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IMPORTANT Discord Security Reminder

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The Department of Technology has noticed scams coming through our discord servers within our community for the scammer to gain cash and other in-game assets, and we believe in making sure you avoid these problems in the future to follow up on this information. Discord is a platform that allows us to engage to meet new people and play games with each other, however, it isn't to be used as a scamming platform for the players to obtain cash and other in-game assets for there own benefit.

How do I know if the user is fake?
Within discord servers, users are able to change their name's within the discord server in general and also abe to change their discord profile names. Allowing the user to change their discord name in a server is limited depending if the role(s) is allowing that user to change there name for the server, whilst not changing their profile.
  • Example: Discord Server: John_Doe; but there...

Announcement Happy New Year

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If 2020 was a player, I would like to DM them. Just kidding.. goodbye 2020 - hello 2021!

Happy New Year Lawless Roleplay! It's been a crazy year all over the world and especially for Lawless Roleplay members. This year, the community grew more mature and previous beefs were settled and new friendships were born. We got to witness over 30 updates to the community this year including the big website 3.0 update - insane! I never imagined we could do something like this in 2020. I really cannot wait for 2021 as we have plans to take this community to the next level.

We would like to thank all our community members for making the past year truly one of the best. I personally have...

Announcement Merry Christmas Lawless Roleplay!

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Merry Christmas Lawless Roleplay! Christmas is always a very special time of year and this year it will be more special than any other years due to the worldwide pandemic. I hope all members of the Lawless Roleplay community as well as their families are safe and healthy.

This Christmas, we have not skipped out on any of the stops. This is the biggest Christmas Events we have ever hosted!
* event expires 1st Jan 2021

Let the festive games begin!

The six most popular mini-games are back this year! This time, they give you awesome coins to spend in our Christmas shop below.

The Christmas Market is located at the Bank Car Park:



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This is our 28th update in 2020! Oh yea!

I hope everyone is enjoying the server! I will be joining you guys in-game more often soon! Can't wait!!


We are giving $10,000 FREE to all players who have 2FA enabled (click here to find out how to enable 2FA).

If you do not have 2FA enabled, you can enable it by using /settings in-game and then reconnecting to receive your FREE $10,000!

* This event will be going on from 10th to 19th November only...​

Halloween 2020

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It's that fantastic time of the year again! We can scare children, visit haunted mansions, go to houses and ask for that sweet candy, or we simply shoot the... I mean the treat, of course! Let's get our costumes ready and gather some candy this weekend. We are going to host several events during the weekend for our community to enjoy during Halloween!

Did little Jimmy spoil the fun for your group again by snitching the best neighbourhood spot to others? Fight until death to secure your neighbourhood!

Loadouts will be randomized on each different date.

Schedule & Prizes:
October 26th, 14:00 server time - 21 days of Daisy
Happy Halloween!.

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