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A new year is approaching us, a new blank book, and a pen in our hands. We will be writing another beautiful chapter for our selves. New hope, new bright promises, and another chance for us to set things right by keeping our spirits and determination up and we shall always walk the glory road.

On behalf of the Management Team, we wish you a bright new year and we hope you achieve all of your dreams.

May God pour love and care on you. Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas




We will be having a Team Deathmatch event every day starting from December 26th until January 1st.

Prize: 7 days Ivy, or 15 days Rose

We will be also having duel events every day starting from December 26th until January 1st.

Prize: Full Weapon Set + 150 Armor



Three elves will be hiding somewhere in San Andreas. Find them, capture them and earn yourself a special reward.

The event will be hosted on December 28th at 10:00 pm Server Time.

Prize: Three T3 Vehicles to three winners.

Do you like bikes? Well, i do. We will be hosting a race to see who the best lawless biker is

The event will be hosted on December 29th at 10:00 pm Server Time.

Prize: Mountain Bike + 30,000 Materials

Ever been an elf? I don't think so. Well, me neither. We will get to be one of them and fight our rivals in order to achieve hold the "Al-Mighty Christmas Elf" title and be the ruler of the north pole

The event will be hosted on December 30th at 11:00 pm Server Time.

Prize: 30 days Ivy + Holidays themed forums usertitle




Ah! It is true that Christmas is a time of year filled with family, fun gatherings, familiar carols, excitement, giving and special traditions that bring us together. For many of us Christmas also evokes memories of specific smells, sounds and a feeling of home surrounded by the dearest person in our lives.

Take a picture with your camera of you and your friends wearing any Christmas related toys.

Upload your picture to Imgur and send the link via forum PM to@Sharpe in order to participate.

Prize: Full weapon set + 5k materials for everyone in the picture



If you really think you can impress me with your magical voice, please enlighten me.

Record yourself singing a Christmas Carol, and make sure you mention your IG name at the end, otherwise, your input will not be accepted.

Upload your recording to YouTube, or Sound Cloud and send the link via forum PM to @Sharpe in order to participate.

Prize: NRG



Write a funny, heartfelt, and inquisitive letter to our Papa Phife and ask for a present. If you've been a good kid this year, I'm pretty sure your request will be fulfilled.

Send the letter via forum PM to @Sharpe in order to participate.

Prize: You can choose a T3 Vehicle, or 31 days Rose, or 15 days Ivy.



Decorate your own land with Christmas related objects and show us your holiday spirit. Take a picture of it and edit it if you want to.

Upload your picture to Imgur and send the link via forum PM to @Sharpe in order to participate. You must be the land owner.

Prize: House + Dynamic Door



Time for you to show us how lucky you are this year. Papa Phife is very happy that Christmas is here and he will pick one random player to get a special prize. All you have to do is make a comment in this thread.

Write a comment in this post with the following sentence: "ALL I WANT IS PAPA PHIFE TO PICK ME!" Alongside a random number from 1 to 999

A random number will be chosen as the winner.

Prize: T2 Business



As many of you might already know, our Facebook page is hosting daily events where you can earn drugs, weapons and more by just commenting on their posts! But now that Christmas is here, we will make those giveaways BIGGER so you can have more easy Drugs and Guns.

Follow our Facebook page for enhanced giveaways every day.

Winners will be announced on January 1st!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Sincerely yours,

Special thanks to @Orlando for his brilliant ideas, @Rick Owens, and @Manzoor for their amazing designs

We have taken your feed backs & suggestions into consideration, and the rules below have been adjusted as per your request.

Please note:
All rules and punishments listed are only guidelines. Punishments can be less or more severe and depends on the situation and discretion of the admin.


