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Announcement Merry Christmas Lawless Roleplay!

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Merry Christmas Lawless Roleplay! Christmas is always a very special time of year and this year it will be more special than any other years due to the worldwide pandemic. I hope all members of the Lawless Roleplay community as well as their families are safe and healthy.

This Christmas, we have not skipped out on any of the stops. This is the biggest Christmas Events we have ever hosted!
* event expires 1st Jan 2021

Let the festive games begin!

The six most popular mini-games are back this year! This time, they give you awesome coins to spend in our Christmas shop below.

The Christmas Market is located at the Bank Car Park:



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This is our 28th update in 2020! Oh yea!

I hope everyone is enjoying the server! I will be joining you guys in-game more often soon! Can't wait!!


We are giving $10,000 FREE to all players who have 2FA enabled (click here to find out how to enable 2FA).

If you do not have 2FA enabled, you can enable it by using /settings in-game and then reconnecting to receive your FREE $10,000!

* This event will be going on from 10th to 19th November only...​

Update! Update 27: Light Roleplay, Halloween, Bandana Update, Battle Royale, $10k FREE, Job bonuses & more

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As we release our 27th update this year, we enter a brand new period in the history of Lawless Roleplay. The implementation of light roleplay. We also have some other goodies included!

I just want to thank everyone involved in this update, it was extremely challenging with work and COVID-19 but we worked hard and kept our eye on the finish line. I would like to specifically thank our developers, beta testers and our media team for their hard work on this update. These guys do a fantastic job so that we all enjoy our playtime on the streets of Los Santos. 😍

Light Roleplay is finally here!

It's about time that we adjust ourselves to the new reality...​

Update! Week 26: Battle Royale! Maps! Hookers! Paintball! Lumberjacks! FREE $10,000 MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am pleased to release our 26th weekly update. I know this was meant to be released last week however real life got in the way and work has been a wild roller-coaster. It's actually a miracle that I have had the time and energy to release this update. However, I have made sure that I set some time apart from everything to work on this weekly update for our loyal and lovely members!

You guys are awesome and I only release these updates for you guys! You know who you are.

However lately, I have noticed that there has been a lot of Lawless Roleplay haters out there and I'm not really sure why but it just seems to be happening.

I think you haters really need to leave this community and go somewhere else. Cause here on Lawless Roleplay, myself and the staff teams are trying really hard to give you fun, entertain you, make you laugh and you guys are just trying to bring us down...​

Update! Week 25: New Grow Op! 2x Robbery Bonus! 2x Crate Reward/ LEO Pay & 2x SWEEPER Pay!

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I know I say this every single week but we have released 25 weekly updates in a row with no breaks. It's crazy and I really never thought I could make this happen.

Since starting the weekly updates, we have introduced so many new features, from very small to very big such as crate island, turf raiding, bodyguard job, racing stadium, paintball 2.0, revised turf system, script optimisation including faster interior loading, a new levelling system and upgrades, an entirely new website, a new helper system, new hooker job, new trucking job, new business stock and employee system and so much more. The list is truly endless.

This could not be possible without the loyal players who play here week after week especially the ones that show so much love in these threads...​

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