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As most of you know, there has been a lack of activity on our YouTube channel. However we are proud to announce that we have focussed on providing more content for you guys. Effective immediately we will make sure to upload at least one video every month. You guys will be seeing the latest news, updates and simply cool videos. Subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date and enjoy our content!

Staff of Lawless Roleplay.
Hi Lunatics,

In the past month, we have been contacting property owners regarding their choice of location and property content to resolve any confusion regarding which land locations are allowed. The same goes for what type of building you can create on that land. Therefore, we have created the following guidelines regarding land placement:

Land placement

  • Lands need to be in a realistic location. In real life, a developer could buy that land to begin construction.
  • Lands can't be placed too close to a turf or job. They can't be inside the turf boundaries and there needs to be at least one street or block between your land and the turf's bounds or the job's location. They also can't block a route near a turf that can be used for a tactical advantage during that turf.
  • Lands can't be placed on public property such as parking lots, sidewalks, faction HQs or the mall.
  • Lands can't cover a road If you have the ability to place items on a road then it's not allowed to have a land there (even if you don't). This means lands can't be beneath or above a road.
  • Lands can't cover public roads or frequently used shortcuts.
  • Lands can only be placed on a property that belongs to a house you own or if you have the permission of the house owner to place a land there. So if there's no house icon you are not allowed to have a land there, this is to prevent house spots being unnecessarily claimed by lands.
  • Lands can't cover someone else's business / dynamic door or house. For example, a player has a business somewhere then in character he would own the entire building or section of the building.
  • Lands can't be placed over unowned properties. If you want your land to cover a door that is meant for a business or house you need to have a business or house at that door before you can have a land that covers it.
  • Lands can't be too close to other lands. There should be space between lands, enough space to be visible on the minimap. A land also can't interfere with another land (your land can't obstruct windows or doors from the land next to it)
  • Lands need to be (mostly) on the ground. If you can only build on the roof of a building or for the biggest part, that land isn't allowed.
  • Lands can't be too small. Lands are meant to use as a land, if a location only has space for a small hut (with a business) then it is not allowed. You need to be able to build something there.
Examples of locations that are not allowed

A couple of examples where people often want to get a land but aren't allowed can be found by clicking on the links below.


  • Lands need to be built in a realistic manner. The land must be realistic and follow the laws of physics. For example, a staircase to the moon is not allowed, neither is a building that floats on water without a foundation or a floor floating in the air.
  • (Garage)doors can't be used as a supporting structure such as a roofs, walls or floors
  • 'Land traps' are not allowed.
I have a land that's not allowed according to these rules

If you have a land that does not adhere to these rules you will be asked in-game or on the forums to move it. You will be given 72 hours to find a new location. In that case, the move is (of course) free of charge. If you do not reply your land may be deleted.


As a result of increasing the maximum amount of lands not long ago, the space for them became more and more limited. We felt that we needed to be more strict to ensure lands would not interfere with gameplay as much as it did. We also needed to define rules that would be clear to players and keep administrators that can place a land (AM+) on the same page to prevent confusion. With the added amount of object slots and objects that can be used when building a land we feel that we can set a higher standard for realistic buildings. These rules aren't meant to target or give an advantage to specific players but they are designed to improve the overall enjoyment of playing on the server for everybody.


We hope you can all understand these rules. If you have any questions then you can ask any head administrator (or higher) about what is or isn't allowed. Lands can always be moved, deleted, placed or denied on a certain location at the discretion of the management team (HA+). However, we will always try to come to a fair and fitting resolution with the owner of that land first.

*We do not make deals regarding the placement of your land or the way it will be built under any circumstance. If you, for example, want a land that is below a road and you promise us that you won't build on the road (even though you could) it's still not allowed. We can't keep track of the promises that 200 land owners have made us through countless name changes and land sales.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,

Your opinions and suggestions matter to us, a lot. We have created this thread so you guys can give opinions on what events you would like to see in the future, and what you think should be changed about the events. We've made a simple form for you to fill in and give your opinion and suggestions.

We will take your opinions and suggestions in consideration, and we will process this in the future. We wil use this to improve our events, to make sure events are more fun for you. If you think an option should be added to the form, please send me a message explaining as detailed as possible what you think should be added and why.