Rule Adjustment: Deathmatch

- Do not attack other players for no reason (Deathmatch)

This includes attacking other players without a realistic in-character reason such as out of character conflicts and disputes. For example:
  • You may not attack over fights that occur on public channels such as Global chat, Old-schools chat, /newb, etc
  • You may not attack a player for refusing to leave a public place (IE. Paintball, etc). However, you may attack them if they refused to leave a private location such as an owned house, interior, land, or a gang HQ
  • You may not attack a player by causing a car accident with the intention of killing the other driver involved, or purposely getting yourself rammed in order to attain a reason to kill the other player
  • You are not allowed to pay a player to let him kill another player
    - You may contract them as it is the only legitimate method to get another person killed by paying
  • Killing over Dice-bet
    - Whether you lost or not, you may not attack a player for winning a dice-bet against you.
  • Killing over Drugs
    - You may not attack someone for taking the drugs from the Drug Labs while you are Drug Smuggling. Such labs are not owned by players. (Crack Lab, Chems Lab, Drug Den)
  • Killing over Spam
    - You may not attack a player for spamming. However, if they've been asked to stop, and they have continued, you may attack them
  • Killing over Server vehicles or Job Vehicles
    - You may not attack any player for using the server or job vehicles. regardless if you've just delivered it, whoever enters the truck first is considered as the temporary owner of the truck and may not be killed for it until the delivery is over. However, you may attack whoever hijacks you out of such vehicles
  • Killing Most wanted
    - You may not attack a most wanted player unless you are a Law Enforcement Officer, or you have an In-character reason to attack
  • Defending/Aiding Friends
    -You may defend your friends, and assist them during any scenarios. However, gangs are not allowed to aid factions and vice-versa.

Policies above are basic examples of the most common scenarios with go through on a daily basis, not rules that must be followed. Just because examples of other situations are not written that means they are not punishable. If your actions harm the game play of another player, you can be punished at the discretion of the administrator

Rule Adjustment: Robberies

Robbing is when you force another player to give you something or you steal something from another player/ gang/ faction or group - this is often money.

  • Players who are level 4 and below can not be robbed nor can they rob other players (you can only rob players level 5 or above)
  • The robber and anyone helping with the robbery must be level 5 or above
  • You cannot rob over $5,000 (this includes items worth over $5,000)
  • You cannot rob the same person within a 48 hour period (this includes any assailants present during the robbery)
  • You must give the other player at least 60 seconds to respond. If they fail to comply, you may shoot them
  • You may kill the player only if they attempt to escape, refuse to pay, or attack within 60 seconds. If they do not have the requested amount then you may not kill them. You must give them 60 seconds to interact
  • (Taking a step backward, or forward, or turning around can not be considered as an attempt to escape)
  • You no longer can rob in public overcrowded places such as Paintball Market Area, Mall, and around hospitals, banks, casinos and governmental headquarters such as LSPD, FBI, and SA News

A server made by players for players
Hello dear lunatics, the community will be celebrating the 2020 Chinese New Year, it means we will have another community event that will start tomorrow.

The following events will be hosted:

  • Crazy firecrackers
  • The one and only Snakehead
  • Escape from The Snakehead
  • Poster Making
  • Chinese Fight
  • Karate
  • 2020 Lucky Raffle
  • Double XP
  • Facebook giveaway


Are you good at dodging things? well try to doge the firecrackers (RPG launcher)
Description: A monster truck will spawn to the Stadium, and you will have to avoid the rocket launcher.
Date: January 25, 2020 - 8:00 PM (GMT +8)

Prize: Dynamic Door


The one and only Snakehead will appear on San Andreas to hunt you all! (Hunted)
Date: January 25, 2020 - After the first event

Prize: 20,000 materials + Random prize



The Snakehead will return on San Andreas to kill you all one by one!
Description: You will spawn at Jefferson Motel Interior with one hp, and you need to avoid getting hit by The Snakehead using his Katana.
Date: January 25, 2020 - 2 hours after the second event

Prize: Full weapon set + 150 armor



Poster Making! yay, it's easy. Try to create your own poster with the Chinese New Year theme! Send your entries by commenting down below!

