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Double EXP
We're holding a weekend double EXP event on the server. It's your chance to finally get on the highscores list.
Click here to join this event.

Los Santos Police Department
Training & Recruitment | Applying Guidelines...
Announcement User Upgrade
Dear Lunatics,

We are happy to announce, that we now have a unique feature on forums. The new feature has the following perks:

The new feature is very effective, as there is an expiry date and removes the donator tag automatically. You can get the user upgrade by donating for Daisy, Rose, Ivy or upgrade your user HERE

This is only eligible to those who has donated for Daisy, Rose, Ivy or user upgrade.
SA:MP v1.2.18
This release was a simple hotfix focused on script optimisation and bug fixes. This was released in two parts, v1.2.16 emergency patch to fix the exploit on Tuesday 21st February and the finalised patch today with other features and fixes.

Revision 1.2.18
- Fixed an exploit
- Fixed some hook issues in the modules
- Fixed a bug with editing land/ creating new objects and making it out of bounds
- Disabled blood visuals
- Admins must be on duty to use /check
- /check and /ocheck are now logged and announced to admins online when used
- You can't contract players with less than 50 hours
- Removed /hhcheck
- /adunmute has been moved from moderator command to senior admin command
- /traceplayerip, /shots, /dmg, /showflags, /flag and /kills has been moved from moderator command to junior admin command
- Updated crashdetect plugin
- You no longer can have 2 letter first names or surnames
- Fixed a text display issue with /check
- Fixed some issues with other...

Lawless Roleplay continues to advance and grow every day and so does the workload. We have always aspired and pushed ourselves to the maximum limits to create smooth, simple to use and fun features for the community. We have pioneered many original features such as miner job, sweeper job, lumberjack job, scuba diver job, land system, business system, turf system, damage system and the list goes on. We want to further challenge ourselves and push even more limits.

To do this, we will need a larger development team to help with the growing workload. This team is not like any other community teams or departments. Expectations will be high for you.

Click here to find out more information about the development team.


The purpose of the new Mapping Team is to create...
Announcement Phishing attacks
Have fun, play secure.

Dear Lunatics,

This post serves as a general security reminder. Several Lawless Roleplay community members have fallen victim to phishing attacks lately. To avoid becoming one of the victims, please have some attention to the following tips. It is not mandatory but highly recommended to use our security tips, in your favor of having, creating and making fun on Lawless Roleplay.

1. Ensure you have an unique Lawless Roleplay password to our server only.

Your Lawless Roleplay password should be unique to Lawless Roleplay only. Using the same password in another community puts you at danger of having your Lawless Roleplay account hacked, scammed or abused when other communities have their databases leaked. We highly recommend you to change your password after this announcement.

2. Our staff will never ask you for...
Hi Toommates,

As some of you know a very important day is coming up soon: January 14th, also known as 'Toomsday' here on Lawless Roleplay. I understand that is a very confusing time and challenges us to think about who we are and why we are here. Just to make sure you get through this difficult time I have planned some excitement for you lunatics. To start with this weekend Double XP will be enabled for everyone! (January 14th and 15th)

Besides that we will pack this weekend with in game events like TDM, DM, dice events and duel events that have some cool prizes!

I will give out:

2 x Tier 2 businesses
2 x Tier 3 vehicles
2 x NRG-500
2 x Ivy
2 x 4 hours of double XP
2 x House
2 x Custom Forum Title

(due to the fact that it is my actual birthday I might not be in game much myself so you will probably need to be flagged by the event hosts)

Happy Toomsday!

(Thanks @K.Griffin for making this possiblle!)
Announcement New Land Objects

Hello Lunatics,

We’ve decided to bring some new land objects into the land system for you guys to play around with and have some fun! Without this new land system, we wouldn’t be able to add these awesome and exciting objects for you guys to see, as they would have to add in manually into the script, but now we can add them in dynamically!​

Objects that have been added:
  • Smokes Bed
  • LCD TV
  • Gym Bench / Bike
  • Punching Bag
  • Security Gate
  • New kitchen equipment and much more!
Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4


You can use this website to find objects HERE. More objects...
News Mass unban


Coming into the new year, my wife said something along the lines of: love is all about compromises and forgiveness to make each other happy. And this has been something I’ve dwelled on for the past week.

Moving into 2017, I feel that it is time as a community to forgive and start a new page with every member. Lawless Roleplay has always been a gaming community that only took notice of your full potential and allowed you to reach it – but there are some people who have made mistakes along the way. And this is the way with life, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. So I would like to give everyone this unique opportunity to have their bans removed, accounts reinstated, warnings, weapon restrictions, prison times, mutes and other punishments removed. We have also removed all bans from our Teamspeak server. We have opened the door and invite all members back to...