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We have always been committed to our users by showing them how much we care about perfecting the world our user’s experience. In our journey to make Lawless Roleplay one of the biggest communities, the entire administrative team has been very busy to help foster a new player experience. We have been monitoring community feedback and we believe that the latest changes and game updates really addresses vital and key issues within the community. We are striving for success using your help by placing you in command.

A lot of community members have advised the administrative team that the game server is missing vital rules or that there is miscommunication between what’s allowed and what isn’t. We have created a brand new page on our site carefully detailing the game server rules.

In addition, we have also updated the forum...
Update! Welcome back...
Hey guys,

Sorry about the elongated delay of getting the forums back on track. The main reason behind the delay was that our database was a huge 16.4GB! I spent a large portion of my day decreasing the database size to 300MB.

I hope you all enjoy the new forums, the web site design seems to be the same however I spent 16 hours on rescripting it from scratch to meet the new standard and requirements of our forum software. We are very proud of this achievement!

The list of new features includes:
  • New Editor, this is the thing you see before you post messages / threads. It's much better than the last one.
  • User Group Banners, despite how much I loved our old banners I made the templates I modified were reset and I don't feel like adding them back. Instead we have banners however I haven't enabled them yet
  • Forums Removed! I removed unneeded forums and cleaned everything up
  • Drafts! As you type your messages will be saved as drafts. Not really major but nice
  • New...

Hello fellow gangbangers, law enforcers & simple civilians (lolnosuchthing),

In light of recent events, Management has decided to change the way complaints are done for good. We don't want people posting a complaint on another player for petty things. Instead, we're going to be focusing on one main thing, harassment.

What do we mean by Harassment?

If Player A constantly harasses Player B by either cuffing and arresting him constantly, killing him countless of times and generally ruining a players gameplay, that is what we consider harassment. It must be something that singles out one player and targets him only. That's considered harassment because you're ruining that players gameplay. You're not allowed to keep harassing the player. If he does something to you, get creative and strike back. Once you've strike back, that should be the end of...
Competition Free NRG-500 bike!

Leaders of the free world,

I don't know about you guys but I sure as hell do love my free stuff. We got this idea to host a competition after a KFC in the ghetto part of New York gave out free chicken hot wings to over 7, 000 people in a day! So, we thought, what's as good as free chicken in a ghetto for SA-MP players? NRG-500s!

ONE lucky person will win a NRG-500 completely free!

To enter this competition, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and leave a comment in the 'Free NRG Competition' status with your in-character name! Simples! If you already have liked our Facebook page then that's fine, just leave a comment with your character name in the 'Free NRG Competition' status.

We will pick a...
Howdy outlaws, Shock here with a small announcement.​
The server is currently down due to security features being installed on our host, which was why the server unexpectedly went down.​
This upgrade will most likely not take more than an hour, however in the mean time you can check out our facebook page for an upcoming​
special event!​
We thank you for your patience, and we will be up and running as soon as possible with our​
improved security.​
- Shock​

Fellow comrades and lawless rebels,

This is your commander and chief Barney Phife speaking, I have a dream to invade the... oh crap! Wrong speech - sorry about that!

Dear warlords of Lawless Roleplay,

As you might of noticed the forums were attacked by an individual who decided to delete your topics, posts and private messages. We see this attack as an attack against members of our community. Some people in this world like to invade other people's fun for their own personal agendas.

We have restored to a stable point and have implemented new security features to help us prevent these types of attacks.

We noticed that many users received counterfeit e-mails - these e-mails were not authorized by the admins of Lawless Roleplay and it was an attempt by the individual to hurt our standing.

However, today alone, our...

At Lawless Roleplay, our commitment to our users shows how much we care about perfecting the world our member’s experience. In this journey to make Lawless Rolepay one of the biggest communities in regards to population, services and content – we strive to put the player in command of the world. One of our methods in putting the player in control is by listening to the community’s demand to update the script with content that enriches their experience. We look and listen at problems or bumps our members may experience and we work extremely hard to plug the holes to create a smooth experience for our entire community.

We are proud to release update version 1.1.1 to our community. This release was entirely moulded by the community and we are very humbled at the stage we’re at as a community. We are moving towards a direction that truly puts you in command and removes all limits that you may experience....

Whoa! What a fun filled couple of days has it been? We hit over 110 players daily - nailing an all time high of 149 players after one month! We have so many changes planned in the pipeline – all thanks to you! We really enjoy listening to our players! We have changed a large prospect of how we operate to be more player orientated.

We have gathered three top questions asked by most new players and our old consultant Citizen Alpha answered them for you.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all...
Administrative Changes

The administration team has been working hard on a new system that ensures players are fully satisfied with their interactions with the administrative team.

We have decided that senior players, developers and mappers are members of the staff team – this opens our spectrum of assistance during decision making. It also allows leaders within the different departments to show their skill and then slowly rise through the ladder - this closes the gap between administration and normal players. After all, this is a server made by players for players.

Another new department is the senior and junior staff positions. Senior staffs are people who normally run big teams of people and projects whereas staff members are administrative members of said projects. The difference between staff and administrators is that staff members run projects and have more in-game access than their official access levels. For example,...
It has truly been an amazing month for us at Lawless and I can tell you from a behind the scenes prospective that we have so many new and exciting features coming soon! In terms of the script and community wide events! Stay tuned as more details are released.

New Forums
As many of you may know, we have changed the forum software from IPB to a new one called XenForo. The main reason behind this was due to the countless bugs IPB came bundled with. These bugs included banning people randomly, moving people into random user groups – that really chased us away. We shopped around for different forum software and we landed on XenForo which we believe provide us with the functionality to make your experience the best it can be.

With the addition of a new forum software, we have also recruited Gerdeman into our ranks as our in house technician and expert web developer. Gerdeman has in the past few years worked for many clients by creating...