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Server Update v1.4.32

It only feels like we released an update yesterday.. oh wait we did. In this update, we have listened heavily to player feedback and added some new cool features (plus fixed some bugs). Lawless Roleplay is truly a server made by players for players.


In the past few updates, we have been heavily focused on increasing player-to-player interactions. The most important player-to-player interaction is the one of selling and buying. This not only gets the economy moving but gives players a job, a role to do.

In this update, we have focused on weed (also known as pot). Previously, drug smugglers would smuggle pot to the drug house and players then used '/getpot' to instantly get a bag of weed. We have removed this feature. Now, drug smugglers deliver weed seeds to the drug house, players then buy these seeds (3 seeds for $200) then plant them. You can watch your beautiful weed plants grow in real time as they blossom to full length.

Furthermore, we have also adjusted the pain killer perk to give you up to 115 health from restaurants and paramedics. Please see the full changelogs below:

- Added the ability for weed to grow
- Removed /getpot
- All drug house stock is now seeds
- Increased 3 seed price to $200, turf owner gets $100 profit
- Adjusted drug smuggler to reflect the changes
- Pain Perk adjustments: /heal and restaurant foods can increase your health to 115
- Pain Perk: Pot and chemicals can increase your health to 130
- There is a 7% chance that your weed will become dehydrated if you leave it for too long
- Over fertlizing a weed plant will certainly kill it
- You no longer can plant weed plants inside interiors or virtual worlds
- Added /gotoweed for junior admins and above
- You get an alert every 3 minutes if you are near weed
- /service ems now tells the medics exactly where you are
- Fixed a ton of bugs with the weed/ seed growth system
- Fixed a bug with /id and /members
- Fixed a bug with /ram
- Fixed a bug with /setfreq and /setfreq2
- Fixed a bug with /cancel contract
- Fixed an exploit with /movept
- Fixed /pinfo
- Fixed bank bug
I hope everyone enjoyed Lawless Roleplay's birthday - I certainly did. It still gives me goosebumps to know that Lawless Roleplay launched five years ago. It has been a tremendous journey so far and I cannot wait to see where it leads it.

The minigames was a great laugh and a great hit in the community. Without further delay, I would like to congratulate the following people on collecting the most coins!

Edwin Hernandez (17,014 coins collected!) - Tier 2 Business

Zoe Sheeran (12,628 coins collected!) - Tier 3 Custom Vehicle

Deangelo Moulton (6,445 coins collected!) - Boombox


Congratulations to our three winners, I hope everyone had fun with the minigames. I would love to see any screenshots or videos taken of the minigames or events during the anniversary update so post those below!

Announced by Tiber on Monday, we have revamped our Discord server to be much more interactive and better before. This includes things like transfer of forum usergroups to Discord roles, registering/ login via discord on the website, automatic namechange to match your forum username and much more!


You can only gain access to the Discord server by linking your forum account to your Discord account and then joining the server. This allows you to get your forum usergroups automatically synced with your Discord roles.

Lands are out of stock
As of today, lands and land moves are out of stock. After various meetings with players and the staff team, it was agreed that there is no more viable locations for lands. As part of our dedication to the community, we seek to restock lands or a similar feature in the future.

Version 1.4.22 Overview
In version 1.4.22, I had done 65 different changes, added features and bug fixes. These are just too many to individually talk about so please have a read of the change logs below:

