the Lawless Roleplay Community. Are you a digital content creator or an aspiring digital content creator? We would be glad to accompany you through your journey as we will provide content creators a variety of benefits!

To join, fill this form below and send it through here.

  • Link of your channel or page: (i.e. Lui Bikerdude)
  • What platform are you focused on: (i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.)
  • Your content: (i.e. Cycling, gaming...

Announcement Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Dear Lunatics of Lawless Roleplay, Saint Patrick Day is around the corner! The day Lawless colors green!
Our Public Relations team has prepared some great events during this special day.
Whether you are celebrating this day or not, you do not want to miss out on the great prizes we have prepared for you!

Will luck be on your side this day?
Find it out at this community-wide event on the 17th of March!

See you there and we wish you the best of luck!

We will be having a green-themed TEAM DEATHMATCH event, who will be on the lucky team to be feeling green?


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