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    During the past months we have seen players confused and mislead into using modifications which are not allowed.
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Winter Event Results!

Christmas has finally passed us and the decorations have come down. We have all recovered from our post-new year's hangover and are ready to start the whole "new year, new me" thing. This year we had some awesome prizes to win from our events and we will be continuing with these events daily on our Facebook page so be sure to like that!


Every single year, Santa Claus's sleigh gets hit by the raging gang bangers of Los Santos and each time he crashes into Flint County - you would think after four concessive years, this guy would learn.. but no. He falls under the typical wheel barrow of Lawless Roleplay gang bangers. This year, we had more deliveries made by the good citizens of Los Santos than any year before.

A total of 18,286 presents were delivered between 24th December to 10th January (17 days!). This means that a whooping 45 presents was delivered by our players every hour for 17 days! Wow! It even gets more impressive that we had 903 different people deliver presents!

Santa's Top 10 Helpers
  1. John Wulf - 1190 Presents Delivered
  2. Buggly Thorns - 1133 Presents Delivered
  3. Darco Soze - 527 Presents Delivered
  4. Ganesh Thamizhan - 487 Presents Delivered
  5. Kenji Thamizhan - 484 Presents Delivered
  6. Lend Smacstore - 461 Presents Delivered
  7. Lrukz Shred - 361 Presents Delivered
  8. Adolf V Lannister - 304 Presents Delivered
  9. James Draco - 264 Presents Delivered
  10. Mawe Hawthorne - 229 Presents Delivered
All winners and top 10 helpers have won a very special usertitle (Santa's Helper 2017) on the forums. Please post an administrative request to get your forum title prize!


All winners have 48 hours to claim their prize. Winners of the special prize, custom house interior, custom car and custom phone number will need to post an administrative request for their prize!

Special Prize (Private Island! WORTH $100)
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • John Wulf

House with an interior of choice
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Blanco Soze
  • Lrukz Shred

Ivy Perk for 30 days
  • Jappy Vincre
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Darco Soze

Tier 3 Custom Vehicle
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Cazzey Robinson
  • John Wulf
  • Ganesh Thamizhan
  • Buggly Thorns

Custom Phone Number
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Buggly Thorns
  • Adolf S Lannister
  • Stormzy Reaper
  • Rex Savage
  • James Draco

Custom Forum Titles
Please post an administrative request to claim this prize
  • Nikita Dominique
  • Kane Johnson
  • Hamid Thorns
  • Jaspreet Singh
  • Issa J Seth

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Christmas Events and we look forward to hosting many more events for you in 2018.
Announcement Legal Modifications
Hello everyone,

During the past months we have seen players confused and mislead into using modifications which are not allowed. Which is why in order to remove this confusion and to update our old list of legal cleos, we have decided to introduce this thread.

Each and every Cleo listed below, can be used and you will not be banned or punished for using it as its completely allowed.

  • Sensfix.cs - This allows you to fix the Y axis bug
  • DigiHP.cs - Shows your HP + Armour in numbers
  • Firstpersonmod.cs - Allows you to zoom in first person mode
  • SniperScope.cs - Smaller sniper scope
  • Namestreet.cs - Shows your street name
  • Carhp.cs - Shows your vehicle HP in a bar with numbers
  • Ammo.cs - Shows the ammunition left under your weapon icon
  • Sprintbar.cs - Shows how much stamina you have left
  • Anticrash.cs - Patches the game crashes
  • FPSunlock.cs - Allow you to have more FPS than SAMP does
  • Compas.cs - Allows you to have N,S,E,W Shown on the map
  • Hitsound.cs - A bell rings whenever you hit an opponent
  • HUDfix.cs - Remove the 0's from the cash in hand
  • Run/sprint.cs - Works like a sprintbind
  • Damageinformer.cs - Displays the Damage registered to you and others
  • Drivebycam.cs - Drive-by camera mod
  • Bodyhud.cs - Shows HP+Armor+Ammo left on your characters body
  • gping.cs - Shows your ping under the health/armor bar
  • fps.cs - Shows your FPS under the health/armor bar
  • Hitmarker.cs - Hitmarkers appear when you hit a player
  • PS2Drawdistance.cs - Give you the draw distance of the PS2 game
  • Timesyc - only ones which do not affect the weather or time of day
  • Clock.cs - Gives you a clock ( Basically /wristwatch )
If ANY Cleo/Modification you have does not appear on this list, it is then considered as illegal and you MUST remove it immediately. If there is any Cleo which you believe should be legal to use, please contact the Director of the hacking team through a message and we will get back to you shortly. We will continue to update this list as we come across modifications which are harmless.

Thank you.
Announcement Happy New Year!
[​IMG]Lawless Roleplay would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year! We would like to thank all our community members for making the past year truly one of the best. I have personally enjoyed 2017 and cannot wait to see what 2018 brings. This year we hit 246 players online at the same time.

In 2017, we watched players die over 11,441,160 times, 471,990 crimes committed, 14,592 players banned from the server, 27,649 players who got muted/ prisoned/ jailed, 32,801 namechanges and a whooping 235,569 new accounts registered. What a year it has been!

Nevertheless, while 2017 was a great year for Lawless Roleplay, it has also been a very challenging year plagued with server issues and the infamous lag. As we enter 2018, one of our primary objectives is to ensure the server is as smooth as possible.

Remember that there are still winter events, competitions till 10th January 2018 and DOUBLE XP is active right now!!

May the new year bring more rewarding moments for us to share.
IMPORTANT Server Notice

Server Notice

Lawless Roleplay takes pride in it's ability to keep your data secure and safe. To do this, we use a RAID system where important data is backed up to two main harddrives and critical data is backed up to several back up servers. Yesterday, one of these main harddrives had a few errors, our host decided that it is best to replace the harddrive with a refurbished one. When doing this, both of our harddrives had errors including the new one.

Luckily, due to our back up procedures, nothing is lost. We are currently waiting for two new harddrives to be delivered and installed into our server. However, since it is New Years Eve, the wait time is unpredictable.

I will post another bulletin once we are back up and running.​