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Apr 11, 2013
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We've worked tirelessly on this update which is solely based on player suggestions. Please join me once again in the comments below by thanking all the staff that have worked on this update and everyone that keeps our community running smoothly.

This is our NINTH weekly update and what's better yet we have now entered v1.7!

In this update, we have completely removed the old truck driving job and built it from the group up based on YOUR FEEDBACK.

This job is brand new and the changes from the previous job are so large, the best way to understand this brand new job is to go in-game and try it yourself!

Some key points... you can deliver products from a brand new range of vehicles and even your own personal vehicle (model restrictions apply). Once you're a level 6 trucker, you can use the trailers and specify which business exactly you want to deliver to. You now carry the products from the vehicle to the business. Oh and the pay for this job has been beefed up!

You can earn a cash, weapon, drug or material bonus randomly depending on side missions such as delivering the products in a certain time frame or delivering the products without damage.

Lastly, you can hijack a truck at any moment whether the truck is full of packages, partially full or empty and on it's way back to the depo. The hijacker can steal the products and even the paycheck.

We have halved everyone's trucking skill with a cap of level 5 as the skills required for this job are now completely different.

Business owners can now directly hire employees to deliver products to their businesses from their business management menu.

Hiring an employee costs $2,000 one-off fee per employee and employees earn $250 per package delivered to a business in addition to the truck driver job pay. A level 10 trucking employee delivering 10 packages can earn up to $3,750 per mission.

Previously, businesses earned a static rate ranging from $250 to $650 depending on the business level.

We have now adjusted this so that businesses earn a percentage of what the item costs starting at 45% for a business level 1 all the way to 90% for a level 10 business.

Businesses that are out of products and cannot afford the product restock fee ($500 per product) are automatically closed and customers will not be able to enter them.​

* This event will be going on from 21st May - 28th May only

- New truck system
- New depo system where admins can create a trucking depo in-game
- Player goes to depo where they can join the trucking job
- Player gets in any approved truck (player owned or server owned)
- Player takes it to the depo and loads their truck up with the contents they wish for
- Player is given random business to deliver it to
- Player is randomly given a bonus or no bonus, bonus can be cash, gun, pot, crack, chems, mats and the bonus condition could be deliver without any damage, within a certain bonus time frame or just deliver it within normal time frame
- The truck is loaded with x contents (max 10) depending on the size of the truck
- The job must be completed within the time frame
- When the player arrives near the business, they are required to unload the contents of the truck and hand deliver it to the business
- The business gets x products depending on the player's trucking skill
- Once all products are delivered, the player must return the truck to get their paycheck
- The trucks may be hijacked any moment by any player
- Removed old trucker job
- Removed /cancel truck
- Trucker has 10 skill levels and is 100 missions per level
- Added manual delivery to any business ID specified by trucker if master trucker (skill point >= 500)
- Trucker pay increased with $250 bonus if using trailer
- You only get paid depending on how many stock you have delivered
- Business owners get no pay, bonus or skill points if they deliver to their own business
- Adjusted player HUD message textdraw (message that shows near the minimap)
- Business owners can hire or fire employees via /businessmenu
- Business owners pay $2000 to the server to hire a player
- Players get $250 bonus per package delivered to the business directly from the business's safe
- Truckers get asked when they press 'n' to load the truck if they want to deliver to the business they have been hired for or not
- If a business does not have a product in stock, the system will automatically try to charge the business a restocking fee (currently $500 per product)
- If the business does not have any products in stock and cannot afford the restocking fee then the player will no longer be able to buy the product
- Players cannot enter a business if the business has no products nor cannot afford a restocking fee however the owner/ on duty admins can still enter the businesses
- Added /checktruck and /cleartruck for truckers and cops
- Fixed business profit calculation
- Businesses get 45% profit as business level 1 and increase by 5% every level increase upto level 10 which gets 90% profit on the price of the product
- Materials now cost $50 instead of $100 due to week long server event
- Added some FBI little mexico map fixes
- Added FBI little mexico buttons on the other side of the doors
- Fixed an exploit with /free

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Whole Lawless Community
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Psychedelic Boyz
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Feb 28, 2020
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Edit: Holy shit trucking revamped looks sick. Can't wait to farm a job that's completely new

Simon Walker

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Feb 17, 2015
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Great work as usual, thank you!
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Mar 22, 2020
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Business profit, employee system and new trucking job, This is awesome!!

Thank you Barney and the team <3

Kai Loco

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May 27, 2017
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Wooohooooo! This is the update that I've been waiting for! Thank to Barney for making it happen.
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