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IMPORTANT Security reminder
Security reminder


Here at Lawless Roleplay, we take your security and privacy very seriously, and we would like to make an announcement to remind and inform you how to keep your account safe. Don't worry - there has not been a compromise, this is merely informational.

For many of you, this may be old news, but we feel we can not stress this enough;

Have a unique password for Lawless Roleplay
You should always use a unique password for each website and server you use. By doing that, you ensure that if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe. Don't worry, here on Lawless Roleplay we treat your data with due care. Your information is never shared with anyone, and is salted and encrypted in our database.

Use a strong password - and change it frequently
Use a strong password. It should have 10 characters or more, with both uppercase, lowercase, and symbols. That way it is much harder to guess your password.

Never enter your Lawless Roleplay credentials outside of our domain or SAMP server
Make sure you are actually on Lawless Roleplay's website when entering your password. Phishing is a common technique to steal passwords. Phishing is a form of scamming that involves posing as Lawless Roleplay and tricking you into sending your password to them. If you have clicked an external link, make sure the connection is secure (green lock in the address bar), and that the domain is lawlessrp.com, like so:

Lawless staff will NEVER ask for your password
Members of the Lawless Roleplay staff will never ask for your password. Common attempts to steal passwords involve players posing as an admin in order to obtain passwords. Don't give anyone your password under any circumstances.

And as always,
Happy Gaming
- Shock

Administrative Team

Server Management

Assistant Management
  • [​IMG] Viva - Director of Community Relations
  • [​IMG] Jerome - Director of Game Affairs
  • [​IMG] Joey - Director of Public Relations

Head Admins
  • [​IMG] Jaspreet - Director of Technology + Properties Moderator
  • [​IMG] Alfred - Assistant Director of Community Relations
  • [​IMG] Sharpe - Assistant Director of Game Affairs + Hacking Investigator
  • [​IMG] Roy - Head of Ban Appeals + Head of Complaints + Hacking Investigator
Senior Admins
  • [​IMG] Wade - Head of Factions + Admin Personnel Moderator + Ban Moderator
  • [​IMG] Jack - Head of Security + Complaints Moderator
  • [​IMG] Ian - Ban Moderator + Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Howard - Head of Media & Marketing + Faction Moderator + Gang Moderator
  • [​IMG] Kush - Gangs Moderator + Media & Marketing Moderator

General Admins
  • [​IMG] Alia - Head of Properties + Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Paul - Head of Gangs + Hacking Investigator + Media & Marketing Moderator
  • [​IMG] Lance - Helper Manager + Faction Moderator + Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Fielding - Assistant Head of Hacking Investigations Department + Admin Personnel Moderator + Gang Moderator
  • [​IMG] Kent - Assistant Helper Manager + Properties Moderator.
  • [​IMG] Dylan - Media & Marketing Moderator + Properties Moderator
  • [​IMG] Xander - Ban Moderator + Complaints Moderator
  • [​IMG] Alvin - Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Thomas - Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] MileyS - Faction Moderator
  • [​IMG] Raz - Faction Moderator
  • [​IMG] Campa - Technology Moderator
  • [​IMG] Kraff

Junior Admins


Non-Gaming Admin
  • NONE

Blacklist Admins
  • The Blacklist Admin is a team of secret members of the community whose primary aim is to decrease deathmatch on the server. This team of ordinary players have access to special tools and commands to discretely identify and punish deathmatchers. Their identities are kept secret and are normal members of the community from all aspects. Blacklist Admins must also demonstrate that they are role models and supporting members of the community. All members are hand-picked by the Management team.

Board of Advisors
  • NONE
The time has finally arrived, Easter Day, the special day everyone celebrates traditionally around the world! Of course we won't let this day pass without holding some events for everyone!

The following events will be hosted:
  • Avoid the Plane
  • Easter Showdown
  • Egg Hunt
  • Buggy Derby
  • Easter Raffle
  • Double Experience

Avoid the Plane


We all know our rare traditional Avoid the Plane event, on Easter Day you will have a chance to test your skills on trying to avoid high speed jets coming straight towards you, with death awaiting below if you fall. If you can manage to avoid all jets and beat everyone, you win an extraordinary prize!

Winner: Tier 3 Vehicle + 10,000 Materials

Easter Showdown

We can't go without doing a Team Deathmatch event. There will be two teams, Alpha and Bravo, with the following loadouts:

Egg Hunters

[​IMG]Sniper Rifle

[​IMG]Sniper Rifle

[​IMG]Micro SMG

The showdown will take place on the Sherman Dam, good luck ladies and gents!


Last Player Standing: Full Weapon Set + Ivy for two weeks

Egg Hunt


The event you've all been waiting for is here... the Egg Hunt! There will be eggs placed around Los Santos and Red County for you to find and claim the goodies inside. You can find materials, weapons, drugs, and more once you claim the egg for yourself.

This is the area in which you may find yourself some eggs.

(The eggs are hidden inside the trunk of a small car!)

Buggy Derby


Buggies are awesome, especially crashing into other players trying to blow them up! The goal of this event is to simply try to blow up the other opponents in your buggy and be the last person standing.

Last Player Standing: Full weapon set AND Tier 3 vehicle

Supreme Easter Raffle


As a finale, there will be a draw raffle, everyone has a chance to win amazing prizes. All you have to do is send a private message (PM) to @Clay with the format below, which will include your name and what your favorite part of this day is to have a chance to receive a prize.
Name: *enter*
Favorite Part of the Easter Event: *enter*

First Draw

Second Draw


Third Draw


The choices are completely random and are not affected by how much words are submitted.

Double Experience!


Event Times

Avoid the Plane

- Philippines (GMT +8): 21:00
- Pakistan (GMT +5): 17:00
- Central Europe (GMT +1): 13:00
- Brazil (GMT -2): 10:00
- United States (CST): 06:00

Easter Showdown
- Philippines (GMT +8): 23:00

- Pakistan (GMT +5): 19:00
- Central Europe (GMT +1): 15:00
- Brazil (GMT -2): 12:00
- United States (CST): 08:00
Buggy Derby
- Philippines (GMT +8): 02:00

- Pakistan (GMT +5): 21:00
- Central Europe (GMT +1): 18:00
- Brazil (GMT -2): 15:00
- United States (CST): 11:00

Supreme Easter Raffle
2nd of April till the 3rd of April
(You can sign up till 23:59 2nd of April , and on the 3rd / 4th of April the winner will be picked.)

Egg Hunt
You need to send us the pictures of the eggs on our facebook page, the winnier will be picked on 3rd / 4th of April.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Credits : @Kenobi