Features and Changes

- Added new marks man perk
- It costs 2 upgrade points and $10,000 per level (max level 2)
- You can refund these upgrade points using /resetupgrades
- Level 1 marks man: Better aim with 9mm
- Level 2 marks man: Dual 9mm
- Added punishment logs for newbie, global, report and advertisement unmutes and mutes
- Added punishment logs for kicks
- Disabled server events
- LSPD Officers Rank 2 and above or SWAT members (Division ID 5) can now purchase the sniper rifle from their lockers
- Added custom version of mapandreas
- Renamed /dm to /dmwarn to prevent /dmg error
- Added /opermaban for management and above
- Removed /listcarcolors which is replaced by /colorlist
- You no longer can store weapons as a faction member
- Added custom hook calling system way more advanced than current hook system with equal or faster processing
- Adjusted login logic to fit new hook system
- R4+ can now capture turfs for gangs
- Deleted /fbalance, /fdeposit and /fwithdraw
- All gang money is taken or put into the gang safe
- Increased material price to $100
- Increased gangs who run material locations to get $50 from each material run (compared to $25 before)
- Only rank 6 in gangs can move the gang safe
- Increased gang safe moves from $5,000 to $10,000
- Changed gang safe icon from 'i' to '$' sign
- You can't use /vstorage while arrested, cuffed, injured or tied up
- Only rank 5 and above can use the gang safe
- Back ups automatically clear upon death
- You can freely frisk tied up people, cuffed or in the hands up position as civilian or cop else you need them to accept it
- You can no longer use land doors or garages if you have recently been shot
- You no longer get bonus health from using restaurants or LSFMD heal from the pain perk
- Pain perk now only gives you bonus health when you use chemicals and pot
- You can't /signcheck if your bank account is in debt
- Adjusted /adeposit so everything is contained in statement
- Adjusted hack warning logs
- Adjusted secret exploit (confirmed working, no need for beta testing)
- Updated anti-flood code to automatically ban your IP for 30 seconds if you reconnect within 10 seconds
- Removed all traces of verified code
- Added anti new vehicle data spam to automatically block your IP for 30 seconds
- Moved global chat to it's own module (separated from verified code)
- Added gang/faction restriction to /setstat (option 52)
- Players are put into a random virtual world when they connect, register, tutorial until they spawn normally
- Adjusted /getmats text
- Adjusted /getmats to give 10-13 packages (previously 11-14)
- Added new MySQL table for player activity data
- Added loading crate data from player activity data table
- Added array of 10 starting locations for crate drop
- Added pressing 'n' on actor detection
- Added reason to /refund, /createbusiness, /createhouse and /createland which is logged
- Removed 300g of crack, chemical and pot from turfs due to negative impact on community
- You no longer can use /ram if you are in an event, paintball, injured, tazed, cuffed, dragged or exhausted
- Added /ram for businesses
Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug with /fackick
- Fixed a bug which allowed anybody to make any weapons via /sellgun without the required skill
- Fixed a bug which made admins wait for awhile to unmute players after the player canceled the unmute previously
- Fixed a bug with casino location on /dicebet
- Fixed a bug with casino location for admins using /goto
- Fixed a bug with running suspect or arrests which called soldiers or fbi agents "officer"
- Fixed a bug with /resetupgrades
- Fixed a bug where some weapons could not be crafted using /sellgun due to spacing
- Fixed a bug with /hwarn not globally announcing hack warnings
- Fixed a bug with /dmwarn showing '0' for the blacklist admin's name
- Fixed a bug with /safebalance letting you access your balance anywhere without being at your safe
- Fixed a bug with /awithdraw and /awiretransfer letting bank accounts go into negative
- Fixed a small bug when you deleted hacking warns message
- Fixed /sellgun from not letting you make the guns
Lawless Roleplay Discord
Lawless Roleplay is more than just a server, we are a community! Which is why our technology team has worked tirelessly to set up the Discord server. We have also introduced Discord and Forum integration, meaning that you can link your forum account to your Discord account so that you automatically get your roles and more. Additionally, Discord will now only display channels that are valid for you, instead of all of them.

Forum and Discord Integration
With the new plugin that we've installed, we have a lot more flexibility with what we can do on discord. Here are some of the features that the new plug-in provides for us:
  • Allow registration/login through the Discord
  • Automatic assignment of roles based on your forum usergroups. No more waiting around for roles!
  • Automatic namechange to match your forum username
  • Sync of bans on the forum to discord
  • Chat tab on the forum navigation bar with the list of people currently on discord
Discord Functionality
Now that the Forums and Discord work with each other, you will need to link your Forum and Discord account to use the platform. You can link your forum and discord account by using this link.

