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Apr 11, 2013
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Christmas. A time for you to go back home and spend time with your loved ones. For all of us, Lawless Roleplay is our home in the San Andreas Multiplayer community. So we invite everyone to come back home and enjoy the festive season with us. Let's roll out the Christmas festive lights, atmosphere, awesome events, minigames, street parties and a hell load of fun! - But before we do that, let's take a moment to refresh our memory of Lawless Roleplay's mission statement.

Our mission statement to you...
Lawless Roleplay is, and always, will be a community first and a game server second. We are dedicated to fostering an environment with a member-centric approach where all players have equal potential for in game success and community recognition.

Why play here?
Lawless Roleplay was originally founded on the principle that all players should rise or decline based on the actions of the person behind the player. We feel that success should be determined by a players actions and talents and not the whim of an administrative team. We have great code. We have great staff. We have great players. But most importantly we have a vigilant regard for your potential.

Is this a roleplay server?
We have worked to provide many in game tools for roleplay and it is absolutely encouraged however not required. We feel that any preferred mode of play that does not encroach on any other player’s enjoyment of the game is productive. Due to the harsh nature of game mode frequent player versus player violent interaction should be expected. However, this does not mean that players are allowed to kill other players for no reason.

Update 1.1.48 Overview

When I set out to create this update back in June, I knew that it will be a very challenging task and that it will take a long while for it to finalise and grow. The speciality of this update is that the code framework has drastically changed into a more independ modular system where I can input and extract new systems and features very rapidly and painlessly. This in theory will allow for much faster new server updates. This saw us fly through 80+ revisions since the last server update. So what has changed?

Winter Events
We're really excited about spending the winter holidays with our players because of what we've got cooking in the pipelines. This is only the start of a series of events. We have a very new addition to the winter update which is a series of events by our public relations team. There are great competitions and even greater giveaways. From video competitions to singing competitions, there is an easy way for you to win some awesome stuff.

You can take part of the winter events by clicking here.

And that's not the end of events, we will be having some awesome events such as:
  • Double EXP Weekends on 24 - 25 Dec, 31 Dec - 1 Jan and 7 - 8 Jan 2016
  • 12 Days of Christmas on 20 Dec 2015 till 1 Jan 2016
  • New Year Website Update
Winter Madness!
Our Winter Wonderland is now open with special minigames that let you win crazy prizes. We'd be hosting contests, giveaways and parties here so check it out often! This year we have some special new additions to get you into the winter festivities. We have our old maze, climbing, falling crate minigames open but with the addition of a new minigame designed to drop your jaws. We also have a special winter radio genre and a radio blasting some of the best winter songs in minigames and the winter park.

From the moment you join the server, you'll notice that we're really in the festive spirit at Lawless with Christmas songs playing whilst you log in. There will be continuous snowing all over Los Santos . Additionally, our wonderful mapping department has worked together to really produce a very festive map customisation all over Los Santos. You'll find Christmas trees scattered around popular hang outs all over Los Santos. And as a very special addition, the Mayor of Los Santos has funded extra Christmas lights all over popular Los Santos places.

Santa has had a crash!
Santa Claus - poor old Santa Claus. Every god damn year, he doesn't learn. This year was no different - Santa's sleigh got hit by wasp of AK-47 bullets whilst flying over Grove Street and has crash landed in Flint County! God damn it Santa! He needs your help to deliver as many gifts as you can. And as a reward, he promises to give the top 20 helpers very special presents! What you need to do is pick up a gift from his crash site and deliver it to Los Santos. Each time you do this, you will enter the raffle. The more times you enter the raffle, the better your chances are at winning one of the top 20 presents. The raffle results will be released on the 10th January.

  • 1x very special prize (announced on 10th January)
  • 2x House with an interior of choice
  • 3x Ivy for a month
  • 4x Custom cars
  • 5x Custom Phone Numbers
  • 5x Custom Forum Titles - "Santa's Helper 2016"
* So just go in-game and type /christmashelp to get started on helping Santa!

It's Winter in Los Santos!
Let it snow! Oh.. let it snow baby.. Whilst it's not a white winter this year in many places, the gods of San Andreas have blessed us with snow. The Government has also used money seized from Dan Devil's gang empire to pay for mystical lights all around Los Santos which clearly means it will be night time throughout the winter festival! Oh yeah... this is the small print that only a few people will read. There is a pink easter egg in Los Santos. Find it and send a screenshot of it to me to get Ivy for life time. Only one winner so be quick.

