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Competition Lawless' Got Talent 2021

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Dear Lunatics,

The Public Relations team is proud to present to you our latest iteration of Lawless' Got Talent 2021! We believe that LGT and events similar to it bring the community together to have a fun time and demonstrate our creative talents as well as a side of our real-life personalities to our fellow players. Lawless' Got Talent will be an opportunity for everyone to show us their best attempts at one of the categories of talent listed below, have fun and impress us!


Talent Categories
(must be SA:MP/Lawless Roleplay related)



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I can't believe the last SA-MP server update was on May 25, 2021. In fairness, we did work extremely hard to release Lawless Roleplay 4.0 website update as well as an internal refresh of the staff team to provide a better service for you.

We have been working extremely hard on this update and future updates which required long change freezes to ensure the stability of the script.

In this update, we delete the hitman faction and replace it with something brand new.

Introducing.. our 39th update since March 2020...



VPN Request Whitelisting

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Greetings Lunatics!

Since then, we do not recommend using VPN as it will make us suspicious about your presence in-game. So, from this day forward, we are now implementing VPN allow listing or whitelisting for people experiencing problems connecting to the Lawless Roleplay server; yet, they want to prevent boredom and enjoy playing on our server.

How to be on the list?
To become allowed for VPN use, you will have to post an administrative request, and we in the Department of Technology will process it.
Once the Department of Technology confirms your request, we will add you to a private list. This list consists of players that have been whitelisted for VPN use. Take not that if you are not on the list or you have been denied and were caught using it we will hold you and even disable your account in-game.

The purpose of this is not about strictness, but we have to prevent further...

News Welcome to Lawless Roleplay 4.0

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Department of Technology
Now, that the website has been prepared, seasoned, baked and served, we are so proud to release version 4.0 of our website! At Lawless Roleplay, we don't just push SA-MP to its limits but we also push everything we touch to the limit; and this is to ensure our community has the ultimate experience. We love innovating at Lawless Roleplay.

This release adds a humongous collection of great new features to the Lawless Roleplay website, including a brand new look and feel, a mobile and computer app with working notifications and badge icons. Check out some of the update highlights below.

Mobile and Desktop App

We're so happy to announce that we now have an app that works on desktops that have Chrome/ Edge installed or Android devices. These apps come with instant push...​

Announcement Development Team

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Lawless Roleplay continues to advance and grow every day and so does the workload. We have always aspired and pushed ourselves to the maximum limits to create smooth, simple to use and fun features for the community.

Are you interested into joining one of our development team?
Well, the development team is currently looking for new members to join, you are just one step behind. All you must do is to fill the application which you are applying to, and we will examine your application very carefully.

Did you know you get paid excellent rewards that can be used on the shop? Well, what are you waiting for? Go APPLY!

Mapping Team - APPLY
Scripting Team - [COLOR=rgb(243, 121...
Development Team.

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