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  • @Neville was last found in coordinate, 122, 437, N, place defined as Ron Alucard's basement for early sights, report at the number (-387) and you will be given a location to go to explain the situation to the police department, a note to bring your mom with you.

    (imma solo ur mom)
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    Ron Alucard
    Ron Alucard
    Early also recieved a report from a guy named Ian Waffe (the guy who assists me soloing your mom) reported about @Lucas/ going missing at the same coordinates, what's wrong with Ron Alucard?
    Is he pedophile, is he a psycho, is he future project Donovan?

    This was SANEWS report today, reporting from your mom's house.
    أهواك و اتمني لو أنساك، و انسي روحي معاك و ان ضاعت يبقي فداك
    yo bro this me here im ur broski put down discord mane i want tell u something im trevor holmes
    Ron Alucard
    Ron Alucard
    hey man im going inactive cuz my mouse broke and cant get one cuz covid this is trvor holmes
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