Maze Minigame
Which door to take.. The maze minigame tests your luck and instincts to see if you can survive through the harsh and cruel maze. We have new additions to this maze to make things exciting. You can earn up to 8 winter credits by completing this minigame (more on this below).

Climbing Minigame
The climbing minigame was closed down last year due to safety fears however it's now open after the Government decided to hire some builders to fix the escalators! In this minigame, you need to climb several obsticals and reach the finishing line. You can earn up to 10 winter credits by completing this minigame (more on this below).

Falling Crates Minigame
The falling crates minigame is a fun and challenging way to earn your Gift Shop coins! It requires 10 friends to start a round in which peices of the floor (crates) fall down and the surviving player wins. You can earn up to 14 winter credits by completing this minigame (more on this below).

NEW!! Hay Climbing Minigame
New for this Christmas Update! We have the Hay Climbing Minigame! This minigame starts a new round with new mapping every 15 minutes. Every single object in this map moves so be patient when climbing up to the top. Each round sees a unique challenging climbing map - the same map will never be used twice! Happy Falling Climbing!

In every minigame and event, you can win Winter Credits which then can be used to spend on some awesome stuff.

  • Santa Hat - 1 credit
  • First Aid Kit - 5 credits
  • Full Armour - 10 credits
  • Sniper Rifle - 15 credits
  • 30g Pot - 15 credits
  • 1000 materials - 20 credits
  • 20g Crack - 20 credits
  • $5, 000 cash - 25 credits
  • Spas-12 - 30 credits
  • 1 Respect Point - 50 credits
  • Full weaponset - 50 credits
  • Chainsaw (no restriction) - 60 credits
  • Laser Toy - 90 credits
  • Deathmatch warning removal - 99 credits
  • Knife (no restriction) - 119 credits

New!! Land System
The old land system was great. This new system is MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING! This took the majority of the time to create this update. In this update, the first time ever, we made custom plugins in c++ to allow us to store, load and manupliate data with no end point - something which is not normally impossible to do on SA-MP. No other server has anything like this in SA-MP.

The new land system is completely dynamic, administrators can create new objects for players to buy in the land store directly in-game. We can manupliate any data in the lands to help players create that awesome one of a kind land. Players can grant or revoke people permission to edit their land or just to be able to access the doors or garages. Lands have levels which unlocks new features and objects. Players can buy more land object slots as they can also buy more land permission slots. All of these purchases can be done in two methods - credits or in-game money/ in-game materials. To be honest, this paragraph does no justice to the system and you have to experience it in real life to see how amazing it is.

New Interiors!!
I would like to thank Nial, Sam and Pete for their amazing hard work for the new interiors. Using our custom mapping software, they were able to create multiple amazing interiors. A new casino interior that has multiple ATMs, bars and has two casino floors (VIP and public). We also see the introduction of a completely new hitman interior which is nothing but sexy - we can't show images of this interior as the hitmen would like to keep it classified.

New!! Gym
Who ever said everyone that play computer games are fat? WE ARE ALL ABOUT GAINS! Head to the gym and pump yourself up then chase Cynthia around town, trying to impress her with your new gains. Ha!

New!! Sharks
The great wide ocean. The Los Santos Government has declined a proposal to repair the ocean filters near the shore due to cost. As a result, we are now seeing deadly man eating sharks come near to the shore which is an extreme worry for swimmers and fishermen. We need your support to pressure the government to repair the ocean filters before anyone is eaten by the sharks. Sharks can be found by all major piers in San Andreas.

New!! Nametags & Anticheat
hax0r. We now have a custom nametag system that blocks all nametag hacking tools. Nametags now also change depending on your environment (ie. they fade away when tabbed or in a vehicle with the windows rolled up) and they now show how long someone has been tabbed for. We have full control over the nametag system so let us know if you have any suggestions to improve it!

Furthermore, we have laid the fundamental structure for the verified player system the community requested a few months ago. There is a little bit of testing left before we deploy this publically. For now, only selected players have been invited to the verified player beta test.

