Update! Update 49 - New Crate Island System + Map, New Gang Safes, Material bonus and more!

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Just because we've been busy with FiveM, do you think we forgot about SA-MP? Never!

We took some time to release the 49th update since March 2020 because we've been busy restructuring the management team and coming up with a plan to push Lawless Roleplay higher. Plus we have been super busy in making sure FiveM is ready and has the correct tools for everyone to have fun!

As part of our restructuring, I would like to congratulate @Pat Rick for his promotion to Management and being assigned as Community Manager, @Domi on her promotion to Management and @Wade R Kennedy on his reinstatement as [COLOR=rgb(128, 68...​

San Andreas Government Elections

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Greetings citizens of Los Santos, under the recent circumstances our community is in need of a new Mayor after our previous mayor terms were over and High Committee have been forced to withdraw from their position.
Therefore, it has been decided that the official elections are coming back again!

The question stands for every citizen who is willing to take his chance on becoming the Mayor. Do you have what it takes to become the man our city needs? Are you willing to fight corruption, greed and violence with all your sweat blood and tears? Are you willing to make necessary sacrifices for the greater good of our city? If so, you are indeed qualified enough to run and perform your duties as the Mayor, best of luck.


How do I...

Update 48 - Drug Den Biker Mission! Stolen Property! Verified! Pilot job 2x pay & New Turf!!! [plus more]

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Ok - April fool jokes aside. This update is real, I promise. We're pleased to announce our 48th update since March 2020 (wow)

This update is another one solely powered by player suggestions.

We are also currently reviewing our hacking and ban policy, we would like to hear your thoughts on this here.



In this new event type, a briefcase containing stolen government property will spawn randomly around the map.

The top 3 players who hold this briefcase the longest will be rewarded with cash up to $50,000!

You must kill the player holding the briefcase for them to drop it and for you to pick it up.

This event is admin-generated in-game...​

Announcement St Patrick's Day - 2022!

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Greetings Lunatics of Lawless Roleplay, the day of luck is here again!
Lucky, we have loads of events planned out for you to enjoy this magical day! So what are you waiting for?
Tidy your green shirt, grab your shamrocks and your gold, put on your clover-leaf top hat, and head out on this journey to test your fortune!

Buckle up your seatbelts cause we are about to host a 2-day community event starting on March 17!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Will your luck save you from the chainsaw and the height of the building? Let's find out!


Update! Update 47 - 2x Forklift pay, 1.5x Materials, Smuggler Turf Bonus + Quality of Life Update

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Our 47th update since March 2020 is solely powered from feedback from players. We have listened to some things our players have said and enacted on them. This is part of the theme of 2022, improving Lawless Roleplay to the next level.



Earn double pay whenever doing the forklift job.

You can find this job via the '/findjob' command in-game.



Earn 50% more materials every time you material run.

Someone needs to fund these turf and gang wars!

You can do this by joining the Arms Dealer job in-game via the '/findjob' command.



Turfs will now receive 10 grams of stock whenever a player...​

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