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Apr 11, 2013
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UPDATE 1.2.566!

A truly great community is ultimately defined by the integration of it's members and ability. This is one of our most integrated updates ever. Every single component, every process has been considered and measured to make sure that it is truly useful and actually enhances the user’s interaction. This care, this consideration, extends on how we protect the fundamental mission statement of Lawless Roleplay.

This update was entirely designed and orchestrated by the entire community. A roleplay server for the players, by the players. You can find many suggestions, bug fixes and new features introduced was your ideas posted in the suggestions forums.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Update 1.2.566 Overview

Lag Shooting

We've always been committed to make this server a place where everyone's opinion matters. We find it critical to our mission statement to make sure we harvest a community with diplomacy. Ever since 0.3z came out, we jumped ship to sync shooting and a lot of players did not like it. We had arguments often discussing what's best but we simplified things and made a community poll in which 62.6% of 351 members wanted it back.

For those of you who joined us after the 0.3z update, lag shooting is a system in which you will need to aim slightly infront of a player when they're moving to shoot them (instead of their body). We have some tutorials posted here. What's really great is that you don't need to download anything for this to take effect, simply just log in!

Lawless Roleplay is a server created by players for the players and this is exact proof. We have new automated hacking systems to help detect many new things.


Ever find yourself running wild in the magical wild west city of Los Santos, alone and hurt? Health regeneration will help you get back onto your feet by slowly increasing your health to 50%. It's incredibly smart and pauses if it detects that you recently hurt yourself or are in a shoot out.

This was another suggestion from a player who got bored of dying every time he had 1% health running to the sprunk machine!

New ban system and Deathmatch warning

Everyone has been unbanned and all deathmatch warnings have been reset. This is due to completely new systems. The new ban system upgrade begins our ability to administrate the server back to the modern age. We can expand the system in future to allow us to remotely unban players, have automated temporary bans and the ability to see why someone is banned on the site. We believe this will bring a new dimension in administrating the community by allowing admins to process ban appeals faster.

The deathmatch system will no longer decrease your weapon damage. However, it will restrict you from using weapons, joining events, paintball or duels. The weapon restriction is hourly and will decrease every time you sign your check.

Weapon restriction below 4 hours
  • You are given 4 hours of weapon restriction
Weapon restriction below 8 hours but above 4 hours
  • You are given 8 hours of weapon restriction
  • You are kicked from the server
Weapon restriction below 12 hours but above 8 hours
  • You are given a 60 minute prison sentence
  • You are given 12 hours of weapon restriction
  • You are kicked from the server
Weapon restriction below 16 hours but above 12 hours
  • You are given a 90 minute prison sentence
  • You are fined 50% of your total wealth
  • You are given 16 hours of weapon restriction
  • You are kicked from the server
Weapon restriction above 16 hours
  • Banned (time based on severity)

Update logs

There has been over 220 bug fixes, adjustments and alterations.

