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Announcement Staff Update (August of 2021)

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Hey lunatics,

The administrative team has undergone multiple changes. We're happy to announce that we are releasing a new structure for the team. We always aim to improve our performance by ensuring that every department is fulfilling its tasks correctly without the fewest drops in performance. Not only have multiple divisional director positions been switched up, but we're also switching up our hierarchy at the top level in anticipation of a future evolvement of the community and better participation of all management board members.

On the Assistant Management level, Joey has been appointed as Assistant Executive Director (previously Assistant Community Manager) succeeding Rio. Ever since Joey was reinstated to the team, his contributions have been valuable and really help put the team on the right track, his new position will allow him to...
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News Back online!

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Department of Technology

Good news! Our new web server has been fully set up and the data has been restored!

💚 is back online 💚

We're really sorry for the inconvenience however hardware failures like these are very unpredictable. Luckily, our investments in backup systems meant we did not lose any data. To ensure that this does not happen again, I spent all of yesterday stress testing potential hosting providers and have picked one that is both fast, reliable and provides us with a back up option should a kernel failure happen again with no downtime.

While we have quality-checked it and it has passed however we might have missed something, if you find something not working on our website, please contact me directly to resolve the issue via e-mailing [email protected]...

APPROVED Lawless' Got Talent 2021

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Dear Lunatics,

The Public Relations team is proud to present to you our latest iteration of Lawless' Got Talent 2021! We believe that LGT and events similar to it bring the community together to have a fun time and demonstrate our creative talents as well as a side of our real-life personalities to our fellow players. Lawless' Got Talent will be an opportunity for everyone to show us their best attempts at one of the categories of talent listed below, have fun and impress us!


Talent Categories
(must be SA:MP/Lawless Roleplay related)


Announcement Summer Feels 2021

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Summer is on the way! After getting stressed from all the work and the exams, it's time to enjoy the summer holidays.
We, the Public Relations team, have worked hard to bring you several events to make your summer holidays enjoyable.



A fight between teams to crown the team of the summer. There will be two teams, but only one will last until the end. Do you think you will be in the winning one?

Date & Time:
15th of July | 10:00
16th of July| 12:00
18th of July| 16:00
19th of July | 20:00

14 days of...​

CLOSED Update 39 - Paintball, Crate Island, CS 1.6 Dust Map, DOUBLE SMUGGLER/ ROBBERY PAY & more!

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As we enter the second half of the year, much of our plans for 2021 have fallen in place however we have so much more to offer for the rest of the year.

We hope you enjoy this our 39th update since March 2020.



We have listened to your complaints and have adjusted paintball!

The warm-up time before a paintball game starts has been set to 5 minutes from 1 minute.

If the minimum player count is met before the 5 minutes is over, the game will start in 30 seconds. People can still join in that time as long as there are fewer players than the maximum set.

You now get 90% of all paintball bets instead of 80%.

Increased the max bet in paintball from $5,000 to $20,000.

Decreased private room cost to $2,500 from $5,000.


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