UPDATE Donation Store Update

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Donation Store

If you're new around here, I always like to pack a website update every year during our anniversary month. This year, we are showing some love to the donation store which hasn't seen many changes over the past few years.

We’re thrilled to unveil our revamped and supercharged Donation Store! 🚀

So what's new?
  • Deeper Integration: Say goodbye to disjointed experiences! Our new store seamlessly integrates with the rest of the website. You’ll find a cart icon next to your profile, and all your...

🎉🎈 Happy Anniversary, Lawless RP Community! 🎂🎊

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🎉🎈 Happy Anniversary, Lawless Roleplay Community! 🎂🎊

Today marks a special milestone in our journey—an occasion filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. That's right, it's our yearly anniversary, and we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate this momentous day with every one of you!

As we reflect on the incredible adventures, friendships forged, and challenges overcome throughout the past year, we're filled with gratitude for the vibrant and dynamic community that makes Lawless Roleplay truly special. From epic role-playing moments to heart-pounding events, each experience has woven itself into the tapestry of our collective story, creating a legacy that will endure for years to come.

So, here's to you, our amazing community members—the driving force behind Lawless Roleplay's success and the heartbeat of our virtual world. Thank you for your unwavering passion, dedication, and...

Update! Server Update #61 - Bug fix galore!

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Server Update v2.3.61

Man... it feels good to release two updates in the same month.

In this update, there are not many new features but so many bugs have been fixed and squashed.. bugs of more than 10 years old!

I think I'll call this update the exterminator update 😂

I am so pleased that in this update, we managed to clear the entire 'report a bug' section. Remember, if you see any bugs in-game, please record it and report it!

Football Player Mood GIF by Tennis TV

🌐 Connect with Us: Join our Discord community. Follow...

Update! Server Update #60 - Poker, Crate Island 3.0, Quality of Life, New Turfs & Adjustments and MORE!

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Server Update v2.3.38

As the sun sets over the gritty streets of San Andreas, we're super thrilled to announce our 60th script update since March 2020 -- that converts to 15 updates a year!

This is a monumental moment in our server's history. 🚀

This is our first update for 2024! I am so excited for more updates this year. We have very big things planned so stay tuned!

🌐 Connect with Us: Join our Discord community. Follow us on Facebook for updates and sneak peeks. Remember, Lawless Roleplay isn’t just a server; it’s a community.

Get ready, amigos! The streets await your mark. Let's make this 60th update legendary! 🎮💥...​

Announcement Happy New Year 2024

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Happy New Year Lawless Roleplay! 2024 here we come!

As we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new year, I want to wish every member of our incredible community a happy new year!

We witnessed an awesome year filled with a few challenges and many triumphs, we had multiple new management and players come and we've renewed our vows to our mission statement. In 2023, we navigated the virtual streets of San Andreas with style and rizz - we created unforgettable memories, built friendships that will last an eternity and bus'd a capp into our ops.

In 2023, we watched players die over 12,237,128 times, 1,029,620 crimes committed, 2,606 players banned from the server, 7,810 players who got muted/ prisoned/ jailed, 101,187 name changes and a crazy...
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