Competition Lawless Roleplay - Duel Tournament

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Greetings Lunatics!

We are glad to introduce you to a new type of event! As the title and logo say, we will have the biggest duel tournament that will ever happen in our community!
This tournament will include two stages; the group stage and the main stage like the one you see in the eSports!

We welcome you to the first phase of this tournament. We are looking for players who are willing to give their time for this tournament. We do not allow trolls in this tournament. Trolling and hacking will result in heavy punishments.

It is effortless to join in this tournament; you just need to fill and comment this message down below:

I am [Firstname_Lastname], and I think I have the chance...

News International Youth Day 2020

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If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be. If you think yourselves strong, strong you will be. Happy International Youth Day!

If you ask any teenager what he or she would find cool to see, then it's probably a fighter jet showing it's fantastic flying skills and ability to fire its missile-guided rockets!
This event will be shown on a known roof nearby Rodeo.

Get ready to avoid the plane, and the last one who manages to stand on the roof gets rewarded with a cool prize!

Time: 12th of August, 2020​
14:30 Server Time​

Reward: 15$ Gift Card


News Winter Event Prize Winners

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Winter Event Results!

Christmas has finally passed us and the decorations have come down. We have all recovered from our post-new year's hangover and are ready to start the whole "new year, new me" thing. This year we had some awesome prizes to win from our events and we will be continuing with these events daily on our Facebook page so be sure to like that!

Every single year, Santa Claus's sleigh gets hit by the raging gang bangers of Los Santos and each time he crashes into Flint County - you would think after four concessive years, this guy would learn.. but no. He falls under the typical wheel barrow of Lawless Roleplay gang bangers. This year, we had more deliveries made by the good citizens of...

Halloween Candy Winners

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This year we did something unique and fun to celebrate Halloween. We introduced a gift hunt that gave you candies which you could use to buy awesome rare items or save them up to be on the top candy collector list. I hope everybody enjoyed the Halloween events, I certainly did and actively tried to win some gift boxes but I was no match to you guys. However without further delay.. I want to congratulate our three winners.

First Place - Two Months Ivy
Winner: Jacob Santo

Second Place - Dynamic Door
Winner: Larry Wrzosek

Third Place - One Month Ivy
Winner: Zed Cassidy

Please make a donation request in order to get the prize...​

Competition Lawless Got Talent 2017

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Dear Lunatics,

We are happy to present this year's Lawless Got Talent. This is your time to show off your incredible skills and design or create something which reflects you. We will be awarding 3 winners with great prizes and they will be known as this years Lawless Got Talent winners!


(must be SA:MP/Lawless related)
  • Roleplay
  • Digital graphics/Pencil drawing
  • Rap freestyle/Singing
  • News article
  • Poetry
  • Mapping
  • Video



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