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Apr 11, 2013
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Today, Ryan Cool resigned from the administrative team after serving the community for over 2 years and 2 months. Ryan and myself go way back to our 2006 SA-MP shenanigans causing mayhem all over San Andreas with our crew called ‘Lawless’ (where we get our name from).

When Ryan heard that I had established my own community with my good friends Shock and Leii, he immediately got engaged and used his SA-MP expertise to aid us create the Lawless Roleplay we know today. Ryan was then hired as a Junior Administrator on 10th October 2013. He had such a great work ethic that he was promoted 6 days later. He slowly climbed up the administrative ranks ever since then. His main task within the administrative team was handling player requests then he went onto handling internal administrative requests and finally he was the chief whip in the administrative team. He was one of our profound members who was not afraid to let us know when we screwed up. I’ve been in meetings with him where he told admins off for their wrong actions – heck, I’ve been told off by him. He was one of our main gears that ensured the administrative team held a very high standard. Thus, on behalf of Lawless Roleplay, we would like to congratulate him and thank him for his priceless contribution to the community. We all wish him well on his real life ventures and hope he keeps racking them promotions up at work. Thank you.

Furthermore, there have been a few reforms within the administrative team. We’ve been planning since late September on a complete haul within the administrative team. We feel that there is a large gap within the administrative team linking to the player side of things. Whilst all administrators are still players, we felt that some administrators spend so much time on duty that they forget what it is like to be a player.

Additionally, ever since the start of Lawless Roleplay, the management team held the responsibility of handling all administrative tasks. We vetted potential administrators, we hired, promoted, trained, assigned departments and etcetera. We felt that the management team has a far too wide range of responsibilities which prevented us from conducting our primary tasks such as scripting or web development. These two issues which drew a lot of time and effort from the management team prevented growth within the community.

Effective as of today, Toompert (Toompert Daman) has been promoted to Server Management and appointed as the Staff Manager. His role within the administrative team is a new unique role that will oversee all administrative training, promotion, suspension, hiring and many more responsibilities. Toompert will also be directly engaged with Ban Appeal, Complaints and Public Relations departments. He will assign those departments leaders which he sees fit as well as handling any issues those departments have. This new exciting department will allow a much greater administrative team to serve the community.

To tackle the bridge between the players and administrative team, Leii (Leii Maddox) has been reinstated to Server Management and appointed as the Game Affairs Manager. His role within the administrative team is to create in-character events and get the game world spinning. He will spend a lot of his time undercover switching from faction to gangs to civilian looking for potential issues and resolving them. Leii will also be directly engaged with Factions, Gangs and Helper departments. He will assign those departments leaders which he sees fit as well as handling any issues those departments have. He will also be a liaison within the administrative team for players by talking to players and finding out their issues or problems. He will then work with his departmental leaders to resolve the issue or work with the staff manager to resolve other departmental issues.

Both, Leii and Toompert will be acting like the yin and yang of the server, going side by side. Toompert with the admin oriented view and Leii with the player oriented view will give feedback to me for any script related issues. This will give myself and shock more time and energy to work on development side of things. And more importantly, it will give our community a much better experience.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Good Luck Ryan and Congratz Leii and Toompert sorry yin and yang.
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Sep 21, 2013
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So when will the actual reforms take place????

Hihi im jokk


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Apr 23, 2013
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R.i.p asian guy 1984-2016 farewell ryan cool
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