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  • are you black irl?
    Think About It GIF by Identity
    No he's brown
    Hey, I reckon you don't give a fuck brother. Why don't you sell the server to me, someone who does give a fuck. I'm loyal to my people mate, you clearly are not. PM me for details, maybe I can offer you something you might really like.
    greetings barney, i feel that my permanent shoutbox ban is excessive and would like my comments handled per the geneva convention
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    Ryder Murdoc
    Ryder Murdoc
    In my opinion, i have been here for years and earned the rights to a personal macaco femboy. Now you would think why such a small request, a meager attempt to request the presence of an troglodyte into my life would have such an outrageous consequence?
    I'll take a femboy as well
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