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IMPORTANT Account security
Security reminder

Greetings, fellow players. As you may or may not know there has been a password leak on other communities. This saddens us, as someone's personal data such as a password is the server's duty to keep safe, and while Lawless Roleplay takes this very seriously and is doing a great job to keep this information private, we could also use your help. Here are some reminders on how to go about your password. If you have recently played in other communities, please change your password.

That being said, I will post @Shock's tips for a good password, which are still relevant and useful.

Have a unique password for Lawless Roleplay
You should always use a unique password for each website and server you use. By doing that, you ensure that if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe. Don't worry, here on Lawless Roleplay we treat your data with due care. Your information is never shared with anyone, and is salted and encrypted in our database.

Use a strong password - and change it frequently
Use a strong password. It should have 10 characters or more, with both uppercase, lowercase, and symbols. That way it is much harder to guess your password.

Never enter your Lawless Roleplay credentials outside of our domain or SAMP server
Make sure you are actually on Lawless Roleplay's website when entering your password. Phishing is a common technique to steal passwords. Phishing is a form of scamming that involves posing as Lawless Roleplay and tricking you into sending your password to them. If you have clicked an external link, make sure the connection is secure (green lock in the address bar), and that the domain is lawlessrp.com, like so:

Lawless staff will NEVER ask for your password
Members of the Lawless Roleplay staff will never ask for your password. Common attempts to steal passwords involve players posing as an admin to obtain passwords. Don't give anyone your password under any circumstances.

Take these seriously and you will have no problems.
Stay safe.

FAQ - The Crate System
The crate system is a unique script that has been recently added to our community. Here you will find a list full of questions and answers that could help you properly deal with the system.
Crate system commands:
/crate -
  • locate - shows you the location of he crate.
  • pickup - picks up the crate from the factory.
  • load - loads the crate onto the boat, for the escape.
  • locatedelivery - locates the delivery point, where you have to drop the crate off.
  • unload - unloads the crate from the boat.
  • drop - drops the crate and sends it back to the factory on the island.
Who can attend?:
- Gang and faction members only.
* You can't attend as a civilian obviously.

How often does the crate spawn?:
- It spawns every 3 hours. You will get a message about it if you are a gang/faction member.

When are we considered attending the crate island?:
- Whenever you enter the island (air/ground/sea) and/or you assist/fight the person carrying the crate.

Can you return to the island if you died?:
- Yes, you can return if you died.

I just arrived at the island, can I be shot on sight?:
- Yes, the island is a redzone and you can be shot on sight.

Are gangs allowed to team even if they're not allied?;
- Yes, two gangs are allowed to team up against the law enforcement officers if they do not have more than 40 members online combined.
* For example - Grove and Vagos are attending; they can not ally if they have more than 40 members online combined (saying 3 players are not attending because they're tabbed will be considered as violating the rule).
* Only two gangs may ally, not more.

Does my bandana/badge have to be on whenever I attend (at any point of the raid):
- Yes, your bandana/badge must to be on.
* It has to be on even if you returned to the dropoff point after dying.

The Prize:
- Gangs:
There are three different kind of crates that you could possibly pick. The crate you manage to deliver contains a few optional items for you to choose (you can only choose one).
  1. Normal (60% chance to get):
    * An amount of materials spread between the gang members online depending on the amount of cops online:
    -- Less than 10 cops online = 60,440 materials spread between the members online.
    -- 10-18 cops online = 200,000 materials spread between the members online.
    -- 19+ cops online = 264,000 materials spread between the members online.
    * 1,100 of each drug spread between the gang members online.
    * A desert eagle and a Sniper for every member online.
  2. Premium (10% chance to get).
    * An amount of materials spread between the gang members online depending on the amount of cops online:
    -- Less than 10 cops online = 396,000 materials spread between the members online.
    -- 10-18 cops online = 300,000 materials spread between the members online.
    -- 19+ cops online = 90,660 materials spread between the members online.
    * 1,672 of each drug spread between the gang members online.
    * A desert eagle, AK-47 and a Sniper for every member online.
  3. Broken (30% chance to get).
    * An amount of materials spread between the gang members online depending on the amount of cops online:
    -- Less than 10 cops online = 132,000 materials spread between the members online.
    -- 10-18 cops online = 100,000 materials spread between the members online.
    -- 19+ cops online = 30,220 materials spread between the members online.
    * 550 of each drug spread between the gang members online.
    * A desert eagle for every member online.
- Factions:
Incase the factions manage to shut the raid down and none of the gangs manages to deliver the crate within 30 minutes, every law enforcement faction member online at that time will receive extra 7,500$ to their paycheck (it does save to your next paycheck even if you log off).


More information regarding the update can be found here.

See you in game, lunatics!​
Server Update v1.6

Ever since @Ignacio was appointed as our Director of Development, the development team has been working around the clock non-stop to deliver an awesome update to the community. They have really knocked it out of the park with this one by implementing the most liked suggestions.

