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Whoa! What a fun filled couple of days has it been? We hit over 110 players daily - nailing an all time high of 149 players after one month! We have so many changes planned in the pipeline – all thanks to you! We really enjoy listening to our players! We have changed a large prospect of how we operate to be more player orientated.

We have gathered three top questions asked by most new players and our old consultant Citizen Alpha answered them for you.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

The new team
We have recently merged with another community called Suck My Network (LOL!) to make sure that we become the best in this genre of server. SMN runs a middle roleplay server which thrives in the OC and NA timezones, all their players have transferred over and both sides of the river are loving the gameplay.

This merge really allows us to display how diverse our server is. A lot of previous players had issues with deathmatch and with these issues almost gone - players can live their life's in utter freedom. This allows players to roleplay to any extent without the fear of being the one with the short stick. A mature community that is diverse and unique... oh how this lawless life is perfect.

Social! Stay connected...
At Lawless, we love talking, wherever you go in our community, you will find out that every single member is a chatter box. So we want to advance the social aspects and enhance the community's communication, allowing players to branch out and always keep in contact. To make things more interesting, we will be doing different giveaways on each of our platforms, from free businesses to a free car! We have so much stuff planned for you down the pipeline, it's amazing..

Join our steam group to find out when the next double experience point events are, to get access to exclusive give-aways contests and most importantly, you get to keep in contact with the server administration and members easily, like one giant chat room! Click the image to join!​


Make sure that you like and share our Facebook page to have access to EXCLUSIVE give-aways and sneak peaks into server updates.

A brand new facebook page for a brand new kickass community! Click the image to like!


Our YouTube page is the number one slot to view the latest server features before they even hit the server. Be sure to like our videos and subscribe the channel to get more sneak peaks at new features coming to the server! We'll upload a sneak peak of the NEXT upcoming update.. Click the image to view the YouTube channel!

Version 1.1 Update!
Version 1.1 brings something that no other server can offer you. It breaks open the restrictions and limits in SA-MP and the script truly unleashes it's lawless side. This was the biggest project that the team have ever worked on, with the mapping team, beta team, senior player team, developer team and administrative teams working together to assure that this lawless update is flawless - so I hope that nurse skill comes handy.

Players can now break into other player's vehicles by purchasing a set of pick lock tools from any 24/7. You can now break into locked vehicles and go wild - but be careful as this also alerts the LSPD if the vehicle has an alarm system installed.

The lock system has been re-made - the alarm lock is now both an industrial lock and will alert the LSPD when someone breaks into it whilst the industrial lock remains untouched.

Lumberjack Job and Miner Job
These two jobs brings a new dimension into our server, one of our unique features that no other server can offer you. Here is a video demonstrating these two new interactive jobs:

That's right! We've added payphones due to popular demand from the community. Calling anyone using a payphone allows full anonymity. This is a big hit for notorious players and hitman as it allows them to hide from the public and remain undetected in society.

Dropping and picking up guns

You can now physically drop your gun onto the ground and someone else can pick up. This brings a new dimension to the level of detail to the script and truly encourages new levels of roleplay. Dropped weapons will remain there forever until the server restarts or somebody picks it up.

The Chemist

There is a new addition to the drug smuggler and drug dealer jobs. You can now smuggle chemicals and help refill the stock room of the chemical laboratory so drug dealers can purchase chemicals. Chemicals can be purchased from drug dealers. Chemicals doubles the effect of cocaine and weed and can only be used after the first 5 seconds of taking the substance.

The super duper effects of taking random chemicals really shows when you have the drug addict perk. Be careful though, if you take it too fast or too often, chances are that you will overdose!


The basketball system is open to all players and is made up of two teams! You can join a game and pass the ball around, shoot, dunk, defend and even do skills!

This really slaps another dimension into the server as gangs are giving more fun things to do in their spare time apart from claiming turfs and rampaging the lawless streets of Los Santos.

Taking guns to another level...

Your weapons now attach to your body just like the CLEO holster mod! This helps encourage more roleplay to the server as things such as asspulling and unpredictable fights are a thing of the past!

You can now see the weapons the player is carrying and as an added bonus, each time they swap weapons, a small message will be shown on top of their heads. Just another way that our system encourages and enforces roleplay.

Prison Escape
When notorious players get sent to prison by the F.B.I., they'll land in an unpleasant prison with a huge fine and plenty of time to ponder over their actions. We found out that quiet often, players get bored of spending hours upon hours in prison with no chance of freedom or interaction with other players. The new prison system allows gang members to break into the prison cells and to break out their buddies! The police will have to respond and stop the baddies from escaping!

Careful though! The police get alerted when the prison cells opens and you'll need to have 10 police officers online.

