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Apr 11, 2013
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We have always been dedicated to providing players with the best experience in SA-MP and for that we need to have a smooth server code. From this update onwards, every single server restart or code edit will be released in small topics like these. Larger releases will have detailed explanations of what's new.

We released a quick server patch (v0.8.84) on the server to address multiple bugs and add a few minor features.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug with /traceplayerip
- Fixed a bug with tab to avoid death detection
- Fixed hostname to show we are sync shooting
- Fixed a bug with the auto /su for people in debt
- Fixed a minor spacing issue with /stats
- Fixed spelling mistakes with /dmpedit
- Fixed a rare issue where GPS will duplicate
- Fixed a bug with " (qoutations) in /traceplayerip with the new service provider
- Fixed a bug in /switchfac
- Fixed a bug with /odm where it did not temp-ban the target player for 3 days
- Fixed an issue with /upgrade not showing drugaddict and painkiller upgrade options
- Fixed an issue with LSPD skins not setting correctly using /locker
- Fixed a bug with the tab to avoid death system
- Fixed a MySQL error with deathmatch saving
- Fixed a bug with the system thinking you're in hospital after being prisoned whilst in hospital
- Adjusted weapon damage amounts
- Updated dmapping.pwn (Added exterior for Max/ Kush's gang exterior in LV)
- Updated the intro song
- Adjusted health hack detection system
- Removed god mode detection as it no longer works with sync shooting
- Increased /shutdown and /claimturf packet loss to 0.5 limit
- Restricted new 0.3.7 police uniforms
- Added a hard-coded list of banned IPs (proxies/ known VPNs)
- Removed /walkstyle from /animhelp
- Added new command for GAs /removedm to remove 1 DM warning
- You cannot use /cancel report if you haven't reported
- /traceplayerip is now 98% accurate in a 10km radius for all EU and NA locations
- The deathmatch warning system has been reviewed:
-- 1st DM warning: 1 hour weapon restricted + slap
-- 2nd DM warning: 4 hours weapon restricted + kick from the server
-- 3rd DM warning: 8 hours weapon restricted + kick from the server + 20 mins jail
-- 4th DM warning: 12 hours weapon restricted + kick from the server + 60 mins jail
-- 5th DM warning: 24 hours weapon restricted + kick from the server + 60 mins jail + 50% total wealth fine
-- 6th DM warning: Automated 3 day temp ban
- DM warnings no longer get reset automated via /unban
- Only way to remove DM warnings will be via a form on the website
- Updated /odm to work the same as /dm but without the kick from the server
- You will now auto become most wanted if you leave the LSPD prison cells before your sentence is over
- Adjusted no reload detection and fugga detection to be more accurate
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, helpers, administrators, mappers, developers and everyone involved with this update. They have worked extremely hard on this update.


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Apr 10, 2014
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