Bug Fixes
- Implemented a fix for reviving in interiors and not being able to purchase afterwards (http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/minor-revive-in-business.34071/)
- Fixed 2 messages being sent saying you had picklocked a vehicle when it had moved away from you. http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/another-picklock-bug.31553/
- Added vehicle ejection for /quitfaction & /uninvite - http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/quitfaction.31532/
- Moved chem lab checkpoint - http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/checkpoint-bug.31757/
- Added logging for an error - http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/lsfmd-blueberry-bug-getpt-in-blueberry.31142/ (Player is in business but system cannot find the business)
- Adjusted text when you lose health for having an STD so it sends the correct values (5, 12, 20 rather than 4, 8, 12) http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/whore-job-std-health-loss.33190/
- Added a check for /editevent team1skin|team2skin so you can't choose a skin below 0 or above 299. http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/editevent-team-skin.36832/
- Added a check for whether your phone is enabled or not when using /ad http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/ad.36881/
- You are no longer teleported into the PD when you are released from PD if you are not near the cell or in the interior. You are set as MW if you are found to not be in your cell when released. http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/mw-and-escaping-ic-prison.33293/
- Fixed error #3254 - max server objects reached (New max objects is MAX_LANDS*MAX_PLAYER_BUILDS, allowing for 250 objects per land)
- Fixed a bug where /fannounce and /gannounce were not available to any administrators except fac/gang mods and management (checked for both GA and management at 2 different stages). Both are now available for Senior Admins.
- Fixed not being able to purchase the correct amount of spraycans, cigars, ropes & cloth
- Fixed a notification on police capturing turf - no longer says $500 as this is incorrect http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/turf-bug.33150/
- Fixed amount removed from players money for buying a lobster from a restaurant http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/price-in-menu-bug-business.32179/
- Suiciding no longer kills players under spawn protection http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/spawn-kill-protection-bug.31958/
- Fixed a bug with /fcreate setting a player as both faction and gang.
- Fixed /startfires, /killfires, /makeleader & /editfaction not working for faction mods (Should now work for both A3+ or any admin with fac mod division in-game)
- Fixed a bug where if you managed to get open the dialog "DIALOG_LSFMDGEAR", you can purchase a chainsaw if you are the leader of HMA.
- Fixed /quitfaction & /uninvite not kicking LSFMD members from their vehicle
- Fixed a /picklock bug for LSPD and alarm locked vehicles (was fixed in 544 but forgot to add to revision notes)
- Fixed a string error with "Sell land to player" section of /lands dialog
- Fixed a bug with speccing duel players not showing the message
- Fixed /setarmorall setting armour below with armourcheck enabled
- Fixed a bug with /backup in interiors showing a very strange unicode string instead of the intended string
- Fixed a bug with logging players selling lands only logging their name and land ID
- Fixed receiving 2 "You're too exhausted" messages when trying to enter a building after being shot
- Fixed a bug with /rr and /dr not working due to /ar not remembering the report ID of the accepted report
- Fixed some bugs with /picklock and cuffs
- Fixed a missing variable in /editvault causing problems
- Fixed a bug in /dr not showing the reporter's name
- Fixed a grammar mistake in /ar if you have a report open
- Fixed /ld enabling and disabling instantly
- Fixed spawn protection & /suicide not working properly
- Radio stations that are not yet fixed should not be shown in /setradio, /mp3 or /placebb
- Changed a lot of strings in the hooker job and fixed some bugs because the English was genuinely s**t and so was the scripting
- Radio stations have been fixed with the help and time of John Williams, who both found all non-working stations and provided URLs for most of them!
- Fixed MP3 players and Boomboxes showing stations marked as not working
- Fixed a string error when editing/cancelling a land object (different object ids)
- Fixed a minor bug with withdrawing crack from a house (limited you to 99 grams but said max of 100 grams)
- Fixed a bug with logging and /hwithdraw & /hdeposit logging withdrawals/depositing of pot/crack in the second house as the first houses ID
- Fixed /hdeposit allowing you to store more than 2500 chemicals in your house and over 2500 pot in house 2
- Fixed a bug in /osetadmin showing no rank name
- Fixed /osetadmin and now works as intended
- Fixed weapon restrictions for /sellgun /giveweapon
- Fixed 101 retarded bugs with /setarmorall (common dude!!)
- Fixed a bug that lets you exit/ enter buildings even after being shot
- Fixed several bugs with /er (it's like end report)
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to /kill during spawn protection
- Fixed a huge exploit with chemical and crack selling
- Updated variable conventions in some commands
- Added "else {}" to empty finish if statements in some commands
- Changed fake death ban to standard (no longer RCON)
- Added /togbug shortcut for /togbr (FBI)
- Updated /rules with some more (but not all) rules and removed old rules (PG & MG)
- Added /respawnfreefactionvehs for SAN
- Added /killfires to A3
- Updated admin help with /startfires, /killfires, /makeleader & /(o)sethelper due to them being in A4 but scripted for A3.
- Added IsPlayerConnected check to /anetstats
- Added a variable to detect if the hunted was killed by a bomb & award the killer http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/hunted-and-bomb.31796/
