Lunatic Package


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Why do YOU need this package?

This is the package you need if you are a true lunatic player of Lawless Roleplay.

If you get this package nothing can stop you! Getting chased? No problem, you can flee easily with the NRG-500 or your custom tier 3 vehicle. Where will you hide? Your fancy villa of course! Once hidden, you call your friend to come along and help you. Together you drive to your business, collect some money and create yourself a rare SPAS-12. With this package, you will become the ultimate lunatic of Lawless. Plus as an added bonus, you can give a lucky friend 2 weeks of Rose donator status free of charge – we don’t just want you to be the best with this package, we want you to be a legend! You also get exclusive access to CLUB TRUTH where you can access the Black Market. The total cost of this package is €124.99 with €19 of free bonus gifts totaling €143.99 – you only pay €79.99!

You are getting €143.99 worth of awesome goodies for only just €79.99!! Over 44% of savings!!!

You get the following items:

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