UPDATE Donation Store Update


Donation Store

If you're new around here, I always like to pack a website update every year during our anniversary month. This year, we are showing some love to the donation store which hasn't seen many changes over the past few years.

We’re thrilled to unveil our revamped and supercharged Donation Store! 🚀

So what's new?
  • Deeper Integration: Say goodbye to disjointed experiences! Our new store seamlessly integrates with the rest of the website. You’ll find a cart icon next to your profile, and all your order history and details are conveniently accessible right on the site.
  • Automatic Request Creation: When you make a donation, a request thread is automatically generated. No more waiting—redeem your donation items swiftly!
  • Product Watchlist: Keep an eye on your favourite items! Get notified when they go on sale.
  • Payment Options: We now accept Cryptocurrency and Debit cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Unfortunately, PayPal and Credit cards are still off the table due to persistent issues.
  • Security and Speed: Our new store is super secure, optimised, amazing on mobile phones, and lightning-fast. Plus, seamless integration with payment partners ensures a smooth experience.
  • Improved Categories: Finding what you need is a breeze. Looking for property moves? Just click the relevant category!
  • Subscription Management: Easily manage subscriptions for Ivy, Rose, and Daisy.
  • Gift Cards Are Back: Trade with others using gift cards!
  • Detailed Item Descriptions: Every item now comes with a comprehensive description.
What about any major changes?

I was always told to rip the band-aid off quickly and fast so I am going to give the bad news first.. donations no longer come with free user titles. This now instead can be purchased standalone or with the lunatic / civilian / newbie packages. But guess what? The rest of the news is good 😇😀

Ivy, Rose, and Daisy packages are now more affordable. If you have an active subscription, you can renew them from your subscription management page to get 30% off your renewal which gives you a massive discount on Ivy making it from €19.99 to €13.99. Rose from €12.99 to €9.09. Daisy from €5.99 to €4.19. We hope to give loyal and consistent supporters access to better pricing for their continuous support.

In addition, the private dojo no longer requires you to be donator to use it. It's open for all now without having to subscribe to anything!

Oh and the starter pack for new players is now much more affordable and comes packed with more goodies!

Special Offer

Use the coupon code “HBDLRP20” for a 20% discount until May 24, 2024. Hurry! This coupon code will expire fast!

Note: Coupons are not valid on subscriptions due to their discounted repeat pricing.

Don't forget! You have until May 24th to claim 11 days of free ivy! Hurry before it expires!

Thank you for being part of our incredible community. Let’s make this year even more epic! 😇😀