Announcement Happy 9th Birthday Lawless Roleplay!

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A storm is coming... that's how we started Lawless Roleplay. I cannot believe the community is the same age as my oldest child. It's crazy.

Lawless Roleplay has touched and connected to so many lives all around the world and every time I think about that, it really numbs me. Everyone connecting, making friends, and making memories. I thank you for allowing me to witness this beautiful connection. I am forever grateful for the community here. Thank you.

Lawless Roleplay opened on the 22nd April 2013 and we have seen 9,690,747 logins with 9,663,978 hours played on Lawless Roleplay (that's 1103 years combined! whoa!). However, that's not all, in the past year you guys have slaughtered each other 1,447,577 times spending $65,140,965 on hospital fees!

Last year, our goal for 2021 was to not only improve the management and admin teams but to increase the impact of our frequent server updates. We have delivered 12 updates with 15 large features inspired mostly by player suggestions.

For our next year, we want to focus on growing our community and expanding - more about that at the bottom of the post.



The playtime event has arrived!

A few years before a decade is a time to celebrate this jaunt. Nine years of dedication to providing you with a server where you can play, enjoy and indulge in creating stories in a beautiful gaming experience.

This anniversary isn't just about us, but about you as well. So it's time for you to invite your friends, play, and create more memories!



Some of us were there when Mara Salvatrucha 13, and Sons of Anarchy dominated the entire Los Santos!

To acknowledge them for their excellent work building memories in our community, we will be having a Mara Salvatrucha 13 vs Sons of Anarchy TDM event!

Time: April 23
Reward: NRG-500 + 20,000 Materials



Legend says that you will receive good things in life if you find the three vases made out of jade.
So, what are you waiting for? Start hunting!

There will be three (3) dynamic doors with a pickup model, as above. Find and screenshot all of them and send them to Lui.

Time: April 24
Reward: Dynamic Door + Infernus



Lawless Roleplay's journey throughout the years would not exist if Barney were not here.
So, let's acknowledge him by playing a deathmatch event with his skin!

Time: April 24
Reward: NRG-500 + 20,000 Materials



For every big or small event here in our community, avoid the plane is always there. That makes this event a tradition!
A Lunatic event for a Lunatic community 😱

Time: April 25
Reward: House



We can probably imagine our old players having their grandchildren now!
Nine years? Lots of good and bad things happened. Ages increases, but the memories we made here are forever young and unforgettable!

Time: April 25
Reward: Random + Infernus



We have some server-related questions for you to enjoy!

Time: April 25
Reward: Full Weapon Set or Sultan per question



Got an old picture from Lawless Roleplay? Please post it here for a chance to win a prize!

There will be three winners. To participate, send an old photo here with a caption!

Deadline: April 26
Prize: 3x Tier 3 Vehicle



We are back again with another giveaway! This is to acknowledge all our lovely players!

How to enter the giveaway?
For those of you who have no idea about how to enter a giveaway and are participating in one for the first time, here's how you enter the giveaway:


To participate, click on the image below:

Time: Deadline April 26
Reward: (1) Tier 1 Business - (2) Ivy - (3) Rose


Minigames are back, everyone!

We have enabled the minigames for our lovely players! What are you waiting for? Let's have some fun!

Get down to Verona Beach Pier!

This event will be going on from 23 April - 1 May 2022 only.



Now that minigames are back, the gift shop will also join the party!

This event will be from 23 April - 1 May 2021 only.




Try out the new fireworks in the Gift Shop at Verona Beach Pier!

This super rare item will be from 23 April - 1 May 2021 only.



In celebration of our 9th birthday, we are giving every player 7 days of rose absolutely free of charge, all you need to do is login anytime before 25th April and ensure your account has over 100 respect points.

If you have a donation status already, it will be extended by 7 days.



Still reading? Did you notice the fireworks screenshot above is from Grand Theft Auto: V?

Our SA-MP server is truly one of the best and we have been the gold standard in the SA-MP community by having the best features, script, and community. I mean we have over 1,274,317 accounts registered with 9,663,978 hours played on Lawless Roleplay (that's 1103 years playing SA-MP!)

We are still standing strong for over 9 years as the number one English roleplay speaking server. That will never change - we will always be there!

We're so happy to announce something we've been ecstatic about for the past year. While maintaining our SA-MP services, we will be expanding our community to FiveM in the near future! We are not moving to FiveM, we are expanding our community and will continue to be fully dedicated to SA-MP by having two separate teams managing both servers.

We started our GTA V adventure last year and commenced full-time development in December 2021! Development is well underway and sneak peeks will be posted soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our FiveM section! There will also be many opportunities to engage and be part of the project so subscribe to the forums!

Personally, I am so excited for GTA V Lawless Roleplay because there are no servers that can provide the experience we have or do what we do. I really cannot wait for you guys to experience it and make new memories.

You can post questions below about this project and I will try to answer them (no promises). If I do not answer your question, it just means that we haven't worked that out or we do not have a public answer yet.



The Lawless Roleplay team encourages you to follow, like, and subscribe to our Social Media pages!
Supporting our social media is significant as we are hosting constant giveaways for our players, meaning if you like, follow, or subscribe to our Social Media pages, you are first to see the giveaway!

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Whole Lawless Roleplay Community


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@Barney nice one, but where are the new hookers location for our kurva @Vinz


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Splendid update! Happy 9th Anniversary Lawless!
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