I would like to personally thank (in no particular order), @Ignacio for his hard work on organizing the development team and his hard work in implementing the crate island, @Kenobi for his dedication and organization of the mapping team, @Christian Dodge for mapping the amazing crate island and the black market, @Jordan Capone for his great work on the black market code, @Tasos Curry for mapping the black market exterior, all the administrators and project team in supporting bringing this update into realisation and finally the beta testers who worked tremendously hard while under heavy stress to ensure that this update is bug-free.

So, without anything else to say, LO AND BEHOLD OUR CREATION: V1.6!

  • Crate Island
  • Black Market
  • Coronavirus
  • Removed distorted aim for boat surfing
  • Added bicycle jump height limit

  • Removed distorted aim for boat surfing
  • Decreased radius of chat if vehicle windows are closed to 1.5
  • You cannot /giveweapon to non-donators as a donator anymore (Rose+)
  • Added donator type to /dropgun and /grabgun so that guns dropped by donators can be picked by other donators only (Rose+)
  • Reduced /bandana toggle time to 15 seconds if you haven't shot or been shot
  • Decreased sniper rifle and county rifle damage very slightly
  • Slightly increased MP5 damage

  • Fixed a bug with /loadpt
  • Fixed a bug with first aid no longer taking effect message on login
  • Attempted fix for /forcesave crashing
  • Fixed a bug with lands over 500 object auto server start purge
  • Fixed a bug with /free jail time reduction text
  • Fixed a calculation error
  • You no longer can use /frisk or /sellmats on admins who are spectating
  • Fixed a data loading issue with rewards
  • Added in-depth name change logs
  • When players first register their name is set as their birth name and the date/ time they registered is saved to their account



    Every 3 hours, gangs and law enforcement will receive an SMS from MOLE alerting them that the crates on a top-secret government island have become available for capture by gangs and law enforcement.

    Gangs must capture the highly confidential crates and deliver them to a delivery point to gain either materials, drugs or weapons. They can do this by loading the crates onto a boat. However, law enforcement must ensure that they do not let the gangs deliver the crates and that they protect the crates for a paycheck bonus.​
A FAQ can be found here.​



CLUB TRUTH is a highly secret and donator exclusive club where donators can go to enjoy a drink or enjoy the company of the finest hookers in San Andreas. Inside CLUB TRUTH, there is an all-new exclusive black market for donators.

Rose donators can purchase extremely cheap weapons while Ivy donators have access to a whole range of weapons at ridiculous discount prices in the black market.



As a result of many community members returning from other communities, they've bought back the infamous SARS-Cov-2 and have been transmitting it to other community members.

This extremely infectious virus can infect other people who stand near infected people and share the same air or touch infected people without washing their hands.

However, FEAR NOT! Los Santos Fire and Medical Department have been deployed with quick rapid treatment injections which can cure coronavirus in just 1-jab!


It's Saint Patrick's Day everyone! Lucky, we have loads of events planned out for you to enjoy this magical day! So what are you waiting for? Tidy your green shirt, grab your shamrocks and your gold, put on your clover-leaf top hat and head out on this journey to test your fortune! Buckle up your seatbelts cause we are about to host this community event on March 17!


Having the title of Lucky the Leprechaun's favourite elf is something that all of his followers dream of having, they have agreed on settling this in the only way possible, having a good ol' brawl where only the strongest will last!


Players will receive the following weapons for the event.


Time: 17th of March, 2020
11:30 Server Time

Reward: Custom User Title



Treasure Hunters have hit the jackpot and have found loads of treasure but the Leprechauns want them nowhere near the treasure! It's Leprechaun vs Treasure Hunters! Who will hail victorious?! We will find out soon!


Players will receive the following weapons for the event.


Time: 17th of March, 2020
12:30 Server Time

Reward: Tier 1 Business


It's time to bring out our rides and race to the end of the rainbow, who knows what it might take us to?!


Time: 18th of March, 2020
11:30 Server Time

Reward: Tier 2 Vehicle



There are 3 pots filled with treasure hidden somewhere in Los Santos but can you find any of it? Or do you possess the power to find all 3 of them at the same time?! It's time to put your detective skills to test and hunt for the treasure! Once you do, snap a picture with that pot of treasure and send it to @Orlando.


Time: 18th of March, 2020
12:00 Server Time

Reward: 30,000 Materials and Full Weapon Set



A special day calls for a special costume! So bring your green hat and bring your beard and don't forget your pot of gold! Take a snap and send it to @Orlando via forum PM.

The results will be announced after a week.

Reward: NRG-500



Lucky the Leprechaun lost his way while returning home from an adventure, but that's a piece of good news for him! It gave him a brand new opportunity to get out of his current mini-sized comfort zone and look for a bigger one hence, he's on a hunt for new land that's well designed for him, so do your best in helping this leprechaun! In order to get him to notice your wondrous lands, snap a pic and send to it @Orlando via a forum PM.

