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Double EXP
We're holding a weekend double EXP event on the server. It's your chance to finally get on the highscores list.
Click here to join this event.
Announcement Mapping Team
I'm happy to introduce you to our new Mapping Team. The mapping team is made out of proficient mappers whose main goal is to create the perfect vibe of growing modern city. They have already started on several projects for future updates. Mappers are a vital part of this community as we expand towards higher standards and truly create a unique environment. Mappers have access to a Lawless Roleplay exclusive system that enables easy mapping and map modifications.

This team is led by Sam Schneider and Pete Swift. If you have any experiences in SA:MP mapping and would like to contribute with us to overhaul the environment of the server, please read carefully the following requirements before applying:


  • Applicant must provide at least five mapping projects
  • Applicant must speak English fluently
  • Applicant must be willing to work on every mapping project actively

If you're...

In less than 24 hours of breaking our player record of 216 players on Saturday 11th June 2016, we did it again! Today (Sunday 12th June 2016), we hit 237 players! Congratulations!

As I've said in the past few player records, this could not be possible without you. You are our secret ingredient in the success of this server. I am forever in your debt for your support, resilience and dedication to this community. Every single person who played here, past or present, have helped us shape this community into what it is today. We have learnt from our past mistakes and celebrate our new successes together with the community. A community dedicated...
You guys have done it again!

Today (Saturday 11th June 2016), we hit 216 players! This breaks our previous record of 209 players set on Saturday 21st May 2016 which preceded our previous record of 200 players on Wednesday 20th April 2016. In the space of 2 months, we have broken our player record three times and hopefully we will continue on this path.

The resistance, dedication and resilience of the community is solely behind the success of achieving this great record. Just a few days ago, we were offline for several hours and had intermittent connection problems due to denial of service attacks against our community. Yet our community stood by each other and we came back even stronger than before.

As I have always said, the...
Announcement Old School Group
It's been quite a journey, just a over a month ago we celebrated our third anniversary and, since we have been together for so long, our staff team would like to introduce to you, the Old School Group.

This group consists of dedicated players who have been a part of the community since the very start and have contributed positivity to the community. We appreciate the loyalty, dedication and constant contributions of all our players especially those who have stuck by our side through thick and thin.

As a thank you, we would like to give our long term supporters a concrete symbol of recognition for their dedication and faithfulness towards the community.

If you have joined in 2013 and would like to become a member of the Old School Group, please read the following requirements before applying:​


  • You have been a part of the community since 2013 *
  • You are currently active and willing to share activity information
  • You must be not be banned or have disabled accounts
  • You need to be consistantly active in game and/ or on the forums
* We will increase this by one year every new year. For example, in 2017 we will accept players who have joined in 2014. 2018 -> 2015 and so on.

Application process

Fill this form:

You can only apply ONCE a month
Providing false information will lead to a PERMANENT denied application status

Your application will be screened and vetted by the Community Relations team. If your application is successfully screened and vetted, it will then be directed to a vote by current Head Administrators and Senior Administrators. You will need a majority vote of 60% to be successful.

The staff reserves the right to accept, deny or remove any Old School members or applicants from the group at their own discretion.

Special Features for Old School members

  • Stunning orange 'Old School' forum usergroup
  • Access to a special private section on the forums
  • Your name will be shown with an 'Old School' tag on in-game public channels
  • Access to a special in-game chat
  • More features to come!
If you have any questions, enquires, suggestions or feedback then please send me a Personal Message and I will get back to you.

Community Relations Manager,
We've done it again in less than a month. In April 2016, we had to increase our player slots to 250 from 200 because we had a full server for 3 days in a row. Today (Saturday 21st May 2016), we have once again reached new heights with a max player record of 209 players online!

Thank you! Your contribution, loyalty and strength behind this community is the only reason we are able to achieve these records. You have consistently supported us over the years and we really appreciate it. Without your consistent feedback, guidance and loyalty - we would not be where we are today. I would also like to thank the helpers, administrators and staff team for ensuring all players are equally helped and that the game play is a smooth and fun experience for all.

People have tried to knock us down and harm us because they are jealous that we are a transparent, fair and ambitious community. We will continue to strive to the best SA-MP community and really push ourselves to the limit. I look...
Lawless Roleplay is a unique server and community which allows players to express themselves freely and to play in a competitive environment. This environment in the past year has swayed towards a dark and toxic nature. Today, we will degrade and ultimately destroy this toxic nature.

As server management, my highest priority is to allow community members to have fun. Over the last several months, we have consistently taken the fight to hackers who threaten our fun. We have introduced advanced and complex anti-cheat systems. We have educated and trained administrators on hacks and how to spot a hacker. We have dedicated players constantly using video capture to expose hackers. We have moderators working deep within the competitive groups to spot and eliminate hackers.

Still, we continue to face these hackers. We can't detect and ban every hacker, this has always been the case. And that is why we must remain vigilant and proactive in enforcing hacking and exploitation rules.


We have changed and introduced a few new rules on the server to adapt to the current climate. With the guidance of many gang leaders and members, we are introducing two new rules back: Turf Alliance and Increased Member limit.

These rule changes will only be in effect for 14 days and we will review it as a team. We appreciate any feedback you give to us regarding this.

Clarification on Turfs
Turfs are in character, the only thing that is out of character is admin hosted events. This means that once a turf is over, you do not stop shooting your enemies. Furthermore, once the turf is over, police have the right to arrest you for any crimes you do. There is no exceptions.

Turfs & Lands
I have clarified that lands cannot be used in relation to turfs. This is because it holds an extremely unfair advantage over other players attending the turf. This has been a rule...

Hello Players of Lawless,

Public Relations presents you, Giveaways!

First of all this is our fourth giveaway using gleam.io.

We will be drawing 1 winner on this event.

Why Gleam.io?
-Gleam.io is a website where you can run your own competitions for free + It's fair to pick a winner. Some of you might know this website.

The Giveaway will be a Dynamic Door.


  • First you need to log in to a social media account to make an entry. You can make ONE entry with each social media account.
  • Then you need to complete the entry points. The less entries you make, the...
It's been such an amazing THIRD YEAR birthday for us. With the release of the third year storm update and the countless events held in-game and on other networks. We broke our max players online record on the Wednesday 20th April 2016 with a full server of 200 players!

This is the first time in the history of Lawless Roleplay that we have hit our maximum player count... a full server!

This is because of your contribution, loyalty and strength behind the community. You have supported us over the year above and beyond what I could imagine or want - we really appreciate it. Without your consistent feedback, guidance and loyalty - we would not be where we are today. You've always been here for us and we continue to enjoy and extend our relationship with you and hopefully create many more in this upcoming year.