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Announcement Happy 9th Birthday Lawless Roleplay!

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A storm is coming... that's how we started Lawless Roleplay. I cannot believe the community is the same age as my oldest child. It's crazy.

Lawless Roleplay has touched and connected to so many lives all around the world and every time I think about that, it really numbs me. Everyone connecting, making friends, and making memories. I thank you for allowing me to witness this beautiful connection. I am forever grateful for the community here. Thank you.

Lawless Roleplay opened on the 22nd April 2013 and we have seen 9,690,747 logins with 9,663,978 hours played on Lawless Roleplay (that's 1103 years combined! whoa!). However, that's not all, in the past year you guys have slaughtered each other 1,447,577 times spending $65,140,965 on hospital fees!

Last year, our goal for 2021 was to not only improve the management and admin teams but to increase the impact of our frequent server updates. We have delivered 12...​

Announcement Happy Easter - Lawless Roleplay

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Happy Easter, Lunatics! We in the admin team wish you a day full of blessings and happiness. Stay tuned for the upcoming events here at Lawless Roleplay!



A group of thieves stole the golden Easter egg!
The bunnies had to bring the egg back, or their festivals might fall apart, so they decided to team up to retrieve the egg.
Will the thieves get to keep the golden easter egg, or will the bunnies bring it safely back home?


Time: 18th April
Reward: NRG-500



San Andreas Government Elections

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Greetings citizens of Los Santos, under the recent circumstances our community is in need of a new Mayor after our previous mayor terms were over and High Committee have been forced to withdraw from their position.
Therefore, it has been decided that the official elections are coming back again!

The question stands for every citizen who is willing to take his chance on becoming the Mayor. Do you have what it takes to become the man our city needs? Are you willing to fight corruption, greed and violence with all your sweat blood and tears? Are you willing to make necessary sacrifices for the greater good of our city? If so, you are indeed qualified enough to run and perform your duties as the Mayor, best of luck.


How do I...

Update 48 - Drug Den Biker Mission! Stolen Property! Verified! Pilot job 2x pay & New Turf!!! [plus more]

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Ok - April fool jokes aside. This update is real, I promise. We're pleased to announce our 48th update since March 2020 (wow)

This update is another one solely powered by player suggestions.

We are also currently reviewing our hacking and ban policy, we would like to hear your thoughts on this here.



In this new event type, a briefcase containing stolen government property will spawn randomly around the map.

The top 3 players who hold this briefcase the longest will be rewarded with cash up to $50,000!

You must kill the player holding the briefcase for them to drop it and for you to pick it up.

This event is admin-generated in-game...​

Update! [APRIL FOOL] Update - Lag Shooting & BRAND NEW PRODUCT!

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We're so pleased to announce this update today!

It is one of the biggest updates in the history of Lawless Roleplay.



We are so pleased to announce that lag shooting is back permanently.

Lag shooting was the original shooting mechanism in SA-MP when it first launched, you would have to aim depending on your target's ping and compensate that way.

We moved to "compensated" shooting shortly after opening the server and today, we are going back to our roots.

We did not decide this alone! As a member of the SA-MP Roleplay Server Owner's Association (SAMPSOA), ALL roleplay servers have signed a decree stating that all roleplay servers will move back to lag shooting.

We are proud to join our brother and sister roleplay servers by moving back to Lag Shooting...​

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