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  1. Barney

    Barney Management

    Apr 11, 2013
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    We have always been committed to our users by showing them how much we care about perfecting the world our user’s experience. In our journey to make Lawless Roleplay one of the biggest communities, the entire administrative team has been very busy to help foster a new player experience. We have been monitoring community feedback and we believe that the latest changes and game updates really addresses vital and key issues within the community. We are striving for success using your help by placing you in command.

    A lot of community members have advised the administrative team that the game server is missing vital rules or that there is miscommunication between what’s allowed and what isn’t. We have created a brand new page on our site carefully detailing the game server rules.

    In addition, we have also updated the forum rules and game server rules. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with our operational rules. We really hope that this clears the uncertainty around rules.

    You may view the community rules via this link.

    Forum warnings
    The entire administrative team have been in the past month been under heavy fire from a huge group within the community. They have constantly protested against the hate speech posted by some members of the community. We will now actively enforce forum rules by issuing rule breakers warnings. The consequences are:
    • 2 Warnings – Your connection to the forum will be sub-standard
    • 4 Warnings – Temporary banned for one week
    • 6 Warnings – Temporary banned for two weeks
    • 8 Warnings – Banned until your warnings expire
    • 10 Warnings – Permanently banned
    Please use the report function to report posts or topics that are breaking our forum rules.

    Update 1.1.331
    We have always been committed to bring our players the best experience they could possibility have. Revision 1.1.331 is our latest stepping stone in offering the community a golden script and has over 180 fixes and features. The list below details the new fixes and features (certain things are not included due to security reasons):

    *- Updated script dependencies
    *- Updated and added several new administrative commands and functions
    *- Added several new hack detection modules
    *- Fixed several script exploits
    *- Added 2 hours requirement to /buy in gun stores
    *- Adjusted the mechanic wait timer to 20 seconds from 60 seconds
    *- Adjusted drug selling wait timer to 30 seconds from 60 seconds
    *- Fixed a bug with vehicles not saving properly
    *- Fixed a bug with /sellgun mp5
    *- Fixed AFK time issue
    *- Added 5k interest limit
    *- Increased /backup string
    *- Fixed a bug with /funhouse
    *- Fixed /neutralise bugs
    *- Renamed Life Flight to Special Response Team
    *- Fixed all bugs with the land system
    *- Added /drop furniture
    *- You can't pick up the phone whilst tied
    *- Fixed helpers not being able to exterior interiors on /accepthelp
    *- Fixed /ohelpers
    *- Fix anim crash
    *- Removed a lot of useless functions
    *- Removed several useless LSFMD vehicles
    *- Fixed LSPD falling through door
    *- Fixed death bugs
    *- Added a message when editing land items
    *- Adjusted /funhouse
    *- Fixed a lands loading bug
    *- Fixed /grabgun
    *- Adjusted advertisement mutes
    *- Added /funhouse command
    *- Added warnings for logging in with too much materials or cash or drugs
    *- Fixed turf display
    *- Changed login colours
    *- Added message to /prison for the rule breaker
    *- Removed random useless variables and functions
    *- Removed weather shit
    *- Every instance of the website and teamspeak are labelled by defines now
    *- Optimized some timers
    *- Fixed a /sellchems wording mistake "ounces(s) of cocaine"
    *- Adjusted ongamemodeexit and onplayerdisconnect to avoid accounts not saving health
    *- Miner and lumberjack pay now is $140-75 for quality ore and $120-65 for normal
    *- Garbageman job pay has been set to $800
    *- Fixed /findjob
    *- Fixed notorious suspects spawning in admin prison
    *- If you exit a door whilst jailed, you become most wanted
    *- Moved drug factory to the pier
    *- You can now /free people from notorious jail
    *- Fixed /neutralize bugs
    *- Fixed a huge position exploit
    *- Removed dynamic weather
    *- Drop guns now disappear after 60 minutes
    *- Optimized code
    *- Fixed /dropgun bugs
    *- Fixed /buy bugs
    *- Fixed /grabgun bug
    *- Fixed several death bugs
    *- Adjusted /sms
    *- Rescripted /rt
    *- Fixed paycheck issues
    *- Admins bypass door exploit check
    *- Fixed payday issue for donators
    *- Fixed a bug with /ocreatepvehicle
    *- You now automatically die if you've been shot in the past 10 seconds and then log out
    *- If you have been shot in the past 10 seconds and then tab out, you will trigger warnings
    *- You no longer gain notoriety whilst killing as hunted
    *- Fixed several /rtnc errors for helpers
    *- Added /cancel help
    *- You no longer can g-bug as tied
    *- Fixed several /changeph bugs
    *- Fixed /MDC member string size
    *- If someone /q's whilst being offered help, the help chat auto closes
    *- Added /setautoreply off
    *- Fixed the alarm lock
    *- Fixed a string issue with /respawnfreegangvehs
    *- You can uncuff jailed people now
    *- Fixed the anti-door exploit message
    *- Rose donators don't need to sign check any more
    *- Moved lumberjack and miner jobs into Los Santos (/findjob)
    *- Removed basketball script
    *- Removed the pizza boy job
    *- Removed sprunk (/usesprunk)
    *- Increased club sprunk to give 5 hp per click
    *- Removed craftable tyres
    *- You no longer needs tyres to /repair vehicles as a mechanic
    *- Removed old disabled christmas climbing event
    *- Removed a lot of static vehicles (we now have only 300)
    *- Renamed /anims to /animlist in /help
    *- Delay when entering/exiting interiors of 5 seconds before you can go out again
    *- Rescripted /pfine and /fine to code from 2013 and not 2006
    *- /pfine and /fine also now tells the player they have been fined
    *- Added cades all over the bridges to stop people going into SF/ LV
    *- Adjusted escape pad key in the prison co-ords
    *- Adjusted prisoner spawn positions
    *- Adjusted prison cell door positions
    *- Adjusted teleport hack sensitivity
    *- Fixed weapon ban bug
    *- Increased /loadmoney pay to ~$1, 000 each time
    *- Decreased robbery escape time to 15 minutes
    *- Senior helpers can now use /nmute
    *- Adjusted weapon hack detection
    *- Prisoners can now escape jail
    *- However they'll get felon status
    *- Prisoners can now post /ads too
    *- Fixed GMX death/ timeout death
    *- New debug features
    *- Decreased lawyer notoriety price to $25 per 10 notoriety points
    *- Old HHCheck is removed
    *- Removed boxing job
    *- Moved the garbage man job into inner Los Santos
    *- Adjusted door icons
    *- Fixed the find marker disappearing often
    *- Enhanced vehicle modification hack detection
    *- Increased security around hack detection
    *- Updated /changes and /fixes
    *- Added /newb to the new player messages
    *- Added loss of notoriety to street sweeper, lumberjack, miner, garbageman
    *- Added gain of notoriety using /give, /sellcar
    *- You lose 50 notoriety for doing a garbageman run
    This message is sponsored by Sprunk - giving you daily facials.
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  2. PowerSurge

