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Announcement Thanksgiving - 2021

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Thanksgiving is upon us and boy we feel like giving away awesome rewards this month. It has been an amazing year for this community and it is soon coming to an end. We would like to thank you all for such an amazing year which would not be possible without your support for the community.

Without further ado, here is the list of spectacular events with amazing prizes that we have prepared for you this month!



A classic Royale Rumble deathmatch event, feast on other players' souls by killing everyone and remaining the last man standing to win the event!

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IMPORTANT Graphics Designer? We are looking for YOU!

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Hey lunatics!

Do you think your creativity and talent are good enough to create graphic designs for the community? Do you like being recognized and rewarded for what you do? This is your chance, don't miss it!

One of the essential aspects of a gaming community is media content. In cooperation with other graphic designers, you could learn & earn a lot of things throughout your journey in the multimedia team. From designing, editing, imagining, social media advertising, and other server-related graphics you will work on!

Join us now!

We hope to see you on the team soon, best of luck!
Sincerely yours,
Director of Public Relations

IMPORTANT Server Maintenance

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Server Maintenance

The server will be going offline on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at 20:00 GMT-2 while we upgrade our server hardware to optimise performance and speeds. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we aim to be back online as soon as possible. Please monitor this first post for updates during the maintenance.

As a gift of goodwill, we will be giving everyone who comments below with their in-game name 3 days of Rose once we're back online. If you are a donator already, your donation duration will be extended by 3 days.

Thank you,
Community Management

Update 02-DEC-2021 2147
Server shut down, work has commenced on the upgrade. Work started behind schedule due to external factors.


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Wow... this is our 42nd update since March 2020.

This update is what we call in the development team; an "in-between" update - think of it like an iPhone S series like the iPhone 6s, 5s etc. It's an update that has a significant impact on gameplay but it is not what we call a "feature" update with our last feature update being the complete revamp of the hitman agency.

Sneak peak: While this update is mainly for gangs and factions, the next "feature" update is for everyone.. civilians, gangs, factions and your momma will get the opportunity to run the underground illegal empire of San Andreas.. making thick stacks of money in the process. Stay tuned.. it's going to blow your mind 😊...​

Announcement Spooktober 2021

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It’s the time of the year again to wear your favorite Halloween-themed outfits, decorate your house, watch horror movies, visit haunted houses, bonfires, carve jack o’ lanterns, and also do trick or treat with your friends! The Public Relations team will be hosting multiple events for the community to enjoy during Halloween!



A large group of people decided to go on a trip to a haunted mansion to later be trapped inside by an infamous serial killer who declares that only one person will be able to escape the mansion safely, in order to meet this condition they need to eliminate each other. A tense situation begins to spark as everyone inside the mansion starts pointing their weapons against each other..

Date &...

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