Points to Turfs

The point system created a very confusing set of server rules and gameplay. Points were OOC but had implications in the IC field - makes no sense!

Points are now known as turfs and all the old points commands redirect to the turf commands. Turfs last for 48 hours and police have the ability to shut down turfs to receive payment bonuses. Turfs do still pay gangs the same amount of money as before!

We decided to convert the point system into turfs for many reasons. The first one is that turfs was updated code from 2013 which used the general standard coding for this day and age whereas the points system was from 2008! The biggest advantage for administrators is that turfs can be created with a single command in-game.

And the fact that turfs are now opened to both gangs and factions - it really allows strategic gameplay and we look forward to the many deals made between factions and gangs to claim turfs.

There has been several bug fixes and new increased security in the script. I would like to personally thank all the hackers for helping us gain the data to increase the security of our script.

The lawless... land system
Now this is the big bombshell that we decided to leave to the very end. This new feature will redefine SA-MP and our server in every single way you can imagine!

The land system allows players to actually own a piece of land and build whatever you like on the land! And I mean anything! You can buy objects and place it on your land - you can create your own house, office, skyscrapper or gang HQ or faction HQ or anything you can imagine. I don't want to write a book on the entire system so allow me to let this video speak for itself...


So.. this is what the team has been up to the past week. Pretty amazing right? But hold on! The fun doesn't stop here! No! We are celebrating this huge milestone for the community by running raffles in-game and allowing players to have the ability to WIN THEIR OWN PRIVATE LAND!

You join the raffle by going to the big buddah at spawn (the first place you spawn at when you sign up to the community). You will need at least 8 playing hours and $2000. You can buy unlimited amounts of tickets however the more tickets you have, the better your chances at actually winning!

Good luck comrades!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, members of administration, mappers, developers and everyone involved with this update on behalf of us - the players.

So join us and rise to power! It's time the lunatics prospered...
Administrative Changes

The administration team has been working hard on a new system that ensures players are fully satisfied with their interactions with the administrative team.

We have decided that senior players, developers and mappers are members of the staff team – this opens our spectrum of assistance during decision making. It also allows leaders within the different departments to show their skill and then slowly rise through the ladder - this closes the gap between administration and normal players. After all, this is a server made by players for players.

Another new department is the senior and junior staff positions. Senior staffs are people who normally run big teams of people and projects whereas staff members are administrative members of said projects. The difference between staff and administrators is that staff members run projects and have more in-game access than their official access levels. For example, Gerdeman is considered a level 3 administrator but yet has level 4 admin in-game to be able to fulfil his duties.

This allows players to get the best quality of interaction with administrators and staff members. It also acts as a huge thank you to those who work tirelessly in maintaining and helping the server grow by giving them recognition.

This is just one of the few steps we take at Lawless Roleplay to support you - the players...

View the new administrative roster here.

Helper Manager Position

A new job position is now available to all current senior players called – Senior Player Manager. This position entitles the manager to recruit, maintain and assist the senior players. If you are interested in this position then please send me a private message describing how you will change the senior player team, why we should pick you and general information such as time zone and age. There is no format so take this as a challenge to your creativity!

friday is big update day
It has truly been an amazing month for us at Lawless and I can tell you from a behind the scenes prospective that we have so many new and exciting features coming soon! In terms of the script and community wide events! Stay tuned as more details are released.

New Forums
As many of you may know, we have changed the forum software from IPB to a new one called XenForo. The main reason behind this was due to the countless bugs IPB came bundled with. These bugs included banning people randomly, moving people into random user groups – that really chased us away. We shopped around for different forum software and we landed on XenForo which we believe provide us with the functionality to make your experience the best it can be.

With the addition of a new forum software, we have also recruited Gerdeman into our ranks as our in house technician and expert web developer. Gerdeman has in the past few years worked for many clients by creating them amazing websites - one of his traits is the ability to create forum plugins for XenForo. He is also a talented SA:MP developer so we will be seeing a lot of him!

I don't want to give too much away but you will soon see some major site changes.

Script Updates
The scripting team now has nine members. At Lawless, one of our unique features is our thirst for creativity in everything we do. We give full freedom to our scripters to script anything they think is a good idea. Once they have finished scripting it, they present it to the Director of Development for approval and this truly allows our scripters to explore their creative side without being locked down. Being a scripter myself, I know that giving scripters freedom to script whatever they like is very important because scripters are just like artists and their creativity cannot be constrained else you get a big pile of you know what.