Because of this update, we encourage all of our players to join our Discord server and communicate with the other players in their faction, gangs, staff team and help us develop this newly updated platform. So jump on the bandwagon now! Get your gang or faction to the top with top-class communication! Join us at www.lawlessrp.com/discord
When we opened Lawless Roleplay 5 years ago, we sailed the storm to create a community that was built on a solid foundation. The foundation consisted of a staff team that worked for the players to constitute a community made by the players, for the players. This foundation has resonated throughout SA-MP and we have set the gold standard.

Exactly 1,831 days ago - on the 22nd April 2013 - myself, @Shock and @Leiionidas opened the server gates to the public. We set out a mission statement and promised to always abide by it. We were congratulated by having over 150 players online in our first 24 hours. This past year, we've matured and learned a lot about ourselves and our strive to improve has never been this strong. As we go into our 6th year of operating, we have decided with the community to dedicate this year to creating fantastic new unique features, better support, an administrative team that is always there, a better service and most importantly more fun. This is a big promise however we are dedicated to accomplish this and require your trust and guidance.

It has been a marvelous 5 years filled with emotions, fun, excitement and addiction. We have witnessed enemies fight a lot, new friendships, gangs be formed, leaders be born, rules be broken, hackers be banned, materials be ran, trucks be delivered, miners mine, drugs be smuggled, shotguns be refunded, people tazed, turfs be won, events be lost, factions go up and factions go down. We have laughed, smiled, yelled, hated, loved and fought but above all we did what we came to do: We had fun, and the fun is only starting.

We have over 5,753,603 logins, 6,334,961 connections, 367,683 registrations, 32,285 hours of uptime, 28,329 hackers auto banned and most importantly we broke our peak player count with 248 players online on the 7th October 2017.

Thank you. You have supported us over the year above and beyond what I could imagine or want - we really appreciate it. Without your consistent feedback, guidance and loyalty - we would not be where we are today. You've always been here for us and we continue to enjoy and extend our relationship with you and hopefully create many more in this upcoming year.

So, here's to you Lawless Roleplay.... Happy Birthday!

Anniversary Update Overview


You might be wondering why this update was not released on or before our anniversary date, I wanted to make this birthday very special so I set out to create a cool festive area with functioning rides as well as brand new minigames. The number five (hint: phife) is very special to me and the fact that Lawless Roleplay got to see five years of serving the community means an incredible amount to me. This update for me was not just about our birthday but as well as a renewal of my promise to finally take Lawless Roleplay to the next step. Unfortunately, I was involved in a little accident which left me hospitalized for a couple of days and there was still some bugs to iron out. So thank you for your patience and now let's party on...


We have been riddled by poisonous players who can't handle the competition or heat so they resort to hacking. In the past, we have tried multiple different styles of approaching this and trying to resolve it. However I am very excited that after several meetings with management, administrators, players, banned players and current hackers - we have developed an unique system that will not only deter hackers but keep those who can't handle the pressure in check. This new system works in two parts. The first part is our continued commitment to form a solid administrative team who is vigilant.

From today onwards, players who have broken server rules in the past 3 months will not be eligible to join any staff positions, player recognition groups, lead gangs or factions. In addition, we have forgiven most players today and cleared player's punishment records. However, any punishments issued from this day onwards will be considered and will impact your ability to join the above groups until you have not been punished for at least 3 months. Here at Lawless Roleplay, we strongly believe in leading by example and we believe that this will encourage players to stay on the clean-side and will put a focal point on the best players in our community. Let's reward the players that can stay clean and not break server rules.