Prize: Animated Usertitle


San Fierro Triads vs Da Nang Boys

San Fierro Triads vs. Da Nang Boys, an exciting fight to determine which gang is the strongest!
Description: Team 1 will have San Fierro Triads skin, and Team 2 will have Da Nang Boys skin.
Date: January 25, 2020 - 2 hours after the previous event

Prize: NRG-500



This intense fight originates from China! One versus one to determine who's the strongest man in Los Santos!
Description: Similar to duel event, but you will only use your feet
Date: 1 hour after the previous event

Prize: Infernus



Comment your name and a random number down below, and earn yourself an entry to the event!
Example: Kent 05

Prize: Elegant House


The double experience will be enabled until Sunday.



There will be a giveaway on our Facebook page, make sure to check it out!


May the year of the Rat bring you good luck & good fortune. -Admin Team
I know it has been awhile since I have written to you. I've been fully absent from the community while focusing on getting my real life affairs in order. It has been a tough and bumpy ride in real life and I know it has been the same case for the community and server also. To be honest, there has not been a day that has gone by where I have not thought about the community. While I write this letter to you at 3:20 AM, I want you to know that I have been thinking about my come back and turning 2020 into our year.

Despite all the faults in the server, the game being really old, all the drama and gossip - you are reading this message for the same reason that I am writing it - because we both love Lawless Roleplay and SA:MP. We both can deny it as much as we want, bitch about it or even write mean comments. But the bottom line is, we love Lawless Roleplay and SA:MP. Even in 10 years time.

I am currently working on a good update for Christmas with a small scripting and even smaller mapping team (I am in desperate need of mappers, will pay handsomely - send me an e-mail with screenshots of your work to be hired). I can't wait to release this and start reforming the community and server.

I would like to thank the community and the staff team for looking after the community while I was gone sorting out my life. Looking forward to the upcoming changes

Lastly, the server finances has been in negatives for a long time. We need money to keep the server going and to help me bring some of my plans to real life. Thus, I have made the biggest discount we have had for black friday. All gift cards are 50% off, you need to enter the coupon 'BF50' to redeem the discount. Gift cards are issued immediately and can be used on any product in the store! You can even share your gift card with friends!

So if you can donate, then please do so. It will really help out the community and will help me boost it's life!

Almost a year ago, after many players had suggested the idea of making the punishments extremely harsh, the new hacking punishments were introduced. Many thought this would be the best way to decrease the amount of hackers on Lawless Roleplay. However, after seeing the consequences that these punishments have brought, the punishments have not given us the expected results. As part of our promise to continuously improve the community and after discussing this matter with more notable people from the community, we have decided to revamp the punishments. As a result, the punishments for hacking are the following:

Troll-hacking, warping and other destructive illegal modifications

Any attempts at troll-hacking, warping and other kinds of illegal modifications will result in a
Permanent Ban. This includes any modification which massively harms the players/server.

Hacking, advantageous game modifications, exploits and harming other player's security.

Any attempts at hacking or exploiting will result in an account suspension. These include game altering modifications which give you an advantage over other players.

  • First offense: 1 Month Ban
  • Second offense: 3 Months Ban + 50% fine of total wealth
  • Third offense: 6 Months Ban + 100% fine of total wealth
  • Fourth offense: Permanent Ban + properties being seized

(Disclaimer: The punishments listed above, may vary depending on the situation and discretion of the administrator.)

Keeping everyone banned is not fair after these changes. As a result, everyone who has their account terminated will have the opportunity to start again and play clean. Furthermore, permanently banned players might be able to start playing again. However, it depends on their history. I encourage everyone who is currently permanently banned or wants their account to be enabled, to immediately make a ban appeal. The ban moderators and myself will go through your history and act accordingly.

The administrative team has been working very hard for the past years, yet we have agreed to throw all of the work away for the sake of the server. We hope giving this chance to banned players allows them to reunite with their friends and to make new memories on Lawless Roleplay. We hope that our goodwill is taken seriously with players abiding by our server rules and being a contributing member of the community in the future.

Sergio Marquis
Head of Ban Appeals