    PowerSurge Hustler

    Jun 17, 2013
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    East Midlands, United Kingdom
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  3. Victor

    Victor New Playa

    Aug 11, 2013
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    Victor Burr
    sweet thx for this now people will know the rules and hopefully follow them
  4. Interlude

    Interlude Red-Headed Stepchild

    May 9, 2013
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    Akiro Fukoyama
    Awesome.. BTW wasn't Sprunk removed? :p
  5. ena


    Apr 15, 2013
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    Yeah but he didn't update the script revisions page so he puts all the updates from the past weeks here.
  6. Brian Cool

    Brian Cool New Playa

    Apr 24, 2013
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    Thumbs up.
  7. Mickey Salvatore

    Mickey Salvatore Good Fella

    Jul 9, 2013
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    Nice work!
  8. Leiionidas

    Leiionidas Retired Admin

    Apr 11, 2013
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    Great features and updates. All it needs is an awesome song to accompany it...

    ( [Verse One: Makaveli]
    To live and die in Los Santos, where everyday we try to pop a fool
    Us niggas hustle for the turfs so it's hard to knock it
    Everybody got they own thang, currency chasing
    Worldwide through the hard times, worrying faces
    Shed no tear as we bury our enemies
    What was a friend now a ghost in the dark, cold hearted about it
    Nigga got smoked by a fiend, trying to RP on him )

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  9. PowerSurge

    PowerSurge Hustler

    Jun 17, 2013
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    East Midlands, United Kingdom
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    >rp on him
  10. Amri

    Amri Retired Admin

    Apr 15, 2013
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    Awesome! nice job!
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