Update! Steam support, user groups, forum spy and adverts!

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Website Update
In addition to our recent series of website updates, we have even more updates for the website. In this edition, we have added steam support, updated our user groups, added back the old forum spy, thread views and added adverts back to the site. All these features are a mark of our continuous dedication and obsession to provide Lawless Roleplay members with the best experience possible.

Steam Support
We have added back a very old feature that was available in 2013. Lawless Roleplay is now (again) a registered partner of Steam. This allows our members to link their profiles to Steam, to log in using their Steam details and to register using their Steam accounts. The process is fully safe and we never process or have any access to any of your private data or password. If you already have an account on Lawless Roleplay then you can visit your external account page and link the profile. You will automatically be added onto our list of Steam players and share your profile with other players here. What a great way to make friends!


This is in addition of our Facebook, Twitter and Google integration.

User groups
We have noticed that many user groups became unmaintained and there was malicious people in some groups. We have increased the security and purged all usergroups. The user groups listed are the only groups you can join, other groups such as the helper groups, senior faction groups (high command or internal affairs), gang leader, faction leader groups etc require an administrative request so we can confirm the identity and give appropriate access.

All user group moderators have lost their moderation rights and will have to reapply via an administrative request.

The live updating spy page is now once again available for our users. The spy page allows members to see live updates of user actions on the website from new threads or posts.


Thread Views
You can now see who is viewing a thread by scrolling to the bottom.


Lawless Roleplay costs a lot of money to run and operate. We offer a free service to all our members and need to make some money to pay our bills. The advertisements on the website are supported by Google and only show adverts that interest you. We get a small amount of revenue each time you click on an advert and this revenue is then used to pay our website bills.

That's all for this round of updates, catch you on the next one!

Oct 23, 2014



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Good job Barney.
Sep 3, 2013

Nice job. Love this.

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