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Update! Update 49 - New Crate Island System + Map, New Gang Safes, Material bonus and more!

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Just because we've been busy with FiveM, do you think we forgot about SA-MP? Never!

We took some time to release the 49th update since March 2020 because we've been busy restructuring the management team and coming up with a plan to push Lawless Roleplay higher. Plus we have been super busy in making sure FiveM is ready and has the correct tools for everyone to have fun!

As part of our restructuring, I would like to congratulate @Pat Rick for his promotion to Management and being assigned as Community Manager, @Domi on her promotion to Management and @Wade R Kennedy on his reinstatement as [COLOR=rgb(128, 68...​

Announcement Lawless Olympics 2022

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Greetings Lunatics, it is time for you to showcase your skills!
Not in shooting, but in athletics! We have loads of Olympic-inspired events for you to join!
Train hard so you will gain the glory that every athlete desires!
Make sure you're ready as we are about to host a 4-day community event starting on July 11th, 2022!



Tired of punching the gym's punching bag or getting arrested for punching some stranger?
Then it is your time to showcase your boxing skills and be the best boxer in Los Santos!

Time: July 11, 2022
Reward: Infernus



Do you have amazing martial arts to show off for others? Why not use it on this...​

Nametags and Voice

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Lawless Roleplay


As you guys enjoyed our first ever sneak peek so much last week, I thought I would not make you wait too long for the next sneak peek. We're back this week with our second sneak peek.

We have made a discord channel for FiveM chat and gossip and a discussion forum for you guys to post ideas and chat about the upcoming FiveM server. I will be monitoring these sections very closely!

In this series of blog posts, I will be documenting our FiveM development progress while giving...​

Registration, login and account management

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Lawless Roleplay


Welcome to the first ever Lawless Roleplay FiveM sneak peak!

In this series of blog posts, I will be documenting our FiveM development progress while giving you an exclusive sneak peak into the world of Lawless Roleplay on FiveM. So polish your Deagles and prepare to spawn into the state of San Andreas, a state infested with corruption, crime, and lunatics. Your role in this state will depend on the actions you take. What you do determines your value in San Andreas. Rise above the law or protect it, the choice is yours...

Get ready for Lawless Roleplay on FiveM,
Where lunatics prosper...


We decided from day 1 of our FiveM...​

Announcement Happy 9th Birthday Lawless Roleplay!

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A storm is coming... that's how we started Lawless Roleplay. I cannot believe the community is the same age as my oldest child. It's crazy.

Lawless Roleplay has touched and connected to so many lives all around the world and every time I think about that, it really numbs me. Everyone connecting, making friends, and making memories. I thank you for allowing me to witness this beautiful connection. I am forever grateful for the community here. Thank you.

Lawless Roleplay opened on the 22nd April 2013 and we have seen 9,690,747 logins with 9,663,978 hours played on Lawless Roleplay (that's 1103 years combined! whoa!). However, that's not all, in the past year you guys have slaughtered each other 1,447,577 times spending $65,140,965 on hospital fees!

Last year, our goal for 2021 was to not only improve the management and admin teams but to increase the impact of our frequent server updates. We have delivered 12...​

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