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Apr 11, 2013
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Server Update 1.2.540

Ever since the start of Lawless Roleplay, our biggest dream was to create a smooth game server where players matters. We have started a huge campaign to resolve all bugs. Please help us iron out every single annoyance, bug and issue by reporting them on our 'Report a Bug' forums.

Update Details:
- Fixed picklock
- Fixed a critical bug when deleting lands and buildings
- Fixed a out of bounds issue with GetLandOwnerName function
- Fixed a bug where ResetLandInfo did not fully reset all land variables
- Adjusted /editpland to work on land ID and not on the land you're standing on
- Fixed a land recognition issue with /gotoland
- Added a new triple error checking system which enjoys all buildings created are registered to the right land and are within the land area
- Fixed a minor issue with the boombox editing object IDs
- Removed global admin /alands command
- Created A5 /createland command to create lands
- Added /editlandsize for A5
- Added /setlandprice for A5
- Added /asellland for A5
- Added /destroyland for A5
- Admins below A5 can no longer use /lands whilst on admin duty
- Removed random LandID variable
- All land IDs are universal now
- Fixed an issue where sometimes building co-ords would be off-set
- Added new land logs
- Fixed issues with land co-ords registering with variables
- Added land IDs to 3D textdraws
- You no longer can /accept duel after a duel round has completed
- Fixed an issue with cops unable to /drag people if they crash
- Fixed an issue with trucker job respawning truck when an error occurs
- Log to avoid system does not take action on people who /q in events or paintball
- Vehicles are now deleted if the ticket reaches $10, 000 (increased from $5, 000)
- Fixed civilian spelling on forum stats page
- Fixed Arms Dealer & Mechanic skills showing the same thing on the forum stats page
- Adjusted fake death system
- You no longer can sell lands if someone gives you land perms via /landedit
- New old school song (2 pac - until the end of time)
- Admin announcements now on /givemoney and /setmoney
- Fixed an issue which caused the Forklift system confuse objects with the land system (causing objects to disappear)

Update Notes
The most critical part is that in our testing, we believed that all land and forklift bugs are fixed. This was an extremely difficult task and required that more than half of the land system and forklift job had to be recreated from scratch. We realise that perhaps our testing proved to have fixed all bugs, it could still be that there are minor issues on the main server. We try our best to create intensive situations as experienced on the main server but we can never create it to a 100% scale since it's practically impossible to have over 100 people beta testing.

Huge thanks to everyone who reported these bugs and helped test them.
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May 28, 2013
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lets test and then tell how we feel about that update , last update was shit u can't taze someone just spawned and all of dem fags abuse
Apr 6, 2014
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You no longer can sell lands if someone gives you land perms via /landedit
I love this


Old School 2013
Apr 23, 2013
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Well done, keep up the good work!
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