Announcement Happy New Years 2023!

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Happy New Year, Lawless Roleplay!
We wish all of you a happier and better year in 2023!

Even though this year wasn't ideal, we still managed to end it on a positive note. We've made a lot of exciting updates, such as the new
Duel system, the redesigned PD HQ interior, the addition of Gang Coins, the...

Announcement Merry Christmas!

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Parties and flashy gifts are not the only parts of Christmas. It all comes down to being open-hearted and forgiving.
After all, this is a joyful time of the year! This Christmas, we should all celebrate not because of the amazing food or beautiful gifts, but instead because of the company of our loved ones!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


From the Lawless Roleplay Staff, as a gift for Christmas, anyone who logs in on Christmas day (December 25th) will receive seven days of IVY Donator for free!


We all know that Santa Claus only visits once a year and that he does it at night while we are all asleep.

However, this year, he has chosen to make his visit more enjoyable by holding an event that he has dubbed "avoid Santa's sleigh"...​

Announcement Lawless Roleplay l San Andreas Grand Prix

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Lawless Roleplay l San Andreas Grand Prix

The Department of Public Relations is proud to announce the biggest event in the history of Lawless Roleplay, The San Andreas Grand Prix! After a lot of work, the perfect long-term event has been arranged for the players with the most amazing prizes. This event will consist of multiple races across different tracks.

The event will have multiple stages:
  • Try-outs (09/28-10/3)
  • Qualifiers (Q1, - Q15) (10/4-10/19)
  • The finals! (10/22)

The try-outs and the qualifiers will take place in the stadium that has been shown below:


Server Should we keep the current turf limit?

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Turf Limits

In the latest update, we have changed the turf limit for gangs from 12 to 6 to try to increase competition and resolve cashflow problems for smaller and non-dominant gangs.

It was initially set to 12 because we used to allow gangs to have 1 additional alliance and this 12 turf limit was shared between the allies. However, we no longer have alliances so that's why selected the number 6 (half of 12).

We have done this so that more gangs can capture turfs and benefit from the turf's income or perks so that the gang environment remains competitive.

We love to have fun on Lawless Roleplay and we want to share the fun across the board while also recognising that some gangs have...​

Gang Event || Best Shots [Las Colinas Drive Families]

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A drive-by shooting is a type of assault that typically involves the perpetrator firing a weapon from within a motor vehicle and then fleeing.


" Hunting is my Passion "
Driving around and carrying your bandana on will always be a hard and risky decision. You never know where your coward enemies could attack from, besides you or at your back! That's why we want you to train and bring your best driving skills along with your Rambo attitude to finish your enemies down.
You can bring 10 of your fellow gang members to the event, Alliance between gangs are not allowed during this event. We will provide you 2 Premier +...

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