In addition to this fundamental culture change, we have introduced a new hacking rule. This rule is automatically enforced by the script and focuses on deterring hackers and keeping those who hack in check. When you are caught hacking, you will be given a hacking warning which will do the following:
  1. You will receive a hacking warning which will expire after 3 months
  2. You will lose 50% of all your skills
  3. You will be fined cash, bank money, materials, crack, pot and chemicals (including those stored in vehicles, houses and businesses) with a minimum fine of $75,000 per account level with a minimum of $1,000,000
  4. If after recovering those items above and the fine total has not been met, you will lose levels with each level worth $100,000 until the fine total has been met
  5. If the fine total is still not met then your account will be disabled
  6. You will be removed from your gang/ faction/ community recognition/ helper team
  7. You will be restricted from joining any gangs or factions for 42 hours
  8. You will be restricted from weapons for 72 hours
  9. You will be restricted from joining any staff positions, community recognition status or leading gangs/ factions for 3 months
This warning will expire after 3 months however if you receive another warning before the 3 months is over then your account will be disabled. Furthermore, if you receive more than 3 warnings in the space of 12 months then your account will be disabled as well. The system will keep you updated with how many warnings you have and when they expire. We have taken the difficulty of tracking these things by allowing the script to do the heavy lifting. Below is the logic of how the fine will be extracted:

  1. (The system will automatically stop once the total fine amount has been extracted)
  2. Cash+bank on hand
  3. Cash in house storage
  4. Cash in business storage
  5. Mats
  6. Mats in house storage
  7. Pot
  8. Pot in house storage
  9. Pot in vehicle storage
  10. Crack
  11. Crack in house storage
  12. Crack in vehicle storage
  13. Chemicals
  14. Chemicals in house storage
  15. Chemicals in vehicle storage
  16. $100,000 written off per player level lost
  17. Account disabled

With such a huge reform, we know many players who have regretted their actions and would love to come back and play at Lawless Roleplay. We have banned over 24,000 accounts in the past year and at Lawless Roleplay we believe in chances. People make mistakes and we understand that. There are exceptions to this however, not every single person will be unbanned. We've lasted 5 years, and we want all the past, present and new players to experience everything in this community. So we're happy to have everyone back. We hope that this time you have learned from your previous mistakes and will become a contributing member to the community.

Lawless Roleplay Birthday Fair


If you've never been to an amusement park, you won't be missing out any longer! Until 9TH MAY 2018, the Lawless Roleplay Birthday Fair will be open to all thrill seekers who wish to participate in the minigames we have at Marina. Players can also earn coins from these minigames (your current balance will always be visible below your on-hand cash) and then spend them in the Gift Store.

BUT wait, there is more! The coins you earn will be added to a total tally and will go towards your ranking in /topcollectors (spending coins will not affect your ranking). The THREE top players will receive the following rewards:

Tier 2 Business

Tier 3 Custom Vehicle



Hay Climb is a test of both skill and patience as you master the art of high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled, and rage inducing parkour miles into the sky atop our constantly moving hay maze! Think you have it all figured out? The map randomly generates every 90 minutes so best of luck to you. But hurry up since you can earn 10-20 coins and the faster you are, the more coins you will receive! We'll be waiting at the top with some credits for your troubles.

Color Match is a test of sheer reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Put yourself to the test in this fun minigame where the objective is to stand on the correct tile by looking at the color on your screen. If you read the word, you may just find yourself back at the dock. Winning this minigame rewards you 5 credits, and in the event of a tie all players at the end are awarded 5 credits.

Ship Races are two random teams assigned to two ships fueled only by the blood of the weak! To make your ship go faster, your team must kill the enemy team. Each player is awarded two coins per kill, and everyone on the winning team get six coins at the end of the game.

Take a seat on the Ferris Wheel, The Plunger, the Spinning Jail, Swinging Seats, or even ride some cows. No matter what you could ever want to do, it can be found at our anniversary event!

/topcollectors - List the top coin collectors.
/leavehay - Exit the hay minigame.
/leaveship - Exit the ships minigame.
All other actions are either automatically triggered, or triggered by pressing the 'n' key.