- Added IsValidVehicle to natives
- Added logging & admin warning if a players vehicle is not destroyed upon disconnection to help track vehicle duplication issues
- You can no longer talk in /r, /d, /cr, /dr, /dispatch while in prison/jail
- You can no longer talk in /g while you are injured, cuffed or tied.
- Added /creategvehicle & /destroygvehicle to gang mod in /ah
- Added /fackick to faction mod
- You can no longer use /defend, /su or /accept in events or paintball
- You no longer lose your money from a bank robbery if you are revived
- You now gain 6 crimes from robbing a bank, 2 from robbing a business and 1 from robbing a house (Bank didnt give crimes and both house & business gave 1 crime)
- Added business and DD names to /backup if they are in an interior or business
- If a gang vehicle paintjob is changed by an R5+ via /paintcar, the paintjob is now saved
- Added a minimum fine to /gmute, /admute and /nmute
- Added a check to all MDC dialogs to confirm the player is in a vehicle
- Removed police not being able to taze recently spawned players due to public demand and lack of RP reasoning
- Added total upgrades variable to count all upgrade points earned - including level up + business. This is used in /resetupgrades
- Added warnings for a players phone number changing without SetPlayerPhoneNumber or their number changing to 0 to help detect a bug
- Added a check and delay to OnPlayerConnect if the player variables haven't been reset (unlikely to ever be used) http://www.lawlessrp.com/threads/barney-big-exploit-accounts-being-vanished-critical-bug.31990/
- You can now sell your land directly to a player via /lands dialog
- Added /alandfix (A2+) to verify & re-create invalid objects on the land they are standing on. A message will be received for each object that is invalid.
- Added interior & virtual world to gang vehicles enum, /respawnfreegangvehs now links the vehicle to its interior & sets the VW rather than just respawning it.
- Faction vehicles respawned via /respawnfreefactionvehs are now linked to interior 0 and virtual world set to 0
- If you are in a faction, your faction skin is your skin when you: spawn at hospital, log in & go on-duty at your locker. Your standard skin is restored when going off-duty, logging in or spawning while off-duty.
- Removed /editfaction from /help if you have a leaderflag or are a division commander as this is a fac mod/A3+ command
- You no longer spawn at a hospital 'on-duty' and no longer spawn with your faction skin.
- Added a new Senior Admin command to destroy a weed plant by selecting it with their cursor (due to script limitations, this is the easiest way to get it's modelid) - this command is /destroyweed
- Added a message to /spec if the player is in a duel, similar to paintball or tutorial.
- Updated foreach from 0.1.5 to 0.4 and YSI from 1.0 to version 4.0
- Altered string lengths from a lot of commands (most lowered from 128 or 126 to exact lengths)
    - /robhouse
    - /editevent
    - /robbank
    - /loadfurniture
    - /accept
    - /loadmoney
    - /healnear
    - /resetrobbery
    - /finishrobbery
    - /givegun
    - /h
    - /number
    - /dice
    - /tie
    - /untie
    - /setfreq
    - /setfreq2
    - /clearallreports
    - /nmute
    - /gmute
    - /admute
    - /nunmute
    - /gunmute
    - /adunmute
    - /aclearwanted
- Added an option to /setarmorall so players dont lose armor if they have higher armor
- Added a check to /craft bomb so you don't lose a receiver if you are a Rose+ donator
- Optimized /switchfac (removed 128 char string due to unnecessary use of a switch statement checking the fac id and inserting it) / updated variable conventions (script)
- Added DIALOG_REPORTTIPS define as /reporttips used a hard-coded ID for the dialog (script)
- Added /picklock ability to cuffs
- You can no longer /ad while on-duty as an admin
- Added /lillycalc, a temporary command to test a replacement for /calculate. If any number contains a decimal, it returns the current method. If none are decimals, no extra .00000 (etc) should be shown.
- Updated SetPlayerArmedWeapon C.O.C.K module to help prevent false-positives
- Added a string check to SetPlayerArmedWeapon C.O.C.K module to identify Night/Thermal Vis. Goggles, Molotov and unknown weapons (currently prints "NOP SetPlayerArmedWeapon (())" if it is goggles or molotov)
- Shortened the string in /forceoffduty to 100 characters
- If the hooker's partner is a female, they cannot use condoms (as the condom use is on the partners side, not the hookers)
- Added dental dams for female protection
- Removed 4 strings being formatted before being sent when buying from a 24/7
- You must now /use [condom/dam] in order to use a condom or dental dam before having sex (this is optional now as if you had a condom before hand you could not gain health or risk an STD)
- Added condoms and dental dams to /inventory, moved fertilizer to a new line
- Added drug crates to /frisk
- You can now slowly regenerate health until you reach 50 health. This cannot be done in a gunfight (checks for last time you took damage).
- Adjusted fly hack detection height
- Added IsPlayerInSwimmingPool to prevent false-positives in fly hack detection (currently 5 pools detected & hoover dam)
- Added /rr and /dr for admins
- Added /putincar to put another player in a vehicle (admin command)
- If you are saved by a medic, it is now logged in /kills
- Added all player variables from revisions 543-547 to /aduty so they reset when an admin goes off duty
- Added /eventkick to remove a player from the event
- Added /eventkick, /endevent and /toggletk for A2+ in an event through /eventstaff
- Removed /iseedeadpeople and /iseelivepeople from /ah as they no longer exist
- Added 'fishing' to /goto
- You can no longer /triage in events that disallow healing
- Team kill is now disabled in /endevent
- Changed /dr (division radio) to /dc due to conflicts with a new admin command
- Admins that tab for 15 minutes or longer are forced off duty
