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May 1, 2013
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Dear lunatics,

Today I am going to tell you something about my secret how I became this tycoon.
A few months ago I was trying to find Shock to rob him, but as usual Shock was nowhere to be found! Ahh.. well, I decided to grab the detective job… And I got to know, Shock has been last seen in Ganton. So I started to drive to Ganton and got out of my car. I looked left, I looked over to the right but I saw nothing, so I tried to find Shock again… Guess what, “You have searched already for someone – wait a little” Holy crap I need Shock right now! So I find him again and what I saw next was really screwed up, “Shock has last been seen in Las Venturas”. The next minute I feel a cold iron loop against my head, and I hear the words “handsup motherfucker it’s paytime”, guess three times who it was. To prevent this will ever happen to you I gladly announce a DOUBLE EXP event so that you can level your detective and not get robbed by Shock.

We also want to thank everyone for having faith in Lawless and showing your loyality & dedication towards this unique server, united we stand! You helped us getting this far, we strive forward to be the biggest SA:MP community, we are convinced one day we can proudly say Lawless is the biggest SA:MP community!

You can use this double exp event to level up your skills to become a big roller, so call your friends to start leveling their skill, you can even level some skills together with your friends. This is a life-time opportunity you can't miss!

Now.. I’ll tell you guys what happened after that. I was told to give everything I have (scamming over the limit!), I was a broke man like Amri Mill is but luckily enough I am not Amri Mill. I decided to invest; I invested into Lilly’s packages. Lilly’s packages!?!? Yes, his packages and with his packages I immediately started to earn money, I guess I don’t need to tell what I own nowadays!

This brings me to the next subject, our new donation perks I can assure you they are really worth it! (Click on them to get more information)


(for more and formal information click on the image to get redirected to the official donation section)

Newbie Pack
This package offers you all you need. Call your friends with your custom phone number, once called you are going to pick them up with your cool custom vehicle. While waiting for your friend, you listen to some good music with your MP3 players. Your friend is not showing up? Level your detective twice as fast with the double experience perk! Ahh… good, you found your friend and show him your epic vehicle and its custom license. But not only in-game you are unique, on the forums as well with your custom forum title!

Civilian package
Big Roller, if you get this package you are in one hit a big man. With 3 cars, a house a boombox and a MP3 player you are ready to rock Lawless. You can go anywhere with your fancy car, boat or plane and start a party with your friends using your boombox, people will be jealous of your status and your friends will even love you more than ever before.

Lunatic package
If you get this package nothing can stop you! Getting chased? No problem, you can flee easily with the NRG-500, where will you hide? Your fancy villa of course! Once hidden, you call your friend. Together you drive to your business, collect some money and create yourself a SPAS-12 . With this package you will become the ultimate lunatic of Lawless.


You don’t want to donate, but you still want to own your own house? Make sure you check out our house auctions! CLICK HERE (Make sure you read the auction rules)


Additional information:
The double experience event will start on friday 21st of February and will last untill monday 24th of February.

Kind regards,
Lawless administration team
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Apr 11, 2013
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To prevent this will ever happen to you I gladly announce a DOUBLE EXP event so that you can level your detective and not get robbed by Shock.
I will rob you anyways!
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