Features and Changes

- Updated YSI library
- Updated amx assembly
- Created a specialized custom compiler
- Updated CrashDetect
- Updated streamer
- Added slack integration
- Added /punlist for all players to check eachother's punishment histories
- Increased login timer to two minutes
- You can rob businesses every 8 minutes and houses every 5 minutes
- Removed rain, sandstorm and foggy weathers
- Increased level required to gamble from level 5 to level 15
- Added Player Allotment Rule. More information can be found on the rules page.
- Completed anniversary mapping
- Added fun fair rotation
- Added color match minigame which allows players to win 5 coins, in this minigame, players must go to the color specified or they are eliminated
- Added anniversary coins
- Admins can /givecoin or /givecoinall
- Coins are displayed below money
- All rides are continuously available for players to play
- Rides include the plunger, ferris wheel, spinning jail, swinging seats, cow riding and the rocket ship.
- Added ship race minigame which allows players to gain 2 coins per kill and 6 coins per win
- Players get deagle, spas-12, m4 and a rifle to kill the rival team
- The more kills you have, the faster your boat goes
- First boat over the line wins 6 coins each player
- Added hay climbing minigame
- Get to the top and win 20-10 coins depending on how quick you are
- Every 90 minutes, the climbing map generates a random new map
- Added certain criteria to match before being able to join the hay climb, ship race or color match minigames
- Users can spend their coins without it effecting their status on the "top collectors" charts
- Added gift shop
- The only commands in this anniversary event is: /topcollectors /leavehay /leaveship (Admin CMDs: /givecoin (SA) /givecoinall (HA))
- Everything else is auto functioning or you press 'n' to interact
- Added completion text for Hay Stack Climbing Minigame
- Added auto Hay Stack Climbing Minigame winner check
- Optimised Hay Stack Climbing Minigame code
- Hay Stack Climbing Minigame reward is based on how long it took (faster = more reward, 10-20 coins)
- You get a winning message on colour match and ship wars
- You get 5 coins for winning colour match
- Added hay stack teleport anti-cheat
- Added new anti-hacking warning system
- Hack warnings will automatically expire after 3 months
- If the player has more than 3 hack warnings in the past 12 months then their account would be disabled
- Player gets told how many hours left of their weapon restriction and gang/faction restriction on log in and on paycheck when they decrease
- Player gets a reminder each time when they log in on how many hack warnings they have
- Players can see how many hack warnings they have in the past 12 months from /stats
- Hack warnings show up on the ban screenshot
- Added logs for everything when you have received a hack warning
- Added gang/ faction restriction on /stats and /check
- Added exhaustion check on gift shop and minigames
- Made /removehwarn for Senior Admins +
- Business robbery time has been made a player variable rather than a server variable so two people robbing at once doesn't reset the robbery time for player A
- Added deathmatch and hacking warnings to punishment logs
- Administrators cannot /setstat or /makeleader any player with gang or faction restrictions
- Added GetOfflinePlayerIDAdminName function
- Ship wars desync shots is due to lag and sync issues with the moving objects
- Fine on cash, bank, materials, crack, pot and chemicals (incl. vehicles, house, business etc) with a minimum fine of $75,000 per level and a total minimum of $1,000,000
- If fine is less than $1,000,000 then player would lose levels with each level worth $100,000 until the minimum of $1,000,000 is met
- If the minimum is still not met then that account would be disabled
- All skills reduced by 50%
- Auto removal from gang/ faction or community status
- 72 hours restricted from using or holding weapons
- 42 hours restricted from joining gangs or factions

- Hack Warning 1 fine logic, below is the order of which the fine is extracted:
(The system will automatically stop once the total fine amount has been extracted)
1. Cash+bank on hand
2. Cash in house storage
3. Cash in business storage
4. Mats
5. Mats in house storage
6. Pot
7. Pot in house storage
8. Pot in vehicle storage
9. Crack
10. Crack in house storage
11. Crack in vehicle storage
12. Chemicals
13. Chemicals in house storage
14. Chemicals in vehicle storage
15. $100,000 written off per player level lost
16. Account disabled

