Terms and Conditions

By donating to Lawless Roleplay, you automatically accept the following Terms and Conditions to protect our infrastructure and to ensure all parties involved in the transaction are satisfied. The breach of any of the following terms and conditions grant us the ability to revoke any received item and suspend your account. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

      • You will only receive donation perks if you fill out this form
      • You are donating and not paying for a service or product
      • All transactions are final and non-refundable unless if it is not as described which you then can get a refund within 14 days of purchase
      • You can donate the difference to change Daisy to Rose or Ivy donation perks however the expiry date will not change
      • All features in our donation perks may change without notice
      • Ivy, Rose and Daisy donation perks are to be used strictly from the date it is given for exactly 30 days, regardless of your account(s) status
      • Donation perks cannot be transferred to another account(s) once issued
      • Donation perks cannot be sold or redeemed for real-life products or money
      • We have 14 days to accept and process your donation from the date you post a donation request
      • Abuse on our services grants administration to revoke any perks or to suspend your account(s)
      • Illegal activity such as fraud, intrusion attempts, denial of service, extortion, blackmail, etc will lead to a suspension of your account(s) and loss of perks
      • If the payment is revoked by a chargeback or there is an account/ security issue with your account then you must contact us immediately else we will revoke any perks and suspend your account(s)
      • If you chargeback items without alerting us by posting a donation request then we will suspend your account(s)
      • If you file a dispute via payment provider without contacting us first, we will suspend your account until the investigation is over
      • Properties such as houses, doors, lands, businesses, islands and custom mapping will be auctioned off if the owner is inactive (does not log into the game) for over 3 months
      • We do not offer refunds or alternatives if your perks are revoked, auctioned or your account is suspended or banned

Updated: April 21, 2019