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Apr 11, 2013
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UPDATE 0.7.59!

When we started Lawless Roleplay, we pledged to cultivate a community that was built on a solid foundation. This foundation included a staff team that worked for the community and the members. We have committed ourselves to a very clear message that we are a community made by players for players. This message has resonated throughout SA-MP and we have been able to set the gold standard. Today, we further that commitment by meticulously constructing a staff team that works for the players and supports the players to enjoy a smooth and fun pack experience. This compiled with major development advancements allows us to maintain our establishment as the best gaming community. Period.

I would like everyone to read the following paragraphs about what our blueprint and formula to Lawless Roleplay is.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Update 0.7.59 Overview

Massive code overhaul
In our last update, we rewrote over 40, 000 lines of code to be more efficient and faster using modern and advancing programming techniques. We continue that desire for excellence in this update by rewriting over 30, 000 lines of code. We have updated many systems to be more logical, efficient, fast and most importantly bug free.

These extremely lengthy updates may not contain many features but it allows easy implementation of new features in the future.

New administrative structure
Just like every member of the community, every staff member is also a player imbedded within the community. We understand and felt the failing standard within the staff team to serve players better and to ensure players had a fun experience whilst playing at Lawless Roleplay. As a result, we completely rewrote the admin system including ranks, commands, functions and operational standards.

We have introduced three new administrative ranks as a small aid to help staff serve players better. These ranks are:
  • Blacklist Members
  • Moderators
  • Assistant Server Management
Blacklist members
The biggest outroar within the community is the endless battle with deathmatchers. As a response, we are happy to introduce the blacklist team. This team is constructed of secret players implanted within the community to help battle random deathmatch that commonly occurs. These members have the commands and tools to help them find and punish deathmatchers whilst still maintaining cover as a normal player. We believe this approach will help us win the battle against the increasing amounts of deathmatchers.

We have always felt that the jump from Senior Helper or any other player ran department to Junior Admin was a big jump. The moderator team builds on senior helpers by granting them special commands and functions that allow them to teleport players to LSPD, fix virtual worlds or interiors as well as normal help requests. Moderators also have an administrative duty in which they aim to ban destructive hackers (Teleporters, wrappers etc).

Assistant Server Management
The jump between Head Admin to Server Management was also a very big gap. We aim that this rank will allow administrators to flourish within the team and to allow us to provide more active high levelled administrators.

Random edits/ Misc features
These are some extra features in the updates that we think you'll be pleased to know.
  • Updated streamer, crashdetect and mysql
  • Added object error reporting system
  • Fixed object errors (lands, cades, forklift etc)
  • Removed useless old files
  • Updated bmapping.pwn and anims.pwn
  • Users connected with proxy are kicked from the server
  • Fixed an exploit with /accept weapon
  • Increased total amount of businesses to 125
  • Changed /backup text to bright red
  • Fixed a bug with false material teleport hack bans
  • New version formating style x.x.xx to reflect the number of revisions
  • New deathmatch warning system that is based on the amount of times you are given a deathmatch warning which ranges from a variety of punishments
    • 1st Deathmatch warning: 3 hours weapon restriction
    • 2nd Deathmatch warning: 5 hours weapon restriction + kick from server
    • 3rd Deathmatch warning: 7 hours weapon restriction + kick from server + 60 minutes prison
    • 4th Deathmatch warning: 10 hours weapon restriction + kick from server + 60 minutes prison + 50% total wealth fine
    • 5th Deathmatch warning: automated temp ban for 3 days
  • Senior Helpers, Moderators, Junior Admins will now auto speak in /b when on help requests
  • You can now surf on the flatbed truck
  • Players can now buy guns from gun stores after playing 8 hours
  • You no longer need any playing hours to buy armor from gun stores
  • Players no longer register with boat licenses and will need to buy it
  • You can no longer drive a boat without a sailing license
  • Fixed /members not showing AFK status
  • Fixed timeless and extremely annoying (seriously annoying) player marker bug that would cause back up, faction radar, find and 911 caller markers to disappear on the minimap

Update v0.7.66
- Disabled land building for now
- Fixed a bug with loading gang slots from server restarts
- You cannot temp ban a player for less than 2 minutes
- Fixed a bug where /div invite would cause the commander to lose their rights
- Fixed /gotohouse, /goinhouse, /checkhouse and /hname
- Increased on duty medic armour to 75%
- Rank 3+ medics get 100% armour
- Added shotgun for $150 for medics
- Fixed a spelling mistake with /capture
- Removed capture limit on /ct and /shutdown
- Fixed reports expired not closing /ar
- Fixed a bug with /spec
- On duty admins no longer show on /fmdc
- Added total fine amount to notoriety gain if arrested
- Fixed a bug where /kick after a player is shot will lead to their death
- Added a message to player deaths to let them know which guns they had when dead
- Fixed an issue with /odm
- Fixed the server time from not changing (ever!)
- Added a brand new high effect when you use cocaine or pot
- Fixed a bug where the weather could sometimes not be universal
- Medics standard armor is 75% (unless R3+)
- Fixed /fackick and /editfaction for fac mods that are senior admin
- Fixed a bug with /backup markers which wouldn't go away
- Added object debug logs
- Fixed a bug with clearing out gang slots
- Fixed /hospital
- Fixed spectating bug when players enter interiors or virtual worlds
- Added free name changes for blacklist admins

