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Update! Update 39 - Paintball, Crate Island, CS 1.6 Dust Map, DOUBLE SMUGGLER/ ROBBERY PAY & more!

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As we enter the second half of the year, much of our plans for 2021 have fallen in place however we have so much more to offer for the rest of the year.

We hope you enjoy this our 39th update since March 2020.

We have listened to your complaints and have adjusted paintball!

The warm-up time before a paintball game starts has been set to 5 minutes from 1 minute.

If the minimum player count is met before the 5 minutes is over, the game will start in 30 seconds. People can still join in that time as long as there are fewer players than the maximum set.

You now get 90% of all paintball bets instead of 80%.

Increased the max bet in paintball from $5,000 to $20,000.

Decreased private room cost to $2,500 from $5,000.


Update! Update 38 - Lotto, Speed Cameras, New Skills, Cruise Control, DOUBLE ROBBERY & HOOKER EVENT!

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I hope that everyone enjoyed their free Ivy perk the past week. I know I say this every single update but I seriously cannot believe this is our 38th update since March 2020 and we're still pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in San Andreas Multiplayer. It's truly breathtaking.

In this update we add some heavily requested features as well as completing several requests of the previous government such as speed cameras and new gates/ vehicles for the national guard.

We wish the new government luck.

Try your luck with your favorite numbers to win a cash prize funded by both the government and lottery ticket holders!


News Lawless Roleplay - Community FRAGMOVIE!

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Community FRAGMOVIE!

Hello lunatics,

We are excited and delighted to inform you that we will be hosting and making public the first official community frag movie within Lawless Roleplay!

This idea has been finalized by several other non-roleplay communities but has never occurred within well-known roleplay communities, and thus the initiative! The plan is mostly for this to be a promotional/publicity video for the community itself, however, it will also at the same time allow several chosen players to show and promote their skills to the entire SA:MP community as a whole. Time has finally come for our loyal and skilled players to be known and recognized all across SA:MP!



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I am still not over that this community is now over 8 years old, it truly feels like it was yesterday.

Our constant desire for awesome server update and content has not stopped!

Please enjoy our 37th update since March 2020.

We have updated the perks and payments from multiple turfs to make them more competitive and balanced.

  • Extortion Turfs now get 20% of material pickup and material dropoff costs (previously this money was written off by the server)
  • Chemical Lab turf now get DOUBLE profits
  • Drug Den turf now get DOUBLE profits
  • Crack Lab turf now get DOUBLE profits
  • Auto Repair turf now get TRIPLE profits

Dear citizens of Los Santos,


Announcement Happy Mother's Day - Lawless Roleplay

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Dear Lunatics of Lawless Roleplay, Mother's day is approaching.
Our Public Relations team has prepared a number of great events during this special day.
Whether you are celebrating this day with your family or not, you do not want to miss out on the great prizes we have prepared for you!

The community-wide events begin on the 9th of May

See you there and we wish you the best of luck!

Your mother and grandmother are fighting over which of them should be the center of mother's day, and they have created teams to fight in their name, who will emerge victorious from the house fight?

First event - 03:00
Second event - 23:00...​

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