- Added /gangs to /ah for management as it is not in /ah
- Updated IsPlayerInSwimmingPool function (script)
- Updated /lillycalc to only show floats/decimal numbers if it requires it (i.e 1 + 1.5 = 3.5, 1 + 1 = 2)
- Added GivePlayerMoneyEx & VaultCheck functions
- Added /editvault & /vaults for A4+
- Health regeneration now regenerates smaller amounts of health over longer periods of time
- Added a message to /gangs for management reminding them that /gangs [id] exists for them
- Added bombs to /inv
- Added a check to /setadminname for spaces in the set name
- Added a range check to /rubberbullets
- Moved server-side damage from OnPlayerGiveDamage to OnPlayerTakeDamage as OnPlayerGiveDamage would negate lagcomp mode
- Added killerWeapon to `kills` table in MySQL
- Added a variable to remember your last vehicle to prevent /dropcar personal vehicle by jumping out quickly
- Disabled /destroyweed for non-management admins (currently does not work)
- Added /landdebug (shows 3DTextLabels on your land objects)
- Added /lands & /landdebug to /help
- Added /setjob
- If an admin accepts a report and there is more than 1 from the same person, all others are trashed
- Added another variable to /dl label to provide more information about the object (hopefully with the ID that is recognised in /lands)
- Land debug labels should now only show for the player that toggled them
- /lillycalc has now replaced /calculate (/calculate is still the command)
- Raised event limit maximum from 60 to 100
- Adjust /setjob so the list of jobs doesnt look like a big pile of spam
- Added LandUpdateLabels() function and added it to creation and editting of objects in a land
- Changed the /report string to specify how many seconds left until you can make a new report
- Fac mods are now given a leaderflag if they /switchfac into a faction (changed if statement from 'or' instead of 'and' (if fac mod & a3+ they got a leaderflag)
- Added /setjob to /ah
- Added an admin announcement for the last player in an event or upon his death
- Updated NOP SetPlayerArmedWeapon hack detection module to detect driver-driveby
- Added /respawnfreejobvehs for trucker, garbageman and forklift jobs
- Changed forklift vehicles creation from CreateVehicle to AddStaticVehicleEx
- Added /timer
- Added /checkpointdistance for management, only available when the script is compiled for the beta server
- Changed the login song
- New teleport hack detection system for trucking (Wooo! no more false-positives from close businesses!)
- Minor script patches
- Updated streamer
- Updated crashdetect (and I totally don't know where crashdetect.pdb is supposed to go -__-)
- /setlandprice & /editlandsize have been moved to management as they are listed in /ah for management but available for A2+
- Added /dddetails for A3+ to see ids for colors & pickup models
- Most commands involving chemicals should now accept both "Chemicals" and "chems" as valid options
- Added /osetadmin for management
- Added /yell for admins (toggles /b sending text further & colored red)
- Houses can now hold 2.5kgs of pot & crack
- You can now sell up to 500 grams of crack, pot or chems at a time
- You are no longer limited to depositing 25 grams at a time (houses)
- Houses can now hold chemicals
- Over 8,000 occurances of 'string', 'amount' & 'choice' variables have been updated with variable conventions
- R5 in gangs can now respawn gang cars
- You can no longer set an admin rank to their current rank
- /adjustrank now uses the standard format of /command [playerid] [value] rather than the old /adjustrank [rank] [playerid]
- /osetadmin can now only demote administrators and promote from A1 to A2
- Management can now check management and below IPs, via /ipcheck, /ipsearch & similar (used to be limited to below their admin rank)
- Added logging in /kills for an admin setting a players hp to 0
- Removed /kills logging for /sethp (pushed back to next update) due to errors and lack of time
- Added WeaponSales toggle to /ddedit
- Added location to /vstorage for spawned vehicles
- Player name, IP, Type of ban, Admin Name, Ban reason, timestamp in a new bans sql table
- New ban system to allow future proof extentions (temp bans in future)
- Remove road blocks
- Disable anims in paintball
- Weapon checks
- /turfs now only show gang owner name with gang color
- You need 20 connect hours to /buy from gun stores
- You need 8 connection hours to get a gun from user interactions
- Hard coded into system (nobody below 8 connection hours can get guns)
- Save bandana option
- tabbed/ afk shooting
- anti cheat warnings
- Updated DM warning system to work as weapon restriction timer
- DM Punishment
- Weapon restrictions for /refund & /givegun
- Edits to PVar LastShot
- Health regen altered
- SetPlayerHealth altered
- Adjusted hostname to include [lagshooting!]
- You no longer can use anims whilst in hospital, or in the loading objects screen
- Added double clearing anims when pick locking fails
- /quitgang, /quitfac, /fackick, /uninvite and /adjust uninvite kicks you out of any vehicle
- You can no longer use /togphone if you don't have a phone
- You can no longer use \ or ' in adverts
- Gang/ faction mods & SA+ can now use /fannounce and /gannounce
- Renamed /dr to /er
- Added error to /destroycar when you're not in a vehicle
- You can no longer use /join whilst in a vehicle
- Health regeneration will stop for some time if you hurt yourself via falling etc
- Added Chemicals to /hwithdraw syntax
* - You can no longer use /kill if you've been attacked recently
* - Adjusted /updates and /fixes
Update #1: Released on 25th September 2014 to fix general bugs.

Update #2: Released on 26th September 2014 to fix general bugs & adjustments.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, members of administration, mappers, developers and everyone involved with this update on behalf of us - the players.

So join us and rise to power! It's time the lunatics prospered...
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