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Whoa! What a fun filled couple of days has it been? We hit over 110 players daily - nailing an all time high of 149 players after one month! We have so many changes planned in the pipeline – all thanks to you! We really enjoy listening to our players! We have changed a large prospect of how we operate to be more player orientated.

We have gathered three top questions asked by most new players and our old consultant Citizen Alpha answered them for you.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all...
Administrative Changes

The administration team has been working hard on a new system that ensures players are fully satisfied with their interactions with the administrative team.

We have decided that senior players, developers and mappers are members of the staff team – this opens our spectrum of assistance during decision making. It also allows leaders within the different departments to show their skill and then slowly rise through the ladder - this closes the gap between administration and normal players. After all, this is a server made by players for players.

Another new department is the senior and junior staff positions. Senior staffs are people who normally run big teams of people and projects whereas staff members are administrative members of said projects. The difference between staff and administrators is that staff members run projects and have more in-game access than their official access levels. For example,...
It has truly been an amazing month for us at Lawless and I can tell you from a behind the scenes prospective that we have so many new and exciting features coming soon! In terms of the script and community wide events! Stay tuned as more details are released.

New Forums
As many of you may know, we have changed the forum software from IPB to a new one called XenForo. The main reason behind this was due to the countless bugs IPB came bundled with. These bugs included banning people randomly, moving people into random user groups – that really chased us away. We shopped around for different forum software and we landed on XenForo which we believe provide us with the functionality to make your experience the best it can be.

With the addition of a new forum software, we have also recruited Gerdeman into our ranks as our in house technician and expert web developer. Gerdeman has in the past few years worked for many clients by creating...
Greetings outlawz.

It's been a good start for us, and to celebrate we are happy to announce Double EXP and Treasure Hunt for the next week!

For those who don't know about Treasure Hunts, a package is randomly placed somewhere in LS (inside and in countys). The package looks like a drug package, and has a yellow label. Once you reach the package, you have to answer a random question. If you answer wrong on the question, the package will move to another location. Treasure hunt will be available from Monday to Thursday.

Double EXP
May 10, 2013 -> May 13, 2013​
Treasure Hunt
May 17, 2013 -> May 19, 2013​

One week update

I didn’t really know what to call this update – I think my creative juice with names is slowly running out and soon we might just give numbers to updates. Anyway, we have been open for about 9 days now – what an amazing 9 days! Once we managed to fight the DDoS attacks, we hit a peak of 130 players on day one – do you know what that signifies? One hundred and thirty! That is huge for a start-up server.

Although, many have been misled by our start up figure to thinking this is a permanent number. You must understand people will join from elsewhere just to check it out – people will hack and get banned, people will leave because they don’t like the style of gameplay and most importantly people just wanted to sniff the air and kick tyres around.

But don’t let that pull you down because the following numbers is what is significant. We now peak at around 70-80 players. All these people left their previous...​


As everybody knows, servers cost a lot of money and instead of boring you with excuses and sweet nothings to attempt to mask up what’s going on. I'm going to be straight with you – none of us are millionaires and we did plan donations with the opening of the server so there were no lies or dereference of trust. We’re not going to use donation money to fund our e-dates, new mobile phones, holiday trips or VPNs. Instead we’re going to use this money to better our services – such as the multi-point of presence for lower ping or better software and technology. In the future we do plan to pay coders and mappers for their work because I know how hard it is and sometimes you just need a little motivation – a little push to get something done.

The first month I've spent around $657.99 because I had to buy software licenses, forum software, forum plugins and etc. We wish...
Hello dear gang bangers.

I would like to start with introducing myself as your first Gang Moderator. So when you need something regarding your slot feel free to contact me IG or PM me at the forums.
I am announcing you hereby the opening of POINTS!!!!

Alright most of you already know how points work and how to act and behave yourself (will be explained underneath for the ones who don’t know them yet). There’s been a discussion about having a point limit or no point limit, but lawless wouldn’t be lawless with a point restriction wouldn’t we?! So hereby I decided to remove the point limit so you will be able to cap as many points as you like! This however can be revoked or be put on hold when it runs out of hand.

As well we have discussed about point alliances we have decided to not have any point alliances since it will ruin the fun of the real war. Even when a small gang allies a big gang it will be overpowered after a while and nobody will attend to a point no more and it...

So, a few days ago – I sat down with our in-house consultant to discuss issues and possible solutions. Before going down that road, I want to alert people about a special person in the community with a very special unique role. We have a consultant in our team, he’s not a member of administration but he’s just another average player. Over time, we cannot deny that members of administration will see things in a different view compared to non-administration – an example of this is crushing down on money in the server, an admin will see this as something positive for the community whereas non-administration will see this as grabbing them by the throat and squeezing as hard as you can. So, to avoid such reckless decisions, we have placed a consultant amongst the players to help us stay on track and tackle critical issues at hand. At Lawless, we plan to provide you with a very intensive player vs player environment that will change the...​
This topic should be split into two different topics but for the sake of declaring a clear message we’ve decided to use one clear concise topic.

The second you join or hear about this server – you get the feeling that this server has no laws or rules but that is incorrect. I want make some critical rules clear in an official topic. As long as you are a productive player then you will realize how open the world is however if you are a destructive player, you will soon see that world close up on you.

Deathmatch is when you kill another player for no reason at all – IE. Jonny boy is standing near the LSPD waiting for his friend to pick him up, he has 10 health – Richard drives past and sees little Jonny vulnerable so Richard gets out his car and kills Jonny for no reason at all apart from the fact he’s vulnerable.

Whereas, Jonny boy has been drinking and using crack, his gang is able to launch an inferno on another gang. On his way there, he slams into Richard’s car and does not...
What an awesome couple of days has it been? Our main opening hit 80 players in less than 30 seconds! However, we were the victims of DDoS attacks and this caused us to halt all progress whilst we migrated to a DDoS protected server. Once everything was set up, we opened the server without telling anyone apart from 5 people and after 30 minutes, we had 122 players online for more than 6 hours. It was hectic! 122 players in our first hour... damn.​
There were many people who died, many gang wars, many cops busting ass, many rush tazes, many new friends and alliances made – all in the space of 3 days. I have seen a crime rate that is beyond anything humane. Right now, we're in the orientation week where the players position themselves in the map and set targets. Everyone is trying to grind and gain as much as they can. You will see...​