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  • Access to restricted donator forums
  • Donator usergroup and tag on the forums
  • NEW!! Access to VIP CLUB TRUTH
  • NEW!! FREE!! Creation of custom and private paintball rooms
  • AD FREE experience on the website
  • Custom donator tag on out of character game communication channels (/g, /o, etc)
  • Ability to change phone number to any custom number UNLIMITED times ($2,500 per change)
  • Ability to customize personal vehicle license plate
  • Ability to use up to TWO personal vehicles at one time instead of just one personal vehicle!
  • Ability to own up to 7 personal vehicles instead of just 5 personal vehicles
  • Ability to own and wear up to 6 toys purchased from clothes stores instead of just 4 toys
  • Bank interest rate doubled to 0.2% from 0.1% (cap limit of $5,000)
  • Ability to hide your name on SMS messages (/phoneprivacy)
  • Ability to upgrade your spawn armor to 75% instead of just 50%
  • All jail and prison time is decreased by 10%
  • Access to the exclusive Daisy Dealership with limited edition and rare vehicles
  • Ability to change the color of in-game advertisements
  • Ability to set automatic text/ SMS reply message
  • UNLIMITED access to the MP3 Player which lets you listen to online radio stations on foot anywhere and anytime!
  • Ability to have a message above your head (/ame)
  • Access to invite up to 5 friends with you to the exclusive Fun Room (stadium with rare vehicles and fun events!)
  • Ability to change your name to a light blue donator color in-game
  • No charges or fees when using ATM machines
  • No charges when changing your character skin
  • NEW!! Ability to change jobs after 60 minutes instead of 90 minutes
  • Why not pay €7 more and upgrade to the deluxe Rose Package
  • For €14 more, you can get the super deluxe Ivy Package
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