Recently, one of our new additions to the scripting team, Kevin Hawk, contacted me with a new idea of allowing players to purchase pieces of land and having the ability to build actual buildings on it with functional doors, windows and elevators. At first my reaction was whoa that is insane! Imagine all the possible buildings players can create – skyscrapers touching the moon, houses with secret passages… the possibilities are endless. And as a bonus creating buildings is so easy, it’s a matter of buying the object whether it is a wall, a chair, a TV or a painting and just placing it wherever you like. The editing is so easy and you see it live as you are editing it. It’s insane! Click here to view some screenshots.

The donation system is now back with updated prices and products. We listened to the community feedback regarding donations and we acted on them. Some of these changes include:
  • Houses are now $20 instead of $30
  • Dynamic Doors are now $10 instead of $15
  • You now get a 10% when purchasing Rose or Daisy for 3 months
  • And many more price changes!
However, I was really surprised by how many people requested the ability to donate for NRG-500, Infernus and businesses.

We have two business tiers, tier one comes with 200 free products and include the following businesses; Nightclub, Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, Pizza Stack, Sex Store, Restaurant or a Gym.

Whereas tier two includes 500 products and a 24/7, Gun Store, Clothes Store or an Advertisement Store.

The rose dealership now has access to buy an Infernus for $600, 000 – alternatively this is also available in the tier two custom vehicle pack. You can now also purchase a NRG-500 for $15.

To see the new donation site then please click here.

Unfortunately for those who have donated already, you cannot swap your vehicles.

Please keeping sending me feedback on the donation system via private message.
Greetings outlawz.

It's been a good start for us, and to celebrate we are happy to announce Double EXP and Treasure Hunt for the next week!

For those who don't know about Treasure Hunts, a package is randomly placed somewhere in LS (inside and in countys). The package looks like a drug package, and has a yellow label. Once you reach the package, you have to answer a random question. If you answer wrong on the question, the package will move to another location. Treasure hunt will be available from Monday to Thursday.

Double EXP
May 10, 2013 -> May 13, 2013​
Treasure Hunt
May 17, 2013 -> May 19, 2013​
One week update

I didn’t really know what to call this update – I think my creative juice with names is slowly running out and soon we might just give numbers to updates. Anyway, we have been open for about 9 days now – what an amazing 9 days! Once we managed to fight the DDoS attacks, we hit a peak of 130 players on day one – do you know what that signifies? One hundred and thirty! That is huge for a start-up server.

Although, many have been misled by our start up figure to thinking this is a permanent number. You must understand people will join from elsewhere just to check it out – people will hack and get banned, people will leave because they don’t like the style of gameplay and most importantly people just wanted to sniff the air and kick tyres around.

But don’t let that pull you down because the following numbers is what is significant. We now peak at around 70-80 players. All these people left their previous communities, positions elsewhere just to move here and play – they’ve given up their account stats such playing hours, money and respect just to play here. This is really humbling to me and the entire administration team to know that on average we have 300 regular players per day – this is a staggering number to know all these people have quit other places just to be here. I’m speechless – thank you for helping me create the dreamland of a server.

Moving on, the latest update brings a lot of new and cool features. This update was primarily made by Josh Slice who is our new director of scripting. Josh is a very old player and has constantly proven that he strives for the best results in terms of scripting. He is also a level 3 administrator so make sure you bug him to create some whacky events!


First up on the menu is the trucker job – it has been completely restructured and is now made up of 10 SKILL LEVELS! Skill level 1-5 is the normal old boring job however skill level 5-10 upgrades your trucking potential to master trucker and allows you drive huge trucks with trailers. This allows store owners to gain up to 12 products per run and truck drivers $1, 000 per run!


We now have player accessible craftable boms! First you need the crafts man job, GPS, watch, a receiver and 16500 materials. Once you have all of the requirements, you craft your bomb and blow shit up! There are a few phrases that you can also say that will blow up the bomb too – real suicide.


The job system has been completely restructured, legal jobs are no longer cash-in-hand but now you get the money during payday. These legal jobs include lawyer, garbage man, car mechanic, taxi driver and trucker. However, illegal jobs are still cash-in-hand style.


We also now have a dynamic weather system which adds so much character to the game. If your computer is from 1953 then you can simply type ‘/togweather’. I guess a storm is real close then…

We even have huge bug fixes and minor changes such as gang vehicle mods now save and the gang lock price is now $10, 000. The notoriety system has become more wise and understanding. New hospital spawns positions. /sellgun now has a price option. /buyskin is back for those who cannot view the fancy menu. The old style /vlock is now back for temporary vehicle locks. The fun house for donators is now in-game. Donations now expire automatically.