Update v0.7.73
- Updated the intro song to celebrate the new update
- Added object logs to diagnose issues
- Fixed /fcreate and /fedit
- Added /ofine for General Admins
- Added /oprison for General Admins
- Fixed a bug where if a player /ar a report and the report logs, it will auto /er
- Added /setmylevel for undercover senior admins
- Fixed /stats hiding DM warnings
- Fixed a bug where fisher nets could not break
- Updated did you know messages
- Fixed a bug with /refshop respect points 8
- Fixed a bug with /help and faction leader commands
- Increased uninsured hospital fees to $250
- Increased insured hospital fees to $150
- Fixed a minor bug with spawning at your home after death
- Faction members automatically go off duty once dead
- Gun dealer job material prices has been altered
-- Level 1 Arms Dealer Weapons
--- Flowers has had no increase in material price (25 materials)
--- Knuckles material price is now 30 (was 10 before)
--- 9mm material price is now 180 (was 170 before)
--- sdpistol material price is now 220 (was 200 before)
--- shotgun material price is now 400 (was 250 before)
-- Level 2 Arms Dealer Weapons
--- cane material price is now 50 (was 25 before)
--- baseballbat material price is now 75 (was 25 before)
--- katana is now a level 2 weapon (was level 5) and it's material price is now 80 (was 25 before)
--- rifle material price is now 800 (was 750 before)
--- mp5 material price is now 1000 (was 750 before)
-- Level 3 Arms Dealer Weapons
--- shovel material price is now 50 (was 25 before)
--- deagle has had no increase in material price (2000 materials)
--- ak47 is now a level 3 weapon (was level 4) and it's material price is now 2700 (was 3500 before)
-- Level 4 Arms Dealer Weapons
--- golfclub material price is now 50 (was 25 before)
--- poolcue material price is now 50 (was 25 before)
--- m4 material price is now 3500 (was 4500 before)
-- Level 5 Arms Dealer Weapons
--- Dildo is now a level 5 weapon (was level 1) and it's material price is now 50 (was 10 before)
--- sniper material price is now 4000 (was 7000 before)
-- Rose Donator Weapons
--- uzi has had no increase in material price (1000 materials)
--- tec9 has had no increase in material price (1000 materials)
-- Ivy Donator Weapons
--- Spas12 material price is now 4000 (was 3500 before)
-- Turf Weapons
--- Spas12 has had no increase in material price (5000 materials)
- Shotgun is now $500 in gun stores
- Fixed a bug with /relog
- Fixed an issue with OnPlayerDisconnect
- Fixed grammar issues with fishing messages
- Altered fishing weight and count calculations and increased the chance of your net breaking from 1% to 10%
- Fixed a bug with hospital spawning and having 100 armor upgrade
- Fixed a bug with on duty people arriving at the hospital
- Fixed a bug with /sellgun not working
- Fixed an object bug with the indicators
- Removed beachball
- You now have 50 HP when using /newbme
- Once you enter a turf area, you can no longer be spawn killed
- Once you enter a turf area, the system lets you know!

Update v0.7.77

- Added back /shutdown turf limit (removed by mistake)
- Fixed a bug with /adestroyweed
- Fixed a bug with weed plants and objects
- Fixed a object bug regarding the indicators
- Fixed a major house bug
- Enabled land building once again
- Player kill-to-death ratio will now be set to 0 when given a deathmatch warning
- Management has access to /nr again
- Fixed a bug with the checkpoint marker from /robstore not disappearing
- Fixed the super complex and major object bug that has been affecting us for the past year. This means that objects won't disappear randomly such as boomboxes, weedplants, cades, cones, flars, land objects, prison doors and etc. (Seriously proud moment)

