Announcement Community Update + Server Update #57

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It's been quite a journey, and we couldn't be more thrilled to announce that we've surpassed an astonishing milestone of over 500,000 registered players in-game. This achievement is a testament to the incredible support and dedication of our community. Your passion fuels our desire to constantly push the boundaries of gaming excellence.

As we venture into the second half of the year, our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience remains unwavering. We have a robust improvement program in place, with an unwavering focus on elevating the quality of service we provide. We've been hard at work, collaborating closely to enhance our internal structure, streamline communications, and align our entire team to ensure we're all on the same page.

Of course, no journey is without its share of challenges. We've encountered ups and downs along the way, making tough decisions to safeguard our cherished community. Such steps are an integral part of any improvement journey, and we're resolved to face them head-on as we strive to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

The next six months hold tremendous promise, as we have an incredible plan meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations. With your unwavering support and enthusiasm, we're confident that the future of Lawless Roleplay will be nothing short of spectacular.

Stay tuned for more updates, thrilling additions, and exhilarating adventures that await you in the sprawling metropolis of Lawless Roleplay. Together, let's embark on a journey filled with action, intrigue, and limitless possibilities.



We've been listening to your feedback and striving to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. After hearing your thoughts on areas that could be improved, we are thrilled to announce a major update that focuses on revamping the weapon shooting sync system and enhancing server lag.

In the past, you were exchanging approximately ~800 messages per second with server updates during gameplay. However, with our latest update, we have achieved an astounding 75% improvement, bringing down the message exchange rate to just below 200 messages per second!

To keep track of your server connection, simply hold down the F5 key while in-game. Please note that the number of messages sent and received varies based on your in-game environment. If you find yourself in a tranquil setting with nothing changing around you, the message exchange will be lower. But brace yourself for intense shootouts with explosive backgrounds, as the message exchange will increase to match the action!

We haven't stopped there! We've gone the extra mile by completely reworking the weapon sync and bullet damage system. Instead of relying on public weapon sync scripts, we invested countless hours in creating our very own custom solution. This ensures a more immersive and seamless gameplay experience tailored specifically for our server.

This release marks a monumental overhaul of our networking and weapon sync system. While we've conducted extensive testing, it's important to note that real-world production servers may introduce new challenges. We're committed to addressing any bugs or issues that may arise promptly. That's why we've decided to focus solely on this update, omitting any additional changes, allowing us to swiftly roll back if needed.

While this update aims to enhance connection stability, please remember that it cannot address issues related to your home internet connection. Rest assured, we're continuously working on delivering the best possible gaming experience within our realm.

We appreciate your support and understanding as we embark on this exciting journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of improved weapon shooting, reduced lag, and unparalleled gameplay!



We recently released a new website update packed full of goodies and new ways to interact with each other. We know you guys have been enjoying it because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received about it! More than any other non-game update ever!

Following the trend of social media., we have introduced Stories on the forums. Similar to Instagram, Stories is a new cool way that you can interact with other users on either your computer or mobile phone and post short videos or pictures which will only display for 24 hours.


You can post stories by clicking on the yellow '+' button


We have also introduced a new Verified tag on the website. We have plans to give this to loyal users and to provide them access to faster support and other things on the forums.

I look forward to sharing the details of how this will work in the future.


You can view all the verified users here.

There is a new social profile display view where you can share your social links and it will display in all your post bits.


You can update your social identities linked by updating your account details.​

The Screenshots and Video section is being made redundant and read-only. We now have a new media section where you can post your screenshots, videos, twitch videos and more. Fellow lunatics can like and post comments. Additionally, it will be shown around the website so your content will get more visibility!


Make sure you post all your cool and awesome screenshots or videos in the new Media section!

However, the biggest update of them all which you may not instantly feel is major optimisation and cleanup of the website. It will now load much faster even though it is packed with more new features!

Other updates include

Joining Groups is now under Social in the navigation bar. Additionally, the Support navigation bar link now has useful links to support sections.


There is now a Top Posters of the Month section.


You can view this section here.

The rules page has been updated and split into the different types and sections of rules.


You can view the rules here.

Other things include the removal of the Home button in the navigation, clicking the logo will take you to the home page. The Twitter API has been updated with Elon Musk's most recent API version. You no longer can request awards since we get spammed with a lot of invalid requests - we will hand these out based on merit. The search engine has been revamped to make searching much faster with better accessibility options and SEO.



Attention Graphic Design Mavericks!

Lawless Roleplay Wants You!

Join our team, and shape the future of gaming.

Unleash your creative vision. Ignite imaginations.

Visit here for epic opportunities.

Lawless Roleplay awaits your genius.

Level up your design legacy now!

Refer a Graphics Designer to us and both of you will be rewarded with IVY on successful application!



I am thrilled to announce that development work on the FiveM server has resumed after a short break. Our dedicated team has been hard at work, fine-tuning every detail to ensure an unparalleled multiplayer experience.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities, where your creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're building epic custom maps, creating thrilling game modes, or exploring the vast realms of modding, FiveM is your canvas to unleash your wildest ambitions.

Stay tuned for updates as we strive to deliver an unforgettable multiplayer experience that transcends boundaries. Your patience and support have not gone unnoticed, and we can't wait to witness the incredible creations that emerge from the FiveM community.



We have a new Starter Pack donation item worth $10. This is directed to new players who want to move to Lawless Roleplay but do not want to start from 0.

Unlock endless possibilities and seize every opportunity that comes your way. With this carefully curated package, you’ll have all the tools you need to leave a lasting impression and carve your path to greatness.

Check out this donation item here!



As part of our continuous improvement program, I am proud to announce the following staff updates.

Simon who is one of the most experienced members of management has been assigned as the Director of Game Affairs. This is a role he has done marvellously in the past and we look forward to the exciting changes.

Jerome has been promoted to Assistant Management as a result of all his hard work and expertise as the Director of Public Relations. Jerome is on a speed run and has flown through our admin ranks due to his professionalism and commitment to Lawless Roleplay.

Viva who is a management veteran and has done a splendid job as the Director of Support Services is now promoted to Head Admin.

Jaspreet has been promoted to Senior Admin and has been appointed as our new Director of Development. We look forward to a fresh new path with the development of both SA-MP, the website and FiveM.

Dave has been promoted to Senior Admin and continues to be the Head of Support. He will continue to work with Viva on ensuring you have the best support available.


The Lawless Roleplay team encourages you to follow, like, and subscribe to our Social Media pages! Supporting our social media is significant as we host constant giveaways for our players, meaning if you like, follow, or subscribe to our Social Media pages, you are first to see the giveaway!


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