Update! Server Update #60 - Poker, Crate Island 3.0, Quality of Life, New Turfs & Adjustments and MORE!

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Server Update v2.3.38

As the sun sets over the gritty streets of San Andreas, we're super thrilled to announce our 60th script update since March 2020 -- that converts to 15 updates a year!

This is a monumental moment in our server's history. 🚀

This is our first update for 2024! I am so excited for more updates this year. We have very big things planned so stay tuned!

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Get ready, amigos! The streets await your mark. Let's make this 60th update legendary! 🎮💥



The casino is always packed with people playing the dice bet game. We are so excited to add a new feature to the casino.. poker!

You can play poker with up to 6 other players and friends. To play poker, you need to buy casino chips at the casino.

There are 2 public poker tables inside the casino and the casino VIP area.


However, players can rent their own table and place it anywhere they want in San Andreas! Whether you want to host private poker games in your land or public competitions in front of Los Santos Mall - it is possible!

It's fully customisable! You can set the minimum or maximum buy-in, blinds, player limit and passwords for private games.


Poker Table renters can also set a commission to earn from all games played on their poker table! A great way to earn low-risk money!

You can rent a Poker Table using in-game money or help us out by donating for a poker table.

Use '/pokerhelp' in-game for more information!

You can find the poker game or casino chip office at Los Santos Casino:


Brace yourselves for high-stakes action!

The 2023 mayoral elections of San Andreas have started! Vote for your Mayor for 2023 right now!



Increased meth perk to reduce bullet weapon damages by 30% instead of 10% based on user feedback

Those pesky government speed cameras have undergone an upgrade. They’ll no longer ticket RC vehicles, boats, planes, helicopters, or sweepers.

Increased 450,000 materials to 485,000 materials in the gang coin shop based on user feedback

Gangs now receive 20 gang coins when capturing a turf

Players are notified if they report and there are many pending reports

Server stabilities fixes to make the server less likely to crash



Aviators of Lawless Roleplay rejoice!

You can enjoy DOUBLE PAY for the pilot job until the next server update!

You can find out more about this job via the /findjob command in-game.



The game affairs team work super hard to bring balance and fun to all types of gameplay. We are excited to introduce 3 new turf perks.

There are also new turfs, we have 24 turfs now in-game! So get ready to battle for your gang's mark on San Andreas!

Royalties Perk

Earn 0.5% of the dicebet casino fees! It's like having a golden ticket to the casino vault!

Supply Surge

When you're material running, expect a 1.5x bonus! Your hustle just got more rewarding!

Walter White

Channel your inner chemist as you can enjoy a hefty 40% damage reduction from bullet weapons!



As part of our mission to make turfs more competitive and fun. We're thrilled to announce these turf changes:

Bribery perk got a boost to turf owners! You can enjoy a 25% discount from /sellgun during active turfs or a 20% discount.

Additionally, the extortion perk has also received a boost. You now get a standard 15% discount from /sellgun in addition to gaining 10% tax from all transactions completed on the turf.



Enjoy DOUBLE PAY while fishing for a limited time.

You can find out more about this job via the /findjob command in-game.



I am so excited and happy to introduce...

Crate Island v3

Boat warfare is back in town!

The core fundamentals are the same, gangs must take control of a military crate island every 4 hours and from the island they can trigger military supply drops.

A plane will fly over crate island dropping 4 crates containing guns, materials, drugs and other seized goods.

Gangs members must try to pick up the bags while law enforcement will try to secure the bags from falling into the wrong hands!

NEW! If a gang manages to pick up a bag from the crate, they can load it onto boats only. They then must deliver the boat to set coordinates for the items to be delivered to their gang safe.

4 crates drop from the military plane and they can be placed onto 4 different boats for 4x the boat warfare!

I am looking forward to seeing creative tactics and crazy boat warfare!

You can find out more about this mission via the /crate command in-game. Limited only to gang or faction members.



- Disabled Christmas and New Years events
- Increased 450k mats in the coin store to 485k
- Speed cameras no longer catch RC vehicles, boats, planes, helicopters or sweepers
- Added the ability to move and edit Poker tables rented by players
- Added the following hands: Royal, Flush, Four of a kind, three of a kind, two pair, pair, straight which includes straight flush, royal flush, full house and high card
- Added raise, check, fold actions
- Added 6 seats to the poker table
- Added a warning to /report if we have too many pending reports to tell the player that there will be a delay
- Added the ability to purchase and sell chips
- Added the ability to rent 1 poker table at a time
- Added /pokermenu for players to manage their rented poker tables
- Added casino chip value to /inventory or /inv
- Added passwords to poker tables
- Non-player rented poker tables has passwords set by the first player on the table in that session, if no player is playing then the password is automatically removed
- Added 1 VIP public poker table with 5% commission and 1 normal public poker table with 8% commission
- You must be daisy+ to rent a poker table
- Added the ability to cancel your poker rental with double confirmation
- Added the ability to withdraw profits from commissions
- If the poker table expires or is deleted by admin or player, the owner will automatically get table commission profits if they are online only
- Added /leavetable to leave the poker game or press the 'leave' button on screen
- Added /pokerhelp command
- Disabled 1.5x MATERIAL RUN
- Added 2x Pilot Job pay
- Added new turf perk: Royalties - 0.5% of casino dicebet fees
- Adjusted bribery perk to give 25% discount during an active turf or normally 20% discount from /sellgun
- Adjusted extortion perk to give guns 15% discount from /sellgun in addition to getting 10% tax from all transactions completed on the turf
- Added new turf perk: Supply Surge - 1.5x material run bonus
- Enabled double fisher pay
- Increased meth perk to 30% from 10% based on user feedback
- Added new turf perk: Walter White - 40% damage reduction from bullet weapons when using meth
- Adjusted crate island so that you can only place the bags in boats
- You can take the bag out of a boat by using /carrybag
- Fixed several spelling, English and grammatical mistakes with crate island
- Once you enter a boat containing a crate island bag, you are given a checkpoint to deliver the bag
- Removed /checkvehicle, /dropbag, /securebag, /carrybag, /securepackage, /pickuppackage, /trackpackage from crate island and converted it to /crate - Removed /loadbag command
- Added /crate deliver for once you are in the crate delivery spot to deliver the crate items directly to your gang safe
- Once the crate island starts, 4 boats will spawn and will despawn once the crate island finishes
- Fixed /inv colours
- Fixed sql error
- Fixed a spelling mistake
- Fixed server crash issue
- Fixed dicebet fee not going to government tax proper
- Fixed a typo with meth
- Fixed additional restriction checks to /plantseeds, /checkweed and /pickweed so they cannot use this command while arrested, in hospital etc


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