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Good day lunatics!

We are happy to announce that we, from the Department of Community Affairs in partnership with the Department of Game Affairs, are going to host our very first video contest. Isn't it heart pumpin'?

The contest is going to be a Cop Chase themed contest so there should be a cop, agent, or even a cadet involved. You're simply gonna record yourself being chased by cops by using your creativity. Have your friends with you and bring out the lunatic's dna inside you, Enter restricted areas, do insane stunts while being chased by the feds, bring your creativity to the game!


We're hoping to see you soon! Entries just needs to be posted on the comments section below, more likes means more chances of winning! The event prize will be a grand one coming from the management so we are assuring that it's going to be something real good.

Hoping for a better Los Santos!


Kush, Director of Community Relations
Immad, Director of Game Affairs
Barney, Community Owner

Good day Social Media Freaks!

As holidays have already past and we're still having a little jet-lag from what happened during this holiday season, our facebook page still has its decors on and we would like a helping hand from you guys and gals.

We need your help by creating us a new cover and profile photos for our Lawless RP Facebook Page.

Dimensions are:

  • Profile Picture: 640x640 mm
  • Cover Picture: 850x315 mm

You can send us your entries by sending your finished projects via PM to the following panels: @Kush @Jazzy

Conversation Title: "Lawless Facebook Page Makeover Entry - [Username]"

Goodluck to all the willing participants! May we all have a better Los Santos! A better Lawless! A better everyday!

Director of Community Relations
Winter Event Results!

Christmas has finally passed us and the decorations have come down. We have all recovered from our post-new year's hangover and are ready to start the whole "new year, new me" thing. This year we had some awesome prizes to win from our events and we will be continuing with these events daily on our Facebook page so be sure to like that!


Every single year, Santa Claus's sleigh gets hit by the raging gang bangers of Los Santos and each time he crashes into Flint County - you would think after four concessive years, this guy would learn.. but no. He falls under the typical wheel barrow of Lawless Roleplay gang bangers. This year, we had more deliveries made by the good citizens of Los Santos than any year before.

A total of 18,286 presents were delivered between 24th December to 10th January (17 days!). This means that a whooping 45 presents was delivered by our players every hour for 17 days! Wow! It even gets more impressive that we had 903 different people deliver presents!

Santa's Top 10 Helpers
  1. John Wulf - 1190 Presents Delivered
  2. Buggly Thorns - 1133 Presents Delivered
  3. Darco Soze - 527 Presents Delivered
  4. Ganesh Thamizhan - 487 Presents Delivered
  5. Kenji Thamizhan - 484 Presents Delivered
  6. Lend Smacstore - 461 Presents Delivered
  7. Lrukz Shred - 361 Presents Delivered
  8. Adolf V Lannister - 304 Presents Delivered
  9. James Draco - 264 Presents Delivered
  10. Mawe Hawthorne - 229 Presents Delivered
All winners and top 10 helpers have won a very special usertitle (Santa's Helper 2017) on the forums. Please post an administrative request to get your forum title prize!


All winners have 48 hours to claim their prize. Winners of the special prize, custom house interior, custom car and custom phone number will need to post an administrative request for their prize!

Special Prize (Private Island! WORTH $100)
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • John Wulf

House with an interior of choice
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Blanco Soze
  • Lrukz Shred

Ivy Perk for 30 days
  • Jappy Vincre
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Darco Soze

Tier 3 Custom Vehicle
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Cazzey Robinson
  • John Wulf
  • Ganesh Thamizhan
  • Buggly Thorns

Custom Phone Number
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Adolf S Lannister
  • Stormzy Reaper
  • Rex Savage
  • James Draco

Custom Forum Titles
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Nikita Dominique
  • Kane Johnson
  • Hamid Thorns
  • Jaspreet Singh
  • Issa J Seth

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Christmas Events and we look forward to hosting many more events for you in 2018.