Update v0.7.95
- Updated foreach to be more efficient and faster
- Added /landhelp to list land commands
- Added /samphelp to list client commands
- Fixed 12 spelling mistakes of 'infomation' instead of 'information'
- Fixed szLandString from stupid string size as 2048 is the max string size possible
- Adjusted land dialog view
- Updated all things easter! (For upcoming events)
- Changed easter egg object
- Cleaned up the script some more
- Fixed a bug with /passport and admins nearby
- Enabled forklift job after it being disabled for over 6 months
- Fixed bugs with /showid
- Fixed issues with /ddedit
- People with land building perms can now also use /landdebug without being the land owner
- Added 3D text logs to detect the 3D texts disappearing when spawning
- Added NOP SendDeath C.O.C.K. detection (hackers could instantly revive themselves)
- Adjusted /ddedit [doorid] [name] [amount] syntax
- Adjusted /hedit [houseid] [name] [(Optional)amount] syntax
- Fixed a bug with the server time not changing the sky
- Fixed a bug where the new stoned effect would not fully take place
- Added /use cigar
- Fixed a bug where using chemicals did not cause you to get high
- Fixed an exploit with using chemicals
- Added /dicebet (You have to be inside a special casino to gamble)
- Added /accept bet and /cancel bet
- Adjusted /deploycade
- The casino charges 5% when using dicebet inside
- The dices can now randomly get lost after gambling
- Added 3D text for the ATM and /dicebet
- Added /bankhelp and /atmhelp
- Fixed a small bug with /landdebug
- Fixed an issue with /lands
- Added C.O.C.K. protection against extreme vehicle health hacks
- Adjusted /setvehhp
- Added C.O.C.K. protection against a special type of armour hacks
- Removed object logs
- Fixed a bug with mass vehicle wrap detection
- Fixed a major bug with creating houses
- Added /hdesc for head admins
- Added pages to all land based dialogs (editing a land, painting, graffiti, texture and destroying)
- This means that you will see only 50 items per page to make it more manageable for users
- Fixed more land based bugs (oh my god)
- Adjusted /landdebug to be less of a cluster fuck
- Fixed the bug that has been there since 1954 in which 3D texts would randomly disappear after some time
- Fixed further bugs with the land dialogs

Update v0.7.99
- Lowered dice timer to 15 seconds
- Players can now buy more than one dice now
- Added /togphone to /settings
- Fixed a bug with 3D texts of turf capture messages not destroying
- Fixed a bug with listing player land objects

Update v0.8.00
- More land fixes (hopefully the last one)

Update v0.8.04
- Bartenders can now serve drinks in the casino
- Fixed a bug where interiors with disabled gunsales were not saving
- Added new weapons able function to doors. This allows admins to bar weapons from certain interiors to prevent deathmatch.
- Fixed a bug with the hostname when using /togdexp
- Adjusted forklift message when exploding
- Deleted 18 ATM locations that were either hidden or in cities not used
- Added 3D text to every single ATM location so that is it clear for users
- Rose garage donator vehicles now have special license plates
- Speed up the weapon detection system
- Added dice to /inv
- Fixed a management message
- Added /goto casino
- Fixed a string issue with /er
- Added new bank exterior
- Enabled easter hunt

Update v0.8.11
- Weapon detection system optimisation
- Firemen now gain $250 when extinguishing flames (there is 6 flames per fire thus fireman can make up to $1, 500 on a single fire)
- People nearby burning players will also get burnt
- Fixed a bug with fires not being able to be extinguished
- Fixed a bug where the blacklist member's title was not properly shown on /newb
- Fixed a bug with the easter egg hunt prize selection not picking the right prizes
- Fixed a bug where once you are warned of having too many fish in your boat, the net would break regardless of how many fish you drop
- Police can now use weapons, tazers and bean bags inside weapon restricted interiors
- Adjusted /dicebet randomness calculation
- Players with open reports cannot report again to help manage report spam
- Fixed a bug where moderators could not use /kick or /ban
- Disabled easter events
- Fixed a bug where moderators could not use /setvw, /setint or /sendtols
- Fixed DM warnings not showing sometimes on /ocheck
- Players lose their mining/ wood chopping properties when dead now
- Fixed a bug which caused donator car dealerships to not properly save/ load
- Fixed a bug where the system would not detect gang IDs for gang doors (all gang restricted doors must be reset again)
- Fixed a minor bug restricting management access on /lands
- Fixed a bug were tabbing after event or paintball would cause the system to kill you for tabbing
- Added a new warn report system for when admins use /warn on players like ban report