The results will be announced after a week.

Reward: House + 20,000 Materials



Lucky the Leprechaun took all of his treasure and took off from his land before the Treasure Hunters could get there, but in all the chaos he caused while collecting all the treasure, he left behind two of the most priceless items. When the Treasure Hunters got there, they were shocked to find nothing, but the two identical items. As the value for these items could not be determined, the Treasure Hunters decided to choose two lucky hunters who would take these items home with them!

How to enter the giveaway?
For those of you who have no idea about how to enter a gleam.io giveaway and are participating in one for the first time, here's how you enter the giveaway:
  1. Login through any social media account, but bear in mind that you can only enter once using each social media account. The social media platforms choices that this giveaway offers are: Email, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Twitter.
  2. There are four ways to enter the giveaway, the more ways you enter through, the higher your chances become to win the giveaway.
  3. Once the giveaway reaches its deadline, it will get closed automatically and will choose an entry itself. Whoever has that entry will win this lucky giveaway!
In order to participate, click on the image below:

The giveaway will start on 17th March 2020, GMT+1 and will end on 24th March 2020, GMT+1.

Reward: 30 days Rose for 2 people.

That's right! Special giveaways will be held on Facebook every once in two days for a week, make sure you keep an eye out there and participate in order to win!

The giveaways will start on 17th March 2020 and will end on 24th March 2020.

Reward: Random Prizes

Double XP will be enabled on the celebration of St. Patrick's Day!


[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


Media & Marketing Department - Orlando Flocka | Events Coordinator
Administrator Team
Multimedia Team
I am currently in the progress of moving our server to another location and provider for better specs and speeds. Please monitor this thread for updates during the move.

Comments disabled.
Updates regarding the Social Media
Greetings lunatics of Lawless Roleplay! After a major renovation with the Media & Marketing team i have been appointed as the Head of Social Media. There will be a major change in the ways we will operate from now on when it comes to interacting with internal and external stakeholders of the server. In the past social media mainly revolved around communication with the players outside the website, but from now our Social Media pages will be re-purposed. We will increase our scope of reach and attract new players to our server. We will also focus on monetary operations which will bring revenue to the server. The changes will not happen overnight but I assure you that every change will be effective in under a month.


The lawless Instagram has been inactive in the past but this will no longer be the case. The world is developing and things are changing, most of the Facebook users have actively switched to using Instagram. For us as a server it is necessary to keep up with the changes in the world and adapt to them. For this reason Instagram will be our new primary Social Media account where we will do many promotional campaigns, giveaways and polls. We will also announce some major news on the page and keep all our followers updated with whats going on in the server.

Facebook is where most of our servers Social Media affairs took place in the past. Just like Instagram our Facebook page will be actively interacting with not only our players, but with the rest of the SA:MP community. We will be having a lot of giveaways and events on our Facebook page. But the primary platform will still be Instagram.

I am excited to announce that in the nearest future we will begin streaming on twitch. We will be broadcasting our server to not only our players, but every SA:MP player on the platform. This is something that has never been done before by any server and we expect great things from our Twitch Project. Not only will this be entertaining and exciting but it will bring additional revenue to the server which will go towards our server bills. We will be holding live giveaways, events, gatherings and much more, live on Twitch. I will personally be in charge of streaming on the channel, some of you have seen my twitch streams on our server and enjoyed it very much, so we took the incentive to turn this into something bigger.

We are bringing back the Lawless Roleplay YouTube videos powered by our Multi-Media team. We will have a lot of new exciting content regarding factions, gangs, and many more.
Server Update v1.5.68

I hope you guys have witnessed the major reshuffles in the admin team over the past few weeks. We enter 2020 with the mindset of making Lawless Roleplay great again. We have a massive project going on in the background and hopefully, the community will start enjoying the results.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate @Kenobi who has become our lead mapper and @Ignacio who is now our Director of Development. Together, I think they'll do a fantastic job of reforming the script. In addition, I would like to congratulate @Martin Soprano for becoming the project manager in the massive reforms to come to the community. Like you, I am very excited to see what the above staff members will bring to Lawless Roleplay.

In reward for the starting of the reform project, everyone receives a nice login reward and some minor bug fixes.

Server Update v1.5.68
- Rescripted /neutralize and fixed a bug with players being able to exploit the command to see if an admin is spectating them
- Fixed a bug with /ncheck showing the wrong data
- Fixed a bug with /ncheck exposing admins
- /showbadge needs to be approved via /accept badge to prevent abuse
- Fixed /joinevent and /addtoevent
- Fixed /ncheck
- /punlist for HMA shows no previous punishments
- Fixed bugs with battle royale
- Added new login reward
- New login song