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Lawless Roleplay is back with a killer update today. This update was influenced by the gang meeting recently to bring more intense competition to turfs. Following today's update, the turf perks now do the following:

Car Shop Perk
All gang vehicles spawn with 5,000 health (normally 1,000 health). Making them very strong vehicles.

Bribery Perk
All gang members spend 10 percent less time in prison and get 20 percent discount on materials when creating weapons via /sellgun

Connections Perk
The find marker (/find) lasts for 5 seconds longer and all members get 12 percent more pay doing the drug smuggler job

Safe House Perk
Other players will not be able to find you using the detective job (/find) and you will not gain any notoriety when murdering people

Drug House, Crack House, Drug Factory and Chemical Lab Perks
A bag of 300 grams of pot, crack and chemicals is deposited in the gang safe and the gang will gain money each time people uses products available in said turf

Material Pickup and Material Dropoff Perk
The gang will gain money each time people uses products available in your turf

Combat Shotgun Perk
The gang will have access to sell combat shotguns (Requires Gun Dealer job)

Extortion Perk
Gang will gain 50 percent tax of trades done on your turf, you will also pay no tax and get a $1,150-1,750 bonus on your hourly pay check

Doctor's Note Perk
Your gang members will not pay any hospital fees and will only get stoned after 10 drug uses (normally 5 uses)

Dominance Perk
Your gang can capture 3 more extra turfs

Revision 1.3.82
- Bribery perk (Market) gives you a 20% discount on material costs when using /sellgun
- Extortion perk (Idlewood) now includes paying 0% tax during paycheck and a bonus of $1150-$1750 (random)
- Connections perk (Santa Monica Beach) gives you 12% bonus pay when delivering drug crates (max: $728 pay per run)
- Safe House perk (Fossil Fuel Company) protects you from gaining notoriety from killing anybody
- Doctor's Note (Crippen Memorial) perk allows all members to not pay any hospital fees and can use drugs 10 times before getting stoned from drugs (normally stoned after 5 uses)
- Drug House, Crack House, Drug Factory and Chemical Lab perks - A bag of 300 grams of pot, crack and chemicals is deposited in the gang safe
- Fixed a bug with /fedit for skins
- Fixed an attack syn via SetPlayerInterior
- Increased DD slots + Business slots
- Adjusted fisher man hack detection
- Increased weapon hack detection sensitivity
- Added the ability for administrators to select their rank when using /switchfac or /switchgang
- Fixed the /exitpaintball exploit when you are jailed/ prisoned
- Fixed a bug with /setcolor orange color not creating a mini-map blip
- Added 30 new map fixes
- Updated streamer plugin, AMX and YSI includes
- Fixed double space in /help for FBI for command /dmvrelease
- Fixed Donation spacing on /ah
- Added object loader for /goto tdm1-3
- /sethelper now broadcasts to the user if they have been hired or removed
- The breathalyzer test only detects alcohol or drug usage after 2 uses and after 3 uses for those owning the Doctor's note
- The period of being stoned has been increased from 49 seconds to 60 seconds
- Fixed a random occurrence bug which could reset the weather or time for people who are stoned
- Removed newbie did you know message about verified status

I would just like to take a moment and thank the entire staff team at Lawless Roleplay especially the management team for their help. I would also like to thank the beta team for their quick and rapid testing of this update.

If you like this update and want to see more updates like this one, let me know in the comments!

Recently, there has been a lot of scaremongering posts claiming that this is the end of Lawless Roleplay. However, these people are wrong. Very wrong. I have been working very closely with the management team behind the scenes to transform Lawless Roleplay to a gold standard for gaming communities.

We will be doing this in multiple phases, with phase I focusing on restructuring the administrative team, training, procedures, progress and ultimately improving the quality of service provided to players by the administrative team. Once phase I is complete, phase II will commence and focus on improving the server feature quality and giving players more tools to create fun and interaction. There are more phases of this plan which will be released when they become relevant to the community.

However, to improve the community, we need your help and we are listening to your complaints and problems.

I am publicly asking that you click here and send me an e-mail with any suggestions, feedback, complaints or comments you have for us to improve our community.

Lawless Roleplay is very much alive and I have no plans to let it die any time soon. :)
It's that time of the year again, the time of affection and love, Valentine's Day! Do you have a valentine? Have you sent them some chocolate? DOESN'T MATTER! Because soon, you are gonna enjoy the marvelous events we present to you on this special day with your favorite community!

Events include:
  • Battle of Affection
  • Valentine Derby
  • Show your Love
  • Test your Luck!

And if you didn't know or forgot, Valentine's Day is on the
14th of February.

Battle of Affection


To kick off the day, we will be hosting an extravagant team deathmatch event hosted on a new map. There are two teams, the
Valentines and the Lovers.

Valentines Loadout:

[​IMG]Country Rifle

Lovers Loadout:

[​IMG]Country Rifle
[​IMG]Sawn-off Shotgun

This event will be hosted on February 14th.

First Place: 10,000 Materials + Full Weapon Set + Ivy for 48 hours

Valentine Derby

You know what's better than eating ice cream with your valentine? A demolition derby with ice cream trucks! Destroy anyone who gets in your way, and win one for yourself and more!

This will be hosted on
February 14th.

Winner: Tier 3 vehicle + 10,000 Materials

Show your Love!

What would be so special about Valentine's Day without your valentine? Take a photo with that special person in a romantic setting (beach, restaurant, mall, landmarks) on the server and win a special prize!

Upload your picture to Imgur and send it via Forum PM to @Melvin. You have until
February 15th to send your picture.

Winners will both receive:
Full Weapon Set + 150 Armor
Ivy for 72 hours.


Test your Luck!

You know what we always say, if you don't have a valentine, put in a nick of time for this amazing raffle! All you have to do is send us your name and your favorite thing to do on Valentine's Day to @Melvin and you'll be entered for a chance to receive double experience, Ivy for 24 hours, or 15,000 materials!

You have until February 15th to send your name.

Winner: NRG-500 (Oleg Johnson)
Winner 2: Ivy for 24 Hours (Inni Kappa)
Winner 3: 25,000 Materials (Kane Weasel)

Winners will be announced on February 16th!


Yes, we know you are excited and so we will be enabling double experience throughout the week! It will start from the 14th and end on the 18th of February. We hope to see you there!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]