🎉🎈 Happy Anniversary, Lawless RP Community! 🎂🎊


🎉🎈 Happy Anniversary, Lawless Roleplay Community! 🎂🎊

Today marks a special milestone in our journey—an occasion filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. That's right, it's our yearly anniversary, and we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate this momentous day with every one of you!

As we reflect on the incredible adventures, friendships forged, and challenges overcome throughout the past year, we're filled with gratitude for the vibrant and dynamic community that makes Lawless Roleplay truly special. From epic role-playing moments to heart-pounding events, each experience has woven itself into the tapestry of our collective story, creating a legacy that will endure for years to come.

So, here's to you, our amazing community members—the driving force behind Lawless Roleplay's success and the heartbeat of our virtual world. Thank you for your unwavering passion, dedication, and boundless creativity that continues to inspire us every day.

As we raise our glasses to toast another year of adventure, excitement, and growth, let's cherish the memories we've made and look forward to the countless adventures that lie ahead. Together, there's no limit to what we can achieve!

In the past year... 10,786 land objects were placed, 94,660 crimes were reported to the police, the government received $312,681,139 from your taxes, players died 1,114,753 times and 4,695 names were changed!

Happy anniversary, Lawless Roleplay Community! Here's to many more years of laughter, friendship, and unforgettable moments.

Let the celebrations begin! 🎉🥳✨





Play 10 hours between the 24th of April to 24th of May to receive a free 11 days of Ivy! 1 day for every year LRP has existed!

We are under new management and structure, if you are banned and want to play again then we invite you to post a ban appeal and mention the words "new management" to have your appeal reviewed by the new server management. We've already welcomed many people back to the server who were banned and they're having fun.

Key highlights from the server update:

Hitman agents and all players are now able to place bombs inside interiors

Fixed all weapon sync and damage issues and problems even if you are lagging or having high FPS. Our weapon damage system is now the best out there.

Fixed 48 major map bugs that sometimes caused player deaths if players jumped on it

If a medic accepts a death call, the player must wait 25 seconds before using '/accept death'

The Casino is now open and poker games are available for everyone

View the full list of change logs below:

- Changed limits to start crate, drug or chemical missions to 3 LEOs
- Fixed not being able to place a bomb inside an interior
- Added COCK protection for new SA-MP hack that damages cars even if the player is not damaging a car
- Attempted fix for sniper bug issue
- Added 48 new map bug fixes that killed players if they jumped
- Using /healnear will not overwrite someone's health or armor
- Anyone killing the hunted will automatically get 150 armor and 150 health as a reward
- If a medic accepts a death call, the player must wait 25 seconds before using /accept death
- Added Constructions Block behind Alhambra Club
- Fixed an glitch where level 5+ drug dealers can get 1 gang coin every 3 minutes
- Fixed multiple bugs with poker in analyzing the player's card:
- Ace Handling: Added checks for Ace being high and low in a straight.
- Straight Check: Updated the loop to check for all possible straights, including those involving an Ace. For example, the case where Ace can be low (e.g., A-2-3-4-5) or high (e.g., 10-J-Q-K-A)
- Return Values: Modified the return statements to include the high card value and side cards/ kickers for each hand type so if a player has Pair 8s and a player has Pair 9s, the player with Pair 9s wins
- Added anniversary fair #2 map
- Updated all minigame locations
- Updated minigame gift shop location
- Updated fireworks text to Happy Anniversary
- Added new baseball bat to minigame gift shop
- Fixed not being able to detonate a bomb inside an interior
- You no longer can use /plantseeds while in hospital recovering
- Fixed a bug where /witness could expose admins spectating
- Updated AM and M staff titles to match the new admin structure
- Fixed all weapon bugs and weapon sync issues for life 100%
- Fixed a bug where you would join a poker game and see all cards from the start
- Optimized text draw loading system
- Fixed player text draw sync
- Fixed global text draw sync
- Play 10 hours between 24th April to 24th May to get 11 Days of Ivy for players





Experience the excitement of Lawless Roleplay's 11th anniversary at the Four Dragons Casino with a thrilling game of hide and seek!
Join us for an evening of unity and adventure as we celebrate our legacy together. Prepare for an unforgettable night of fun and excitement!

