Update! Merry Christmas - Minigames, Christmas Market and Shop, New LSPD interior, Duel Bets, FREE IVY FOR ALL!

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Merry Christmas, Lawless Roleplay!

It's the session to deathmatch la la la... Oops, wrong intro!

It is Christmas time lunatics and for the NINTH year in a row, it is time for our traditional Christmas update.

This year we have an awesome update in line with the traditional minigames but a brand new Christmas market and a duel bet system!

I wish all members of Lawless Roleplay, as well as their families, to be safe, and healthy, and to have a wonderful Christmas and new year!

With that being said, let the festive games begin!

Oh wait - make sure you read the bottom of the thread for a free gift 😃...​

Update! Update 51 - 2x Miner & Trucker + quality of life update!

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Now that Halloween is over.. let us enjoy this awkward silence between now and Christmas.

We have a small update today with some nice quality of life changes.

Please enjoy update 51 since March 2020.



Enjoy DOUBLE pay when doing the miner job!

Use /findjob to find the miner job.



Enjoy double pay while doing the trucker job!

Find the job via "/findjob" ingame!



Based on your feedback as community, we have changed the following quality of life improvements:

Added a 5 second delay to displaying the daily objectives to prevent abuse

You must now...​

Update! Update 50 - Halloween MINIGAMES! Gang Coins, Coin Shop, 2x LUMBER + PILOT jobs + QOL improvements!

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We're back with another update and it's the 50th update since March 2020!

We are so proud that for over 2 years we have kept our promise of more frequent updates.

This is probably one of my FAVOURITE updates since March 2020 because it's been purely fuelled by your feedback. We have introduced a new mechanism to help and reward active gangs.

If you haven't already, check out our SUPER SPOOKY Halloween Update (MINIGAMES!!) thread which is our 51st update since March 2020 by clicking here.



We have a brand new gang coin system!

You will now be able to earn coins for your gang via various activities such as attending turfs...​

Update 49 - New Crate Island System + Map, New Gang Safes, Material bonus and more!

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Just because we've been busy with FiveM, do you think we forgot about SA-MP? Never!

We took some time to release the 49th update since March 2020 because we've been busy restructuring the management team and coming up with a plan to push Lawless Roleplay higher. Plus we have been super busy in making sure FiveM is ready and has the correct tools for everyone to have fun!

As part of our restructuring, I would like to congratulate @Pat Rick for his promotion to Management and being assigned as Community Manager, @Domi on her promotion to Management and @Wade R Kennedy on his reinstatement as [COLOR=rgb(128, 68...​

Nametags and Voice

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Lawless Roleplay


As you guys enjoyed our first ever sneak peek so much last week, I thought I would not make you wait too long for the next sneak peek. We're back this week with our second sneak peek.

We have made a discord channel for FiveM chat and gossip and a discussion forum for you guys to post ideas and chat about the upcoming FiveM server. I will be monitoring these sections very closely!

In this series of blog posts, I will be documenting our FiveM development progress while giving...​

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