Thank you in advance,
SA:MP v1.2.42
This is a quick update to mainly increase business slots for players who have donated and are pending a business.

We are constantly looking to improve the server and community, if you have any suggestions then please post it in the suggestion forums or if you found any bug or problem with our server, then please post it in the bug forums.

We hope you are enjoying the frequent updates as we aim to make Lawless Roleplay a more smooth and better experience for everyone.

Revision 1.2.42
- Increased maximum business slots to 400
- Fixed a typo with /fare

At Lawless Roleplay, we really believe in empowering the community members to dictate how the world spins and allow the players to use the tools we provide to influence interactions and such. However, we have recently seen a growing number of community members creating properties that harm the general gameplay. Over the next few days, we will be systematically reviewing the properties on the server starting with lands.

We have already contacted all land owners with unrealistic land locations or buildings in the last few hours and have asked them to edit the land if built unrealistically or find a new location if the land location is invalid.

Lands which weren't built in a realistic form must be edited and fixed, and lands with a non-roleplay location (near turfs, spawn, jobs or public places as LSPD, Gov, FBI etc...) must be moved within the next 72 hours of this post (29th March at 3PM GMT+1), otherwise your land will be deleted with no possibility of a refund in return. If you are unable to meet this deadline, please contact me or Barney via PM and we will just delete the objects on your land without land deletion.

Non-roleplay locations - if your land was placed near a turf, spawn point, a job or an public place, you will be offered 1 free land move in order to get a new realistic location.

Non-roleplay buildings - In this case, you are required to change your land to a realistic one, if you used a garage door as a wall/roof, still got any traps inside your land, a random wall attached to nothing, or it looks like a building you won't see in real life (Interior or Exterior), you need to edit your land and fix it.

If you are not sure about what you need to change at your land, even if we did not contact you, feel free to double check it with us and we'll make sure we reply with a response as soon as possible, make sure you fix it within the next 72 hours or your land will be deleted without any refund.

We are looking forward to see more realistic lands around Los Santos!
SA:MP v1.2.41
We've had the past few updates solely dedicated to lands and bug fixes. In this series of updates, I will be focusing on feedback received from the 17th March 2017 big faction and gang leader meeting. We had 16 members from all gangs and factions that were high command in gangs and factions as well as 8 administrators including the Gang Manager and Faction Manager. We are very dedicated to hearing your voice as we strive to stay true to our "For Players, By Players" motto.

We are constantly looking to improve the server and community, if you have any suggestions then please post it in the suggestion forums or if you found any bug or problem with our server, then please post it in the bug forums.

We hope you are enjoying the frequent updates as we aim to make Lawless Roleplay a more smooth and better experience for everyone.

Revision 1.2.41
- Adjusted /gbackup to use player username colours & send the back up message in the same gang colour
- Added /gbk, /fbk and /fbackup for abbreviated commands of /gbackup
- You no longer can exit buildings while tied, hospitalised or injured
- You can open land buildings from 4.5 feet away if in a vehicle or 3.2 feet away if on foot
- Opening any land object will only work for the nearest object and not the ones in the radius said above
- Fixed /buyskin not giving businesses products sold
- Removed all types of streaming limitations on land objects
- Fixed an issue with marker sync
- Fixed an issue with /gbackup and /gradar changing player colours
- Fixed a land duplication exploit
Hey Lunatics,

We have recently noticed that administrators are confused when it comes to muting players from advertisements and the global chats.

Muting a player from advertisements is allowed when it comes to the following cases:
  • Any OOC word/matter is involved.
  • Any foreign language is used.
  • The advertisement is capitalized.
  • The advertisement involves insulting/offending words directed to another player/admin (with an exception to gang wars).
Muting a player from the global chat is allowed when it comes to the following cases:
  • The player constantly uses capitalized words (level 1-9 players have to be warned first. level 9+ players can be muted on the spot).
  • The player spams the chat (Every level has to be warned first).
  • The player constantly trash-talks the community (instant mute).
  • The player is being excessively racist (instant mute).
Muting a player from the newbie chat is allowed when it comes to the following cases:
  • The player continuously asks questions that are not directly script related.
  • Any foreign language is used.
  • The player continuously capitalizes his text.
  • The player repeats the same three times.
  • The player mis-uses the chat in any way (insulting/offending other players/admins, advertising items etc').
Thank you for reading!