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We have changed and introduced a few new rules on the server to adapt to the current climate. With the guidance of many gang leaders and members, we are introducing two new rules back: Turf Alliance and Increased Member limit.

These rule changes will only be in effect for 14 days and we will review it as a team. We appreciate any feedback you give to us regarding this.

Clarification on Turfs
Turfs are in character, the only thing that is out of character is admin hosted events. This means that once a turf is over, you do not stop shooting your enemies. Furthermore, once the turf is over, police have the right to arrest you for any crimes you do. There is no exceptions.

Turfs & Lands
I have clarified that lands cannot be used in relation to turfs. This is because it holds an extremely unfair advantage over other players attending the turf. This has been a rule...

Hello Players of Lawless,

Public Relations presents you, Giveaways!

First of all this is our fourth giveaway using gleam.io.

We will be drawing 1 winner on this event.

Why Gleam.io?
-Gleam.io is a website where you can run your own competitions for free + It's fair to pick a winner. Some of you might know this website.

The Giveaway will be a Dynamic Door.


  • First you need to log in to a social media account to make an entry. You can make ONE entry with each social media account.
  • Then you need to complete the entry points. The less entries you make, the...
It's been such an amazing THIRD YEAR birthday for us. With the release of the third year storm update and the countless events held in-game and on other networks. We broke our max players online record on the Wednesday 20th April 2016 with a full server of 200 players!

This is the first time in the history of Lawless Roleplay that we have hit our maximum player count... a full server!

This is because of your contribution, loyalty and strength behind the community. You have supported us over the year above and beyond what I could imagine or want - we really appreciate it. Without your consistent feedback, guidance and loyalty - we would not be where we are today. You've always been here for us and we continue to enjoy and extend our relationship with you and hopefully create many more in this upcoming year.


Wow guys, what a great birthday we had! We hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as we did! Now, some of you may had issues joining our server for a while, and may be wondering why. Well, truth is... we hit 200/200 players! We've capped our server AND beat our previous "Highest players online" record!


Absolutely crazy! We couldn't have done it without you!

As promised, here is a list of events and the winners and what their rewards were!

Team Death Match Event 3PM(GMT+5)

Rewards, 1st: Tier 2 Business Justin Silva
2nd: 15 days Daisy Sebastian Banks
3rd: Custom Title Delgado Cash

DM Event 5PM(GMT+5)

Why public applications?

After long discussions within the Faction Management department, we've agreed that change was needed regarding FBI. It seems that the past few leaders we've chosen have gone nowhere and lasted no time. We'd like to try something different to help us in the process of choosing someone for this position. We're hoping the use of applications will bring new faces to our attention and show us potential that has gone unnoticed.

How will applicants be chosen?

All applications will be reviewed by Einstein personally and then forwarded to the faction management team for comments and further input. We'll give each application a score based upon your English skills, knowledge of the server, knowledge of the faction, past record of service, past record of rulebreaking, and your activity. Once we have our scores...​

Hey Lunatics!

We have scheduled events for our birthday party at times of the day for everyone to enjoy it with us, and even win big prizes!

We are currently experiencing a Double XP on our server plus don't forget to upgrade your skill and stay tuned on the events stated below.

Every event will win a first, second, or third rank tier events depending on the type the prizes will change.

Team Deathmatch event 3PM (GMT +5)

Deathmatch event 5PM (GMT +5)

Avoid the plane event 6PM (GMT +5)...

The third year of the storm

When we opened Lawless Roleplay 3 years ago, we sailed the storm to create a community that was built on a solid foundation. The foundation consisted of a staff team that worked for the players to constitute a community made by the players, for the players. This foundation has resonated throughout SA-MP and we have set the gold standard.

Exactly 1,093 days ago - on the 19th April 2013 - myself, @Shock and @Leiionidas opened the gates to the server. We set out a mission statement and promised to always abide by it. We were congratulated by having over 150 players online in our first 24 hours which was contaminated with technical issues until the 22nd April 2013. This past year, we've had numerous server updates, a new admin structure, new admin departments, welcomed @Toompert...

Hello Players of Lawless,

Public Relations presents you, Giveaways!

First of all this is our third giveaway using gleam.io.

We will be drawing 1 winner on this event.

This event is brought to you by @Tye for the donation of their 50g of all Substance and for coming up with this awesome event.

Why Gleam.io?
-Gleam.io is a website where you can run your own competitions for free + It's fair to pick a winner. Some of you might know this website.

The Giveaway will be a 50g each of Drugs.
I'm sure how this effect you.


  • ...




Lawless is turning 3!

That's right, we're turning three! Now, we're excited about it, but with holidays comes more fun! We're officially 3 years old on April 19th, and it's been a blast. We've made many, many memories here at Lawless in three years that it's unbelievable. Some of you guys have been here since day one, and some of you may have joined today, but it takes all of you to make Lawless Roleplay...

Head of Mapping [Insert name here]
This could be you!

Hello Lunatics!

So, we've been talking with members of the community and members of the administration team and it's come to our attention that Lawless Roleplay needs a little bit of love. What kind of love you may ask? Well if you haven't guessed we're talking about flower pots. Lots and lots of them.

If you think you've got what it takes to be the best of the best when it comes to mapping then we want YOU to send an application to
Tye via a private message using the following format.


Mapping Experience (Have you mapped for any other communitys before, map on your free time,...