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Apr 11, 2013
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Do you believe this is actually our 14th weekly update? Time flies when you're having fun!

Please click here to view all the previous updates that you may have missed!

Remember, invite your friends and other people to join this community. We reward people who refer people here quite handsomely
(Check out /refhelp and /refshop in-game)

Due to increased criminal activity in San Andreas, the government of San Andreas has ramped up their ordering of firearms and ballistic equipment for the law enforcement agencies to combat the crime wave.

As a result, crates will be delivered every 2 hours compared to every 3 hours. However, criminals have been able to hack the GPS tracking device on the crates to show it's the exact location.

* This event will be going on from 25th June - 2nd July only

Private paintball rooms no longer cost $5,000 to set up!

* This event will be going on from 25th June - 2nd July only. Private paintball rooms will remain free for all daisy+ donators after 2nd July.

By extremely popular demand, fisherman job is paying 50% more!!

* This event will be going on from 25th June - 2nd July only

We have included a new newbie spawn kiosk with a revised guide system for all the new players flooding the streets of San Andreas.

Our poor kind-hearted helpers and amazing players have been camping the newbie spawn for ages, ready to ambush a new player and be their guide in the server. We have now created an automatic referral system for helpers so they no longer need to camp in front of the newbie spawn and would be able to teleport to the newbie and help them out when they request it!

It's about time our helpers get to enjoy the server more and our newbies get the correct support when they need it!

Our amazing mapping team have been working extremely hard this week, with two new maps. The first one being the above newbie spawn kiosk and the second one being a major update for the crack lab interior.

You're really going to like this new tactical map. Check it out in-game!

Towing and using /returncar this week is on double pay! Make the most of it!

* This event will be going on from 25th June - 2nd July only

By popular demand, you can now donate for your own private duel dojo where you can fight your friends and foes.. showing them who truly is best at shooting.

For more information click here.

- Weekly Event: Crate Island event auto runs every 2 hours for 1 week
- Weekly Event: It costs $0 to make your own private paintball room
- Weekly Event: 1.5x Fisher man job Pay
- Weekly Event: Double pay on mechanic /tow and then /returncar of player owned vehicle
- Implemented new crack lab interior
- Implemented new newbie spawn kiosk
- Add question if the new player wants to be guided by helper when they first register before spawning
- If they say yes, it will send a request to all helpers, mods and JA that there is a helper guide question
- If no helper/mod/JA is online then it will report it to admins
- Added /guide point to newbie spawn kiosk
- Added new newbie spawn kiosk actors
- FBI /deliver now gives FBI agents upto 50% of the suspect fined amount
- Adjusted newbie spawn location
- /crate locate now will show a marker on the player who is holding the crate or player who is driving the boat with the crate
- /crate locate now tells the player where the vehicle is and model of the vehicle if nobody is in the vehicle with the crate
- Disabled double paycheck, /sellcar money, 30% discount on /buylevel, 1.5x forklift pay
- Rescripted /buyhouse
- You no longer can /stopani while carrying the crate
- You no longer can do anims while carrying something
- Added MP3 to /guide
- Fixed an issue with /inv: https://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-seeds-bugged-in-inv.202084/
- Fixed an interest issue with Rose+ & Level 95+: https://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-no-max-interest-w-ivy.202033/
- Fixed /findjob -> Trucker co-ords: https://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/sa-mp-minor-misconfig-trucker.201911/
- Fixed /adestroyplant not being able to destroy valid weed objects
- Fixed a bug where level 35+ could not get a second house via /sellmyhouse
- Fixed /sethelper
- Fixed a bug where players would lose their house on relog
- Fixed an exploit where you could use other commands such as /sellcar or /nb to overwrite trucker job checkpoints
- Fixed: /guide > faction > general information > main button doesn't get you back to main page, exit button does
- Fixed runtime error from /destroyflare if you enter ID higher or equal to 10 and you get no error message
- Fixed runtime error from /revokedl if you enter player ID who is not connected, you would not get any message
- Fixed runtime error with banned IP internal check for a specific security alert (no need to test)
- Fixed if crate is loaded in a vehicle and the vehicle is destroyed (ie. player vehicle and it's unloaded or admin spawned vehicle and it is destroyed via /destroycars) and the crate would then be bugged.

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Feb 22, 2014
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Good stuff!


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Mar 20, 2014
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Nice job barney! Finally something for the helpers.
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