For more detailed information regarding the update, check this thread out: http://www.lawlessrp.com/topic/28-script-revisions/page-5

As everybody knows, servers cost a lot of money and instead of boring you with excuses and sweet nothings to attempt to mask up what’s going on. I'm going to be straight with you – none of us are millionaires and we did plan donations with the opening of the server so there were no lies or dereference of trust. We’re not going to use donation money to fund our e-dates, new mobile phones, holiday trips or VPNs. Instead we’re going to use this money to better our services – such as the multi-point of presence for lower ping or better software and technology. In the future we do plan to pay coders and mappers for their work because I know how hard it is and sometimes you just need a little motivation – a little push to get something done.

The first month I've spent around $657.99 because I had to buy software licenses, forum software, forum plugins and etc. We wish to overcome this amount and get payments for next month sorted out so we can save up for specialized software which costs $200 and will help admins manage the server more efficiently - IE. they can solve server issues without me being online.

I've spent $657.99 and have received $473.64 from donations which means we’re in debt by $184.35 – next month’s bill will be $363. Fear not – I will continue paying even if nobody donates! We’re not going anywhere, ever.

I set up a lovely store for everybody to purchase items with the added ability to gift money directly to other people as I know the majority of users love doing this - check out the gift voucher on the left hand side. All the donation perks and other bits were discussed publicly and the vast majority of people loved it.

Check it out here: www.lawlessrp.com/index.php?pages/donations/
Hello dear gang bangers.

I would like to start with introducing myself as your first Gang Moderator. So when you need something regarding your slot feel free to contact me IG or PM me at the forums.
I am announcing you hereby the opening of POINTS!!!!

Alright most of you already know how points work and how to act and behave yourself (will be explained underneath for the ones who don’t know them yet). There’s been a discussion about having a point limit or no point limit, but lawless wouldn’t be lawless with a point restriction wouldn’t we?! So hereby I decided to remove the point limit so you will be able to cap as many points as you like! This however can be revoked or be put on hold when it runs out of hand.

As well we have discussed about point alliances we have decided to not have any point alliances since it will ruin the fun of the real war. Even when a small gang allies a big gang it will be overpowered after a while and nobody will attend to a point no more and it will become boring. Bring the war on make sure you and your gang stand out and conquer.

Also read leii's topic here: http://www.lawlessrp.com/topic/1335-points-are-now-enabled/

We have allowed IC allies to help each other on turfs. As it’s much harder to compete as a single gang against the LSPD. It would be ridiculous when an IC ally will shoot their allies because of a turf. Of course this can happen when agreements aren’t met!

A different thing on lawless RP is that a gang isn’t able to get a strike. This however doesn’t mean you can’t be disbanded or removed from your slot. When there’s an over violation of rules and your members get prisoned a lot of times and/or for the same reason. We can either decide to change the slot holder or eventually disband the gang. Disbandment will be very rare in lawless To keep stable gangs up.

Here the current rules regarding points. Also found here: http://www.lawlessrp.com/topic/175-point-guidelines-rules/

1. Points are OOC and a way for gangs to gain income by controlling the different points. Gang members are allowed to begin shooting 15 minutes before the point has become active :)45, use /time in game to check this). Once the point is over, you must stop shooting!

2. Gang members participating in point must have gang skins on. You can wear them by going to any store and typing the /clothes command and picking one of them. If no skins are assigned, contact Gang Management and they will hook you up.

3. Each gang is allowed to hold as many points you able to capture.

4. All points are restricted by boundaries and must be fought out within the point boundaries (with the exception of chasing someone out and snipers). This is not meant if an r5/6 going to the point and only snipe’s people just because he likes to go to point this will be considered as attending to point without intention to capture.

5. You are allowed to chase people outside the point boundaries. If you see one of your gang members being attacked outside of the point boundaries, you are allowed to assist your gang member in the gun fight. Civilians are not allowed to assist in gunfights that result from chasing outside, it is still an OOC point fight and will be punished with DM.

6. You are not allowed to use any gun discharge exploits during point.

7. Gang members are only allowed to participate in points if they have an R5 or R6 online and attending point with them. Civilians and faction members are prohibited from participating in point. There must be at least one on the battle ground if the other one wants to snipe. (Look at rule 4).

8. You are allowed to return to a point after death as the revenge killing (RK) rule does not apply.

9. Gangs are not allowed to make an out of character alliance with another family for points.

10. You are prohibited from recruiting members into your gang 15 minutes before any point that you participate begins. :)30)

11. Healing while capping is prohibited. Any exploiting during capture of a point is prohibited and will be met with severe consequences. Also goes for double capping a point.

12. It is not allowed to use ANY anims in point boundaries /pbounds.

13. It is not allowed to /park your vehicle within point boundaries.

Happy killing and earning dat $$$$$$$$