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Double EXP
We're holding a weekend double EXP event on the server. It's your chance to finally get on the highscores list.
Click here to join this event.

We are 4 months in to the new year, it’s spring, and the snow is melting (for those who live with the penguins like me). And just like the birds and the bees, we, the staff, like to see the flowers bloom and devote changes and colour to the new year. Therefore, we’ve decided to bring a few changes of our own to the new year.. On the forums.

With the new changes we wish to make it easier for the players to navigate the forums. This means we’ve gathered all the different sections into specific categories. This also allows the staff to moderate every section more efficiently, which is also why we have decided to make moderation groups for some of the categories.


· In character - category divided in to 6 different nodes for both factions and normal players. The faction nodes will be moderated by the factions.

· Out of...
Hey Lunatics,
I am here with good news, so don't worry about anything, I will explain what happened recently with the Teamspeak server!

Why was the Teamspeak server down?
There is a reason behind it is, that our Teamspeak license was donated by a member of this community.
Unfortunately the member went inactive which led to Teamspeak thinking we hijacked the license.

How is this problem fixed?
Thanks to our beloved donators who always supported us, we have collected enough money to buy our own Teamspeak license.

But why did it take so long to get a license?
The support of Teamspeak was down, and we had to wait for them to approve our...

Dear lunatics,

Today I am going to tell you something about my secret how I became this tycoon.
A few months ago I was trying to find Shock to rob him, but as usual Shock was nowhere to be found! Ahh.. well, I decided to grab the detective job… And I got to know, Shock has been last seen in Ganton. So I started to drive to Ganton and got out of my car. I looked left, I looked over to the right but I saw nothing, so I tried to find Shock again… Guess what, “You have searched already for someone – wait a little” Holy crap I need Shock right now! So I find him again and what I saw next was really screwed up, “Shock has last been seen in Las Venturas”. The next minute I feel a cold iron loop against my head, and I hear the words “handsup...

I hope that everybody enjoyed Valentine’s Day today. I certainly did and there is quite a bit more love to share around.

Lawless Roleplay has always been forward thinking and we are determined to set the gold standard in terms of server updates. We understand the demands of the community and we’ve shown that by asking questions and taking vigorous action where required. It has been our goal from the beginning of the community to provide a hack free environment and our cheat systems are the very best in SA-MP.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?...

Today, we have broke our previous player record. Exactly one week ago, we broke the record with 156 players.

Today, we have broke that record with 161 players! We have now beaten our previous record of most online players at once, three times in a row. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for helping Lawless Roleplay to be one of the best SA:MP servers out there.

This is a sign that as an entire community, we are moving in the right direction. It also proves our dedication to the Lawless Roleplay players.

You have continued to help Lawless Roleplay by helping newbies, reporting bugs and most importantly by supporting us.


As we are growing so fast, breaking our population records weekly, we have decided to introduce a fun little forum game: House Auctions! Buying a property at auction is both exciting and potentially profitable.

Every 3 months,...

Hello outlaws!

First and foremost, we apologize for the late raffle results. As announced in January, parts of the MySQL database was corrupted. The process of recovering the raffles database was delayed due to other priorities. Apologizes for the inconvenience, we know you have been waiting for this.

Im sure you just want the results out, so here they are:

Winner of the main prize, a business of choice:
Jeyo Wazowski

House with an interior of choice:
Kenny Phixion
Ace G Kush

Custom car:
Yoshi McTavish
Fellipe Flleming
Asykon Lukell
Ramon Mourad

Custom Phone Number:
Dado V Ramcharan
Aqil Azrael
Qexet Lukell
Eric McTavish
Singit Wazowski

Santa's Helper 2013 Usertitle
Alex Diaz
Robin Lanvins
Selina Leone
Leo Thane
Fabio Mazzori

3 players with most raffle tickets:
Sean Baxter - 496 raffle tickets (49600 materials...

New Player Record!
We've beaten our previous record of most online players at once, twice in a row. Two weeks ago, we had a stunning 153 most players online record and this weekend, we increased it to an amazing 156. I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for helping Lawless Roleplay to be one of the best SA:MP servers out there.

You have continued to help Lawless Roleplay by helping newbies, reporting bugs and most importantly by supporting us.

To celebrate this great news, we are activating Double EXP for the next 24 hours starting from mid-night Sunday GMT + 0.

Secondly, we have also deployed a new server update to address some minor bugs and issues on our server.

Refer a friend!
Do you love free stuff?! You can refer a friend...​

That might be the question you're currently asking right now. What the hell happened?! Dude! I can explain!

The relationship of a server with it's owner is like two married couples, the wife is always mad and pissed off whilst the husband tries to make her happy and she won't tell him how. So there is a dilemma, something is broke and you need to fix it - but what is that something exactly? That's my relationship with our server.

At exactly 19:32 PM (GMT +0), our server RAID configuration went corrupt whilst one of our cisco firewalls was directly attacked. I don't know how hard drives can become corrupt after a physical firewall gets a denial of service (DoS) attack - it's driving me crazy.

This error was very unforgiving, it was out for blood - kind of like a chainsaw left on in the middle of a Slipknot moshpit. The hard drives became...
Hello brothers and sisters.

I am here with a small announcement regarding the downtime today.

Our ISP have been target by a large scale distributed denial of service attack which has corrupted several configuration files. This has caused the game server and teamspeak server to go down, and we are required to load backups.

There's no need to panic. The backups were taken 15 minutes before the files corrupted. No playerfiles or data have been affected by this.

You can stay up to date and get a notification when we are up by liking and following our facebook page.

We thank you for your patience while we are working to fix this issue.
IMPORTANT Server downtime
Howdy brothers,

I am here today with some bad news sadly. We have always been looking beyond and reaching the standards our community demands and deserves.

Today, a new unforgivable hack was released that when used caused servers to close and crash. We are waiting for SA-MP to release a fix and we know that this may take a long time so we also stepping up our debug platforms to see if this can be prevented using game code. Nothing damaging has happened to the server, player data or any files. It's just the server is crashing when the hack is being directed at us.

Sorry about any inconvenience caused. Me and my team are working extremely hard to find the cause and resolve any issues.