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Update! Update 55 - 10th Anniversary Update

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Happy Anniversary Lawless Roleplay!

Lawless Roleplay turns 10 years old and I am so excited about this update. I haven't been this excited in quite some time! This update feels extra special! ;)

It's our 55th update since we promised to have monthly updates in March 2020. We've done so much more than that promise!

We've been working so hard in the past month to really listen to your feedback and change Lawless Roleplay for the better. We have gone from a server with a small population living off its past glories to a very active server with over 150 players daily. You should be extremely proud of yourself and the community.

Make sure you check out the Anniversary Event Update thread by clicking...​

Update! Update 54 - SA-MP Mobile is Back! Pilot & Pizza Job Double Pay! Quality of Life & Faction Updates!

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Keeping it short and sweet with our 54th update since March 2020. All items from this update are from your feedback!

This update was actually part of a larger update (really existed for the next big update!!) but needed to be pushed forward due to server stability issues.

As always, I hope you enjoy this update. Please make sure you check our FiveM updates also!



SA-MP Mobile is back!

We worked with the SA-MP Mobile team to ensure that we could bring back SA-MP Mobile safely and securely.

You can view a list of players on SA-MP Mobile via the '/listmobileplayers' command.


Update! Update 53 - Default Damage + Double Fisher Job Pay + Double Hooker Bonus + Spawn at Club Truth for Ivy Donators!

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Oh man - I really had fun at this year's Christmas Market with the minigames and events. It was more special than before - maybe because there was a new Christmas Market map.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Years - by that I mean you took a break from deathmatching and spent time with loved ones.

Anyway, this is update 53 since March 2020 and I am proud to hit 2023 with our first update.

I do really appreciate all your patience while I had to deal with some personal emergency stuff in real life.

I cannot wait for future updates and to expand into more games!




By popular demand, we have enabled default damage for the next 14 days as an experiment.

We have created the following...​

Update! Merry Christmas - Minigames, Christmas Market and Shop, New LSPD interior, Duel Bets, FREE IVY FOR ALL!

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Merry Christmas, Lawless Roleplay!

It's the session to deathmatch la la la... Oops, wrong intro!

It is Christmas time lunatics and for the NINTH year in a row, it is time for our traditional Christmas update.

This year we have an awesome update in line with the traditional minigames but a brand new Christmas market and a duel bet system!

I wish all members of Lawless Roleplay, as well as their families, to be safe, and healthy, and to have a wonderful Christmas and new year!

With that being said, let the festive games begin!

Oh wait - make sure you read the bottom of the thread for a free gift 😃...​

Update! Update 51 - 2x Miner & Trucker + quality of life update!

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Now that Halloween is over.. let us enjoy this awkward silence between now and Christmas.

We have a small update today with some nice quality of life changes.

Please enjoy update 51 since March 2020.



Enjoy DOUBLE pay when doing the miner job!

Use /findjob to find the miner job.



Enjoy double pay while doing the trucker job!

Find the job via "/findjob" ingame!



Based on your feedback as community, we have changed the following quality of life improvements:

Added a 5 second delay to displaying the daily objectives to prevent abuse

You must now...​

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