News Newly elected Mayor for 2023!

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After an exhausting week and a very close election, we are glad to inform you that the winner of the 2023 mayoral elections is
Zeref Robinson


The Free Democratic Party were able to gain 187 votes to claim the throne.

The National Socialist San Andreas Worker's Party were second with 46 votes.

As for the People's Party and The Progressive Alliance Party, they were far behind with 39 votes and 37 votes respectively.

Our newly elected Mayor, Zeref Robinson now has a budget of $731, 411, 188

Congratulations to our new Mayor and to the Free Democratic Party.

The Election Committee

Update! Server Update #58 - Gov Elections, Chemical Labs Mission and so much more!

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Greetings fellow Lunatics! I hope you're enjoying the end of summer as most of you head back to school! Fear not, we have some exciting updates to keep you entertained!

Can you believe it? We're rolling out our 58th update since the whole virus craziness started. Time sure does fly like a barrel down a waterfall!

We wanted to bring a fun and new update for SA-MP! While we're hard at work on our new FiveM server (sneak peek soon :oldman:) - I just wanted to share some development love with SA-MP.

Just to make it clear, we do not plan to shut down our SA-MP server when we release the FiveM server. SA-MP will continue to be the same and will continue to receive updates.


News San Andreas Government Elections 2023

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Greetings, citizens of Los Santos!

We're thrilled to announce that the 2023 mayoral elections are officially open for candidates to submit their forms. The anticipation is building as we prepare for these crucial elections that will shape our glorious state of San Andreas!

This is an exciting time because the Mayor has full control over the state's funding and can therefore increase or decrease taxes, fund or defund all factions and law enforcement and more! They can pay for custom projects (( scripts )) and have full control over the state laws!

Get ready to participate and make your voice heard in this exciting virtual democracy!

Key Election Information

  • Candidates who wish to participate in this election must assume the role of leader of a...

Announcement Community Update + Server Update #57

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It's been quite a journey, and we couldn't be more thrilled to announce that we've surpassed an astonishing milestone of over 500,000 registered players in-game. This achievement is a testament to the incredible support and dedication of our community. Your passion fuels our desire to constantly push the boundaries of gaming excellence.

As we venture into the second half of the year, our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience remains unwavering. We have a robust improvement program in place, with an unwavering focus on elevating the quality of service we provide. We've been hard at work, collaborating closely to enhance our internal structure, streamline communications, and align our entire team to ensure we're all on the same page.

Of course, no journey is without its share of challenges. We've encountered ups and downs along the way, making tough decisions to safeguard our cherished community. Such steps...

Update 56 - QoS, Classic perk, Apex Turf, Casino Update, Gang Radios and many more!

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I hope you guys enjoyed the extravaganza 10th birthday party we had for Lawless Roleplay. We had tons of giveaways, events and minigames.

As you have noticed since April we have been reforming everything, working on improving and changing our approach to things.

This update took quite some time to complete because we performed a complete refractor on the data handling modules to more modern standards.

As always, we hope you enjoy this update. Thank you for playing Lawless Roleplay.



We listened to your feedback on the forums, discord and in-game. We're pleased to announce the following changes:

Fixed data instability by decreasing the chance of data rollback/merge.

You can now put your bandana on (/bandana) while you are injured however you cannot put your bandana away...​
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