- Hack Warning 2
- Account would be disabled
Bug fixes

- You no longer can use /quitevent to leave the minigames
- Removed gang positive points on capturing turfs
- Fixed a spelling error with /toggc
- Fixed a bug with /quitevent
- Fixed a bug with coins covering your wanted stars. They now move depending on your wanted level.
Happy Birthday, my love, Lawless Roleplay :x

IMPORTANT Security reminder
Security reminder


Here at Lawless Roleplay, we take your security and privacy very seriously, and we would like to make an announcement to remind and inform you how to keep your account safe. Don't worry - there has not been a compromise, this is merely informational.

For many of you, this may be old news, but we feel we can not stress this enough;

Have a unique password for Lawless Roleplay
You should always use a unique password for each website and server you use. By doing that, you ensure that if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe. Don't worry, here on Lawless Roleplay we treat your data with due care. Your information is never shared with anyone, and is salted and encrypted in our database.

Use a strong password - and change it frequently
Use a strong password. It should have 10 characters or more, with both uppercase, lowercase, and symbols. That way it is much harder to guess your password.

Never enter your Lawless Roleplay credentials outside of our domain or SAMP server
Make sure you are actually on Lawless Roleplay's website when entering your password. Phishing is a common technique to steal passwords. Phishing is a form of scamming that involves posing as Lawless Roleplay and tricking you into sending your password to them. If you have clicked an external link, make sure the connection is secure (green lock in the address bar), and that the domain is lawlessrp.com, like so:

Lawless staff will NEVER ask for your password
Members of the Lawless Roleplay staff will never ask for your password. Common attempts to steal passwords involve players posing as an admin in order to obtain passwords. Don't give anyone your password under any circumstances.

And as always,
Happy Gaming
- Shock

Administrative Roster

Server Management

Assistant Management
  • [​IMG] Jerome - Director of Game Affairs
  • [​IMG] Viva - Director of Community Relations

Head Admins
  • [​IMG] Sharpe - Assistant General Manager
  • [​IMG] Jaspreet - Director of Technology + Properties Moderator
  • [​IMG] Wade - Director of Admin Personnel + Ban Moderator
  • [​IMG] Howard - Head of Media & Marketing

Senior Admins
  • [​IMG] Klevis - Head of Factions + Hacking Investigator + Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Sergio - Head of Ban Appeals + Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Motzzy - Head of Complaints + Faction Moderator + Gang Moderator
  • [​IMG] Lance - Helper Manager + Complaint Moderator + Faction Moderator
  • [​IMG] Dylan - Faction Moderator + Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Ignacio - Developer
  • [​IMG] Leonardo

General Admins
  • [​IMG] Luke - Assistant Director of Admin Personnel + Complaints Moderator
  • [​IMG] Don - Head of Gangs + Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Sofia - Acting Head of Properties + Technology Moderator + Gang Moderator
  • [​IMG] Simon - Lead Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Paul - Gang Moderator + Media & Marketing Moderator
  • [​IMG] Crit - Assistant Head of Ban Appeals + Hacking Investigator + Media & Marketing Moderator
  • [​IMG] Diaz - Assistant Head of Factions + Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Lafayette - Ban Moderator + Faction Moderator + Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Koke - Complaint Moderator + Media and Marketing Moderator
  • [​IMG] Alpay - Ban Moderator + Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Alii - Ban Moderator + Complaint Moderator
  • [​IMG] Andrew - Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Thomas - Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Manzoor - Ban Moderator
  • [​IMG] Jack
Junior Admins


Non-Gaming Admin
  • NONE

Blacklist Admins

The Blacklist Admin is a team of secret members of the community whose primary aim is to decrease death-Match on the server. This team of ordinary players have access to special tools and commands to discretely identify and punish death-Matchers. Their identities are kept secret and are normal members of the community from all aspects. Blacklist Admins must also demonstrate that they are role models and supporting members of the community. All members are hand-picked by the Management team.

Board of Advisors