Time: Every day from 24th of April till the 29th of April - 8:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: 10 days Rose



Get ready for intense battles and non-stop action in Lawless Mayhem our special Team Deathmatch event celebrating 11 years of Lawless Roleplay!

Join the chaos and fight for victory!


Time: Every day from 30th of April till the 4th of May - 8:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: Weapon set + 50G of each Drug



Join us for an unforgettable anniversary event! In the City of the Wolves Deathmatch, we're hosting a single, epic battle to commemorate our 11th year.
Prepare for intense combat, thrilling action, and the chance to prove your dominance.

Will you rise to the challenge and claim victory in this legendary showdown?


Time: Everday from the 5th of May till the 9th of May- 8:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: 15 days daisy + Full Weapon Set



Join us for the Retro Rumble, celebrating Lawless Roleplay's 11th anniversary!
It's a Melee Deathmatch featuring the legendary katana.

Are you ready to prove your prowess and become a champion?


Time: Everyday from 10th of May till the 15th of May - 8:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: 10 days Rose



Enter Vehicle Vendetta, where players must dodge oncoming cars in a fight for survival.

Outsmart the chaos, avoid collisions, and emerge as the last one standing to claim victory


Time: Every day from the 16th of May till the 21st of May - 8:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: T2 Vehicle



Welcome to the 'High Noon Showdown: House Siege,' where teams select their partners and three weapons to engage in a fierce team deathmatch within the confines of a house. As the clock ticks down, strategic planning and tactical coordination are paramount as teams navigate the tight quarters, unleashing a barrage of firepower to dominate their opponents.

With valuable prizes at stake, only the most cunning and skilled duo will emerge victorious in this intense indoor battle!


Time: 22nd of May - 6:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: 30 Days Ivy + Special use title + Weapon Set



Join the Millionaire's Mystery Hunt where players decode riddles to uncover clues leading to the secretive millionaire.
Navigate San Andreas, solve the puzzles, and be the first to find the hidden millionaire to claim the ultimate prize!

Time: 23rd of May - 7:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: 11 Days Ivy + T2 Vehicle



We will have a vehicle, and it has received high praise. There will be a countdown, and the last player with a car wins it.
The vehicle will be shown in the minimap so everyone knows where the vehicle is. The deadline will be 10 minutes.

What if the vehicle blows up? It will respawn at the same spot.

And if no one gets into the vehicle before the deadline? The countdown will restart, but this time it will be for 5 minutes, not 10.


Vehicle: Monster A

Time: 24th of May - 8:00 PM GMT+1
Prize: Monster Truck A + A house



We will merge social media into these events, calling them 'hidden events,' which means only players can discover them by using our social media platforms.

For example, the first hidden event will be a giveaway on Facebook. Participants will have to react and add their names to the giveaway. The second hidden event will be on TikTok, where we will post a video showing an Easter egg.

For instance, we may display a code in the video. Once they watch the video, participants will have to send the code to Howard or Sharpe for a chance to win something big. On Instagram, we will present a riddle for players to solve.

Perhaps we can incorporate it into Instagram stories or another feature that can gauge how many players are attracted to it.

On YouTube, we will celebrate Lawless' 11th anniversary by showcasing many players' videos, with them saying 'Lawless forever' or something equally cool to demonstrate to old players that Lawless is still here and will always be here.

Prize: Random Prizes



Celebrate Lawless Roleplay's 11th Anniversary with double EXP.
Level up faster and earn extra rewards for a limited time only!


Minigames are back, everyone!

Play minigames and earn coins which display on your HUD


Coins that you earn from minigames can be spent in the Anniversary Gift Shop


This year we're giving you a chance to get an ULTRA RARE TOY! A BASEBALL BAT!

This is not a weapon and is a toy that you can attach to your character forever!



Head to Verona Beach Pier to check out our minigames!


Verona Beach Pier is located right next to the fishing pier.

Hurry this is only around for a limited time!


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