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Apr 11, 2013
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I just want to really take a moment and thank our developers, beta team, mappers, public relations team, administrative team and most importantly all our players who have given us suggestions to implement in these updates.

This is our EIGHTH weekly update in a row. That's amazing for us! We went from infrequent updates to weekly massive updates every Thursday! This could not be possible without the people mentioned above who have really pioneered these updates so please join me by thanking them for their work in the comments.

This week we have TRIPLE pay for all our lumberjacks! So go on head on to Las Colinas woods, grab a chainsaw and cut mother nature down. Show her who really is the boss around here while copping yourself a meaty paycheck.

You can find the lumberjack job here or use '/findjob' to locate this job in-game.

* This event will be going on from 14th May - 21st May only

Hackers... Exploiters... Cheaters... The guys and girls who really suck at playing this game so they use all kinds of methods to gain a small advantage over other players.

These bad sport players now will be added to the cheater pool and will have a massive CHEATER tag above their head in-game so everyone knows to stay away from bad sport players.

Anyone caught hacking, using exploits, cheats or any other method to gain an illegal advantage from today onwards will be added to the cheater pool. They will be removed from the cheater pool after being a good sport player for at least 3 months.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been busy busting down doors, confiscating illegal goods and vehicles to sell so they can fund their new field office in Little Mexico.

So roll out the red carpet, the new FBI field office in Little Mexico is now open for business!

You can find their new office between the Los Santos Police Department and Alhambra Night Club.

We saved the best for last. I can already smell the thousands of wooden crates passing the Los Santos Harbour as the biggest grinders of Los Santos work relentlessly.

Don't forget, you can sometimes deliver a rare crate and earn up to $10,000 from just delivering ONE crate.

Alternatively, as you skill up in this job, you can earn more materials every time you material run but be careful! Don't damage the crates too much or you will lose skill points or even get FIRED from the job!

* This event will be going on from 14th May - 21st May only

- Added triple lumberjack pay
- Added double forklift job pay
- Added new cheat pool module
- Added new global /cheaters command to list all cheaters online
- Added new custom FBI Little Mexico Field Office mapping (interior and exterior), located at the same exact spot as the current unmodified location.
- Added buttons to the FBI interior to automatically open and close the doors
- Added locker to the interior
- Added new login textdraw kindly created by Thomas
- You now need to be close to the tables in the casino to bet
- Normal dice bet table can accept up to $50,000 bets maximum
- High roller dice bet can accept up to $250,000 bets maximum
- Fixed a bug where if a player changes their phone number via /changeph and someone can also change their phone number to the same number in the same session without anyone logging
- Fixed a bug where if you enter an vehicle able dynamic door where you would be teleported somewhere else
- Fixed a bug where if a vehicle able dynamic door required an entry fee or was restricted to ie. old school, you can get in as a passenger as long as the driver has access
- Reduced lastshot to 15 seconds
- Fixed government faction accessories
- Fixed an exploit with paintball and duel arena
- Disabled scuba diving double pay
- Disabled mining double pay
- Disabled smuggler double pay
- Retired admins can now enter the clubhouse
- Retired admins can now claim the clubhouse gift every 2 hours or access the clubhouse wardrobe
- Retired admins can now access and drive the clubhouse garage vehicles
- Fixed an exploit to duplicate money in the race system
- Reset race spawn positions
- Fixed a rare bug where players would spawn on top of eachother inside races
- Server sided vehicles now respawn after 10 minutes of being unoccupied
- Old school vehicles now respawn after 5 minutes of being unoccupied
- Added /togca which does not save
- You now need to load the crate onto a boat to /crate deliver
- Temp bans are now in GMT + 1 (server time)
- Fixed temp ban unban date display in logs
- Added new /cheater command for SA+ to set a player's status to cheater or non-cheater (works if the player is offline too)
- Added new /ocheaters command for SA+
- Disabled players in the cheater pool from using /ame
- Removed "News:" from login screen textdraw at the bottom
- LSFMD can no longer use /accept medic while injured, recently shot, in events, paintball or cuffed
- Only gangs and cops can use /crate
- Fixed /crate unload not working
- Optimised /crate load and /crate unload
- Fixed a bug with entering a door with vehicle enabled access, anyone who don't have access is tp'd to LV river, it now removes them from the vehicle
- Fixed if you quit /quitevent you don't actually have your duel variables reset

Public Relations
Development Team
Administrator Team
Whole Lawless Community


Simon Walker

Assistant Management
Old School 2013
Lead Hacking Investigator
Feb 17, 2015
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Well done, thank you!
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