New!! Tons More!
I wish I could remember and list all of the 234 new features. But to be honest, I would be sat here forever writing this. This is one of the biggest updates ever in Lawless Roleplay's history. Check out what we have added and changed fully in the raw changelogs below.

Update logs

Bug Fixes (WOO! 34 BUG FIXES)
- Fixed a bug with radio messages
- Fixed a problem with anims.pwn echoing error "YSI Error: Could not add alt command to array."
- Using /gotoid now automatically turns of any spectate mode
- Fixed a bug with /ocreatepvehicle
- Renamed all Ast. positions to the correct abbreviation of 'Asst.'
- Fixed streamer tick rate & max shown objects
- Fixes basketball & slow updating of dynamic objects
- Fixed compiler issues left due to MySQL r40 update
- Fixed a bug with mysql_escape_string while using /adjust ouninvite and /ouninvite
- Updated all staff command modules to work with MySQL r40
- Fixed a compiler bug with staff commands crashing compiler
- Fixed a bug with speed hack tabbed variable
- Fixed a bug with /car window
- Fixed a minor bug with false dialog spoof warnings
- Fixed a bug with admin commands not loading the full picture
- Fixed a major bug with the christmas and verified module integration (oops!)
- Fixed a problem with EditObject causing players to freeze
- Fixed a bug with the database auto defining graffiti text
- Fixed a bug which allowed dead bank robbers to escape 5 star wanted points and to keep their money
- Fixed a typo in /bandana
- Fixed a typo in /createcrew
- Fixed a typo with packing ticket notice to Dillimore
- Fixed a bug with /cancelreport not working
- Fixed nametag distance for on duty admins
- Fixed a bug with /mybusiness not closing properly
- Fixed a bug with snow not falling if your FPS is more than 25
- Fixed a minor bug with /ann
- Fixed a bug where you can /editland object slot limit to any number
- Fixed a more than/ less than combination if statement bugs
- Fixed a bug with land categories not loading the right objects for purchase via /landmenu
- Fixed all christmas radios
- Fixed a bug with deleting invalid objects on server restart
- Fixed huge bug with object storage
- Fixed a bug with /giftshop
Features (WOW! 234 NEW FEATURES!)
- Added /poldcar which tells you a player's last driving vehicle.
- Added logs for health hacks and armor hack triggers
- Added automatic donator expiry removal on /odonators
- Updated streamer plugin
- Removed processes from game verified saved info
- Updated dmapping with Michael Render's custom interior
- Added new map fixes
- Updated crashdetect plugin
- Upgraded MySQL r39-5 -> MySQL r40
- Switched mysql_connect parameters
- Added MySQL: & MySQLOpt: variable tag
- Preserved pool_size & autoreconnect parameter with mysql_init_options & mysql_set_options
- Added failsafe for unsuccessful connections with mysql_errno
- Removed trailing gMySQLID on cache_insert_id & mysql_escape_string & cache_get_value_name
- Converted cache_get_field_content(int/float) -> cache_get_value_name(int/float)
- Switched int/float to parameter, instead of return value
- Eliminates ALL fall-thru-interior bugs (even with laggy players)
- Updated YSI & amx_assembly includes
- Added readme.md
- Removed old land system, commenced new property/lands/main.pwn
- Converted y_cmd -> pawn.cmd
- Added enterfix.pwn (fixes desync of player trying to enter locked car)
- Fixed a small bug with /specoff
- Converted main.pwn into static.pwn and main.pwn
- Converted old /ann command into module
- Moved admin command module folder for better organisation
- Removed old vehicle mod detection system
- Added new vehicle mod detection module
- Implemented new ocean dock, Verona and Rodeo mapping
- Added Los Santos Gym functionality with dumbells, bike, bench press, treadmill and barbells (gainz)
- Added random shark death to swimmers in the ocean
- Added new little italy mapping
- Removed old automatic holster toy system
- Added new holster toy system with new co-ords and objects
- Added new nametag system
- Nametag system depicts when you are paused (with the time since you are paused), cuffed or bleeding
- Nametag system automatically darkens your nametag colour when you're tabbed
- Nametag system dynamically displays your health and armor to the nearest single digit
- Nametag system now colours admin names to their rank colour and adds their title to their name
- Hidden old name tags
- Added new /flymode (sobeit flying) for JA+
- Added new list_acmds.pwn module
- Synced popped tyres for all players
- Adjusted anims.pwn changing host name depending on server port
- Added test server define
- Created test database
- Updated MySQL plugin to R41
- Removed /landdebug from alt_commands.pwn
- Paused players will have a timer above their head showing how long they've been tabbed
