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Announcement LRP | Ignite your Creativity, Claim Exclusive Rewards 🌟

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🎥🌟 Calling All Multimedia Video Editors and Social Media Content Creators! 🌟🎥


Are you passionate about creating captivating content that sparks excitement and engagement? Do you have a knack for storytelling and a flair for visual creativity? If so, we want YOU to join the Lawless RP Content Creators Club!

As we embark on an exciting journey to re-engage former players, attract new adventurers, and elevate the Lawless RP experience to new heights, we are reviving our esteemed Content Creators Club with exclusive rewards and endless opportunities for collaboration and recognition.

What We're Looking For:

✨ Multimedia Video Editors: Bring our gameplay footage to life with your editing wizardry! Craft compelling...

Competition Events Series - Immortalize Your Triumph

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Weekly Events - Immortalize Your Triumph

🏆Hall of Fame

Welcome to the hallowed grounds of our illustrious Hall of Fame, where the names of the greatest marksmen and speed demons are forever etched in glory. Each week, we celebrate the unparalleled skills and unrivaled prowess of our top competitors in our sponsored duel and race events. Will your name be the next to join the ranks of the elite?

🔫Sponsored Duels: The Ultimate Showdown

Prepare for a clash of titans every Saturday as sharpshooters from far and wide converge for the ultimate test of marksmanship. With Executive Board Team backing the...

What Do You Want in Our Brand New Lawless Roleplay Five M Server?

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Lawless Roleplay


Hey everyone!

As we gear up to launch our brand new lawless roleplay FiveM server, we want to make sure it's everything you've been dreaming of. That's why we're turning to you, the community, to help shape the server into something truly special.

We're open to suggestions on everything from gameplay mechanics to server events, factions, and more. Here are a few questions to get the brainstorming started:

  1. What kind of factions would you like to see? Criminal organizations, law enforcement agencies, businesses, or something entirely different?
  2. What gameplay features are essential for an engaging lawless roleplay experience?
  3. Are...

Announcement Lawless Roleplay Staff Announcement

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Lawless Roleplay Staff Restructure

I am delighted to share some significant updates with you as we embark on a new chapter at Lawless Roleplay. Behind the scenes, we've been hard at work crafting our 2024 - 2025 strategy, setting the stage for our growth and constant pursuit of excellence.

As part of our new strategy, we've listened to your feedback and undergone a complete staff purge and restructuring. Adopting a "blank paper" approach, we asked ourselves: if we were starting anew, how would we structure our team? This mindset has led to significant changes in our staff structure, including new departmental/ divisional splits and the formation of a new executive board.

We believe this reshuffle will not only foster our growth but also enhance our ability to serve the community, aligning with our strategic goals and vision. We are committed to...

Update! Server Update #61 - Bug fix galore!

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Server Update v2.3.61

Man... it feels good to release two updates in the same month.

In this update, there are not many new features but so many bugs have been fixed and squashed.. bugs of more than 10 years old!

I think I'll call this update the exterminator update 😂

I am so pleased that in this update, we managed to clear the entire 'report a bug' section. Remember, if you see any bugs in-game, please record it and report it!

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🌐 Connect with Us: Join our Discord community. Follow...
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