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Happy Independence Day!

We hope everyone is having a great month because these days will be extremely special for you to understand what independence is. So make sure you don't miss these prizes and giveaways!

The following events will be hosted:

  • Hide & $eek
  • Become the president
  • Hot Rod
  • American Land
  • Find the President
  • Avoid the President
  • Double EXP
  • Independence Raffle
  • Social Media Raffles

Everyone will have to hide in the area shown below when a seeker will roam around with a fist that makes you dead as soon as it touches your body.

Whoever gets touched by the seeker gets eliminated and the last one standing wins!


Time: 4th July,16:00 [GMT+1]

Prize: IVY for a MONTH + House


When the last man standing becomes the new president, who wouldn't want to have all that power in their hands?

A DM event will take place in the area shown below, last man standing wins the event!



Time: 5th July, 16:00 [GMT+1]

Prize: Usertitle ((Lawless President))

50,000 materials + IVY (week)


We know you miss the oldschool style and that is why we have organized a HOT ROD race!

Follow the checkpoints and finish first to win a HUGE prize.



Hot Knife


  • You will be disqualified if your vehicle is destroyed
  • You can't team up with someone else
  • You can't use shortcuts or go off of the path shown above otherwise you will be disqualified
  • Any form of glitching or exploiting will get you disqualified

Time: 7th July, 21:00 [GMT+1]

Prize: IVY (30 Days) + Tier 3 Vehicle + 10,000 materials


A battle that will remembered for centuries, citizens will fight against the soldiers to claim this land of immense importance!

TDM event will take place, a team of citizens would fight a team of soldiers. Healing allowed!


[​IMG]Sniper Rifle

Time: 9th July, 21:00 [GMT+1]

Prize: 200 drugs to all the team members that won,
Tier 2 Business for the last man standing


Oh no! Someone kidnapped our President we have to find him and get him back before our town starts to struggle!


He will be inside Los Santos, it can be a house, a garage or maybe a street? Who knows....

Time: 11th July,21:00 [GMT+1]

Prize: Every round will have different but HUGE prizes


Looks like the President's pilot was drugged and as he wished to fly alone, hes the only one that can fly the plane!

Avoid the president plane as it tries to land on a roof and run for your lives...

Time: 8th July, 16:00[GMT+1]

Prize: House + 25,000 materials + Plane


Since it's a special day there will be double EXP so you can enjoy playing while getting double EXPERIENCE for everything that you do!


That's right, there will be a great Independence Raffle where everyone has a good chance to win the prize.
Entering the raffle is simple - all you have to do is to post your lucky number from 1 to 1000 below!

Due Date: Starting will be at 4th July and it will end at 24 July.


1st: Tier 2 Business

Tier 1 Business + 100,000 materials


Facebook and Instagram and Discord are back which we will make many giveaways for every week,
Make sure you are active there so you can get chance win cool prizes!

Server Update v1.5.45

This release contains a brief maintenance update with the following change logs:

- Fixed a bug with the GPS and converted it into independent module
- Tutorial now pauses if you are tabbed
- Fixed a calculation error with /gmute in certain circumstances
- Increased business slots to 750
- Fixed a /dropgun ban bug
- Upgraded VPN protection
- Anti-cheat bug fixes
- BR now requires 4 players to start and bonus is given at 10 players or more
Hope you enjoy!
Server Update v1.5.40

Lawless Roleplay uses a custom state of the art anticheat and protection system called C.O.C.K. which is short for Coded Observation Cheat K-Liner. Since the release of C.O.C.K. version 2.0 in 2015, there have been only minor editions and revisions done which is why I am extremely excited to announce that C.O.C.K. version 3.0 is now ready to be released as a public beta.

While this update may not seem significant to many members but this new version of C.O.C.K. has been in the works since 2015 and only being able to publicly test it now is a major achievement and a merit to the complexity and advanced code.

With this update, C.O.C.K. can now detect over 50 types of different cheats, exploits and game breaking experiences - all with the aim of delivering the smoothest game play.

In addition to C.O.C.K. version 3.0, material pick up locations will be giving out bonus materials in their first few hours of capture (until the next material pick up point is captured), although, cops can shut down the bonus material giveaway.

- Normal material run rates depending on forklift skill: 275, 300, 325, 350, 400
- Bonus material run rates depending on forklift skill: 300, 325, 350, 400, 450
- There can only be one material route offering bonus materials, it alternates between whichever material point is up for grabs
- If the cops shut the material point down then there will be no bonus until a gang captures a material point

There is now a new turf perk called payroll which when owned by a gang allows their members to not get any notoriety while in ownership of that gang. However when cops shut this turf down, they will receive a bonus $600 on top of their standard $600 turf shut down payment every paycheck.

Finally, I have also decreased the gambling level to 8 and have added /vs and /vst as /vstorage access commands.​


Deathmatch is one of the major concerns within the server, it occurs daily and it can be troublesome to prove the oppositions guilt. We have decided to restore the old 10 minute rule back into place to ensure you have the highest gameplay experience possible to our standards, effective immediately.

You must carry out any reasons to kill another player within 10 minutes.

For example, a player attempts to steal your vehicle, insults you, snitched or for any in-character reason; you have 10 minutes to carry out any actions you wish upon the player. After the 10 minutes go by, you are not allowed to attack the player for the same reason you had within those 10 minutes; else it would be classed under deathmatch.

  • The 10 minutes can be extended if you are actively chasing a player (ie. been after this player for 2 hours straight)
  • There are of course exceptions to this such as gang wars, bank robbery, turfs and most wanted

Safe zones

Clarification of the safe zones!

List of restricted areas:

  • Los Santos Casino
  • County General Hospital
  • All Saints General Hospital
The current number of restricted areas are: 3

The following point will explain that these areas within the community are restricted; a player cannot fire/physically assault another player within the sector.

Mulholland Intersection - Los Santos Casino
The following area is located in Mulholland Intersection, a place where numerous players gamble endlessly.

Market - All Saints General Hospital
The following area is located in Market, a general spawn location where players re-spawn after being killed/used for roleplay scenarios/paramedics regear.

Jefferson - County General Hospital
The following area is located in Market, a general spawn location where players re-spawn after being killed/used for roleplay scenarios/paramedics regear.

If the rule is violated, the punishment would result in the player receiving a deathmatch-warning.


Thanks for your time,

big thanks to @Toompert