- Nametags dim when a player is tabbed or if they are in a vehicle with windows rolled up
- Rescripted the gun holster system to be more efficent with new weapon co-ordinates
- Rescripted /o to be more efficent
- Rescripted the vehicle change driveby weapon to be more efficent
- Added a message telling players they can change their driveby weapon by pressing 'N' when inside a vehicle (message will show randomly if the player is below level 10 and has a suitable driveby weapon)
- Any R2 LSPD members can get SWAT equipment
- Updated crashdetect plugin and updated beta server to display full debug
- You can now disable accounts regardless if they're banned or not
- You can now use /sethelper to set admin's helper status to Asst. Helper Manager or remove them
- You cannot use /osethelper to set anyone to Asst. Helper Manager or above
- Added latest version of gvar.dll
- Created custom GVar MySQL functions to load data
- Created some of the foundation of the new land system
- Further loading of the land system complete
- Created custom GVar functions:
GetGVarUpperIndex(const column_name[])
GetGVarIndex(const column_name[])
- GVars automatically self destruct when the game server crashes or closes (GVars stay in the RAM otherwise for next boot)
- Completed Land Loading (Buildings, Lands and the Land Store items)
- Completed Land Saving Functions (Buildings, Lands and the Land Store items)
- Created loading and creating of 3D land text for owned and unowned lands
- Resetting all land info to default values on server restart
- Saving of lands, buildings and land store items on server exit/ restart
- Created categories for the land store
- Added new /landhelp command which lists player usable commands
- Added new GetUnusedLandID() function which gets the next available land slot
- Added new GetLandObjectCount(id) function which gets the number of objects associated with a single land
- Added new IsObjectOnLand(objectid, landid) function which checks if an object is on a land (physically and via variables)
- Added new GetLandPlayerIsOn(playerid) function which returns the ID of the land the player is standing on
- Created the land creation system
- The land creation system is for AM+ and it will take them step by step with confirmation (incase of errors) in creating a land
- Lands now have a required level to purchase land
- Objects now have required levels to purchase object
- Moved 2 FBI tourismos away from the FBI Gate to prevent g buggers
- Updated LSPD vehicles
- Completed land deletion system. It now asks for confirmation and gives admins warnings over the impact
- Creating a land will now delete any pre-existing objects linked to that land to prevent errors
- Increased maximum land slots to 200
- Small visual edits to creation of lands system
- Created new land system database for testing
- Added new safety features when loading/ handling land data to ensure the wrong variable is not used
- Adjusted MySQL initiation to work faster with modular system
- Updated MySQL to R41-2
- Made multiple speed improvements on MySQL (connection, loading, saving etc)
- Scripted /gotoland for GA+
- Added /forcesave to save land objects, land and land store items
- Added new /editland command for AM+ which allows them to: Set land owner, Remove owner status, Change land price, Change object limit, Set land level, Set required buyer level, Adjust land size, Delete object and Delete all objects
- Completed delete all objects command for AM+ /editland command
- Buildings now have linked virtual worlds and interiors just like lands (saving & loading complete)
- Buildings will automatically delete when loading if they are not on the correct land interior and virtual world
- You can now edit the land's owner if they are online by entering their name or ID into a dialog menu (part of /editland)
- You can now specify a players name to be the land owner while offline (part of /editland)
- Completed removal of land ownership status - part of /editland
- Completed editing land prices (both coin and cash) - part of /editland
- Completed editing land max object limit (small 100, medium 200, large 300 and custom (max 1000))- part of /editland
- Completed editing land level- part of /editland
- Completed editing buyer required level to buy land - part of /editland
- Completed editing land size - part of /editland
- Updated IsObjectOnLand to be much faster and less intensive (41 lines to 11 lines)
- Added new GetLandModelName function
- Completed deleting a single object - part of /editland
- Added /landmenu for ownership
- Added categories for land store objects
- Added editing of Z rotation and Y rotation when building object
- Added selecting the category of object when building object
- Added selecting object within category when building object (loads 50 items of each category with pages)
