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Now, that the website has been prepared, seasoned, baked and served, we are so proud to release version 4.0 of our website! At Lawless Roleplay, we don't just push SA-MP to its limits but we also push everything we touch to the limit; and this is to ensure our community has the ultimate experience. We love innovating at Lawless Roleplay.

This release adds a humongous collection of great new features to the Lawless Roleplay website, including a brand new look and feel, a mobile and computer app with working notifications and badge icons. Check out some of the update highlights below.

Mobile and Desktop App

We're so happy to announce that we now have an app that works on desktops that have Chrome/ Edge installed or Android devices. These apps come with instant push notifications as well as a notice badge to show unread messages.

On desktop, simply click the button as shown in the screenshot below.


On Android, you'll need to open the sidebar by clicking on
at the top and then click install.


Question Forums

Our help centre now supports crowd-sourced answers to a question. Answers submitted can be upvoted or downvoted while the person asking the question can mark answers as the best solution. These add up to the user's stats on the forums.


Article View

Our announcement and other article based forums now default to an article view with the first post being pinned at the top.


Suggestion Forums

You no longer need to like or dislike suggestions to show what you think about the suggestion. There is now an upvote and downvote button next to the original post.


Text editor improvements

The new text editor has been updated to support better technology and it looks much better. We now support inserting GIFs naturally with the ability to search. There is also a brand new attachment manager.



User Profile Banners & Username changes

We previously had user profile banners but these did not work very well, we now have a native solution for this. You can set your profile banner in your account settings. Additionally, we now support a native solution for name changes which is also in your account settings.


Other things

We have had a general declutter, I was able to delete over 1 GB of junk data that the website was storing, there is no data loss however it helps make the website extremely faster. There have been improvements in our website's search engine optimisation (SEO) and we also now use AMP to load the website on mobile phones to provide instant loading. There is so much more that I can't simply mention in this thread!

Please post any website-related bugs here.

We really hope that you enjoy your new experience on the Lawless Roleplay v4.0 website.


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Kent Box

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Nov 19, 2019

love it !

Rex J Smith

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Jul 15, 2020

Wow nice


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May 30, 2013
This looks so much cleaner, I love it.


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Aug 17, 2020

Nice dude.