Update v0.8.18
- Rescripted /gangs
- Head admins+ off duty or any on duty admins can use /gangs [gangid] to list all online members
- Added special gang colouring to /gangs
- Gangs without bandanas can no longer use /claimturf
- Police not on duty/ showing their badge can no longer shut down turfs
- Gangs not wearing a bandana cannot take over a turf
- You can no longer use your bandana whilst jailed
- Cops can no longer use /badge whilst cuffed, tied, jailed, in event, injured or recently shot
- All gang members bandanas automatically show during turf times
- All police members (not FBI) automatically show their badges during turf wars
- Added /me and anim to /badge
- Turfs show to everyone when there is a turf war
- Once the player tags the turf then the turf zone will automatically flash their gang colour and the previous gang colour instantly (PD turfs flash royal blue)
- Once the turf is over, the turf will no longer flash
- Gangs cannot hide their bandanas during an active turf war
- Further bug fixes for /sendtols, /setvw and /setint for moderators+
- Moderators can only /setvw or /setint to 0 (ie. /setvw [playerid/name])
- Spawn, car park, driver shot, tabbing to avoid etc kills are now fully logged in dm.log
- Fixed a major bug in the NOP VW hack detection
- Dice calculations are now completely random
- Adjusted every text 'percent' to actual % sign
- When creating a new business, the system detects if it is near other businesses (75 meter radius) and automatically hides it's map icon
- When moving businesses, the system detects if it is not near any other business and automatically shows it's map icon
- System now automatically detects if a business is too close to the trucker job and automatically stops truck deliveries to prevent teleport bans
- You can no longer dice bet more than 80% of your total wealth
- Rescripted /deletegangveh
- Added faction colours to /factions
- Fixed a bug where the progress bar would not go away after failing to win a turf
- Fixed a problem with percentage signs
- Tons of spelling & grammar mistake fixes.
- More business edits and fixes
- Added object logs again
- Updated Button.pwn
- Updated the Alternative, Blues, Classical, Country, Decades, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Inspirational, International, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Misc, New Age, Pop, Public Radio, R&B/Urban, Rap, Reggae, and Talk
radio stations
- Many thanks to Wesson, James, Ricardo, Fritz, Amir and Revo
- New intro song (a very old school song)

Update v0.8.26
- Undercover/ on duty admins will no longer show their bandana automatically at turf times
- Fixed a minor issue with material teleport detection in different virtual worlds or interiors
- Fixed Radio Fresh 80s, Big R Radio, Radio Party and 181.FM - UK Top 40
- Added Radio Nostalgia (decades) and Radio Cool (Folk)
- Updated Button.pwn
- Management is now immune to speed hack warnings
- Fixed a bug where the water from /carwash wouldn't show
- Decreased spawn kill protection to 30 seconds
- You no longer have spawn kill protection on logging in
- Fixed a minor land bug
- Increased weapon check speeds
- Removed the auto /me and animation for turf automatic bandanas and badges
- Gangs can now use /bandana even if there is an active turf but they can't hide it inside an active turf
- Players can now craft receivers using the craftsman job to listen to police, FBI, government and EMS /d (department) radio messages
- Donators no longer have receiver access (sorry kind people, will make it up to ya! promise!)
- Fixed a massive exploit with the craftsman job
- Fixed a minor exploit with the crafting of a bomb
- Each receiver crafted gives you 10 radio message slots (users can craft many receivers to get more slots as they build up, use /inv to check how many slots you got)
- Every time you use /receiver, you can listen to a MAXIMUM of 20 radio messages per hour (regardless of how many receivers you have)
- Every single /d message sent to you will take 1 receiver slot
- You can turn your receiver off using /receiver to conserve receiver unit slots
- Fixed a bug with /gangs
- Player bandanas now automatically show once they enter an active turf
- Police badges now automatically show once they enter an active turf
- Turf gang zones now show if you have them disabled and you enter an active turf
- Added a brand new /charity command
- You can donate any amount of money to the San Andreas Charity
- Donating more than $50, 000 will announce it to the whole server
- There is a global 20 second cool down timer
- Your total amount of donations is now shown on /stats

Update v0.8.27
- Emergency bug fixes (MySQL)

Update v0.8.32
- Top charity users (/charity) now show on the website's statistic page: http://www.lawlessrp.com/pages/stats/
- Fixed a bug with /deletehit
- Added /charity to /help and /bankhelp
- Fixed a bug with /traceplayerip
- Adjusted /warn message to players
- Fixed a bug with /setradio, /mp3 etc
- Updated Button.pwn
- Fixed a log error with selling lands to other players
- Changed a car spawn location
- Fixed duplicated helicopters ontop of the mayor's house
- Fixed the bugged spawning of the LSFMD HQ helicopters
- Fixed a bug where non-land owners could destroy all objects or sell the land to another player
- Fixed a bug with /sendtols, /setvw and /setint for admin helper managers
- Fixed an exploit which allowed players to escape death by forcing timeouts
- Fixed a bug with /hmotd
- Fixed a bug with destroying a land object message
- Fixed a bug with objects disappearing

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers (Philly, Amri, James, Cynthia, Ricardo, Franz and Schneider), all staff members and everyone involved with this update on behalf of us - the players.

So join us and rise to power! It's time the lunatics prospered...

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