- Added credit variable for player accounts (saving & loading)
- Added the ability to edit newly purchased object, paying for it, saving it
- Added /buyland which works when standing on the land or near the 3d text marker
- Added destruction of object in building process if player disconnects or dies
- Added /editlandstore for AM+
- Added the system to add new objects to the land object store
- Enabled snow and christmas minigames
- You no longer can add duplicate object models into the land store
- Feedback message now when you successfully enter new object into land store
- Added logs to adding object to land store
- Enabled snow effect
- Added new CanPlayerEditLand function to aid the expansion of land permissions
- You no longer can /setadmin to higher/ equal ranks
- Fixed on duty admin names
- Fixed a bug with buying lands
- Fixed a bug with on duty admins who are undercover having their on duty nametag displaying
- Adjusted land store categories
- Added edit land object menu for players to access via /landmenu
- Added the ability to edit the position of a building for players via /landmenu
- Added custom GetGVarSize() function to GVar plugin
- Removed GetGVarUpperIndex() function
- Added DeleteAllGVars
- Removed paint system for lands
- Added new GetBuildingType(model) function
- Added the ability to text graffiti text
- Added the ability to set the graffiti text to 19 different colours
- Added saving and loading of graffiti text with colour
- If no graffiti text has been defined, it will load the graffiti/ logo graphic
- Added the ability for players to delete their own objects
- Added the ability for players to delete all objects in their own lands
- Added the ability to open and close land doors/ garages by pressing Y
- On duty AM+ can edit any land via /landmenu
- Admins can no longer use /atip on AM+
- Players can now see any lands they own or have permissions to edit on their minimap
- Players can also toggle this off in /landmenu and it will automatically turn off when a player disconnects
- Players can now level their land up from level 0 to level 10 via /landmenu
- Each level costs (landlevel+1)*3000 materials or (landlevel+1)*30 coins
- Coins now show in gold on /stats
- HA+ can now /setstat player's coins
- Buying lands now considers your level matching the land's required level
- You no longer can sell your house while on admin duty
- Added /sellmyland with many fail safes to ensure security of both players and the server
- Added /cancel land to cancel purchasing/ selling the land
- Added /accept land to buy the land
- Added new accept_cancel.pwn module
- Added upgrade menu for lands, players can now upgrade object slots in their land
- Maximum object slots of 500. Can buy via cash or coins
- Added /checkland for GA+
- Added new /mylands command
- /landhelp for player commands - /alandhelp for admin commands
- Added /plands for GA+
- Changed /olistpnamechanges and /listpnamechanges to 35 past names
- Added account ID to /olistpnamechanges and /listpnamechanges
- Added new /watchers command for AM+
- When AM+ goes on or off /aduty - the notice is only shown for AM+ and not JA+
- Added /freezenear and /unfreezenear for GA+ with a maximum radius of 40 meters
- Added loading of land permissions
- Adjusted CanPlayerEditLand to account for land permissions
- There are two types of permissions, edit land fully or access to the doors/ garages only
- Only the owner of the land can delete all objects, sell the land, upgrade land and set land permissions
- Added new GetLandPermSlotsUsed(landid) function
- The permissions are saved even if they are offline
- Added new permission slots to lands
- Admins can edit the permission slots via /editland
- Added new DeleteLandPermissions(landid) function
- Admins can now revoke all permissions via /editland
- Players can buy more permission slots via /landmenu
- Players can now revoke all permissions via /landmenu
- Players can now given other permission to their land (access/ full edit) via /landmenu
- Land permissions are automatically revoked if the player sells their land to someone else or admins sell it or admins delete it
- Admins can now delete objects from the land store
- Deleted models will automatically delete all associated models on all lands
- Added /lastobjhit so players can hit an object and get it's ID
- You no longer can use /landmenu show land zones if on duty as an admin
- You cannot set on duty admins as land owners
- Added credit amount to /ocheck
- Increased nametag distance
- You no longer lose your helper stats when becoming an admin as Asst. Helper Manager or Helper Manager
- Added the ability to revoke permissions given to another player
- You can only give people permissions if you have