The Lawless Update (revision 177)

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Apr 11, 2013
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So, a few days ago – I sat down with our in-house consultant to discuss issues and possible solutions. Before going down that road, I want to alert people about a special person in the community with a very special unique role. We have a consultant in our team, he’s not a member of administration but he’s just another average player. Over time, we cannot deny that members of administration will see things in a different view compared to non-administration – an example of this is crushing down on money in the server, an admin will see this as something positive for the community whereas non-administration will see this as grabbing them by the throat and squeezing as hard as you can. So, to avoid such reckless decisions, we have placed a consultant amongst the players to help us stay on track and tackle critical issues at hand. At Lawless, we plan to provide you with a very intensive player vs player environment that will change the face of SA-MP forever. This is what we talked about…

Imagine a server where every single action and decision you make, changes the way your character behaves? Imagine the entire world you are in changes based on selling a gun to someone or killing someone? Imagine the faction you’re in, the gang you’re in and the job you have does nothing to your character apart from unlock new opportunities? However, imagine your skills, actions and critical decisions change the entire world. Imagine that having the detective job does nothing to your world but the detective skill unlocks a new view to the world – you will start to see footprints, fingerprints, critical medical documents just because of that skill? This changes everything. You can be a criminal cop or be a good gang member just based on your actions and decisions. This is roleplay.

Right now, if you kill another person – nothing happens to you. The dead guy loses a ton of shit but you are not affected. If you’re lucky then cops will investigate and follow up on it or your gang members will come to the rescue and kill the guy who killed you. But this is no long term effect. This allows deathmatch to the fullest without long term side effects.

We have – well in reality – the consultant has – come up with a method that if another player kills someone then there will be long term consequences for both players. Selling guns, materials or drugs does nothing to the world you live in apart from making you richer or creating new character links but it has no long term effect – in the end, once you are rich and you have done everything, you will get bored and you will quit. However, imagine selling a gun to someone will change the way your character behaves?

We are proud to introduce our new notoriety system! What is this revolutionary update that will stop deathmatch and add consequences for long term character activity?

The notoriety system is value based and it is affected by what your character does, the more activities you do – regardless of profession – criminal or good - you will rack up notoriety and eventually you will become notorious. This is not the same as wanted level! This is more complex and it’s long term. For example, I go around and I kill a lot of people and do a lot of drug deals – I will rack up notoriety points and eventually I will become notorious and show up on the FBI radar. You may get arrested by the police and this increases your notoriety however once you are on the FBI radar, you will be scared shitless. Every player you interact with could be undercover investigating your notoriety level and determining if you are actually notorious. You will be scared to sell guns, sell drugs, sell materials or kill other people because it will add to your notoriety and once you become notorious then you will never be the same man again. You will actually fear what your character has become and you will try to pipe it down.

The best way to describe this complex system is by the following: Imagine that I am a police officer and you are a criminal, you have 1000 notoriety points and you’ve collected them whilst selling guns and killing civilians. I arrest you during a gang shootout where you didn’t kill anyone and you have one wanted star. You spend some time in jail and you keep buying drugs, getting into fights and doing other shit that causes your notoriety to increase but you never get locked up by police because you never get caught.

Now your notoriety is all the way up at 6000, you are now on the FBI most wanted list of notorious people. So the FBI starts to follow you around and I might arrest you a couple of times and that will just increase your notoriety and cost you some cash. However, you get a gun fight and you kill a cop. Bam! The FBI steps in and arrests you. You currently have 9000 notoriety and you’re not looking at petty jail time – we’re talking about huge fines and prison time. The FBI sat back following you around and built a case against you by allowing you to gain notoriety. Now you are in prison and you are well pissed off.

You sit there thinking why wasn’t you smart enough to keep a low profile, use other people to do illegal activities and why did you not hire a lawyer to lower your notoriety level? Why didn’t you give the lawyer money to decrease your notoriety level so the FBI would stay off your back?

This introduces a fine line between the FBI and LSPD and adds character to both. The lawyer job is more critical and you will start to see more players act as “mob lawyers” by helping their gang members keep off the FBI wanted scale. The notoriety scale is not limited, it will increase and increase until you slip up and the FBI drops the hammer down on you.

You can now be a mob boss and rack up notoriety through your actions and decisions in game but that will not affect your wanted level and it will give you a sense of being “untouchable” by the FBI because you haven’t slipped up yet.

Another example is, imagine being caught by the FBI for being notorious and you just come out of prison and no longer notorious. You are now a changed man. You go back to your gang’s headquarters and you realize that your members treat you different because they are scared that they’ve been exposed to the FBI. You stop doing deals with any average Joe and other people must gain your trust before you do deals with them, you start to hire low life scum to kill your rivals. You become weary of your surroundings, never feeling safe. Scared to shoot a gun because you don’t know what’s around the corner waiting for you to slip up so they can arrest you.

This is the answer to nearly every single issue we have. This brings down deathmatch because there are now consequences, your character changes, you are given more control over how you play the game, your actions will change the environment you play in. So take the red pill and see the truth..

Welcome to Lawless Roleplay...​


Apr 15, 2013
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original is all I can say to this and I really want in that consultant business :) can't wait to try out this stuff also is there a max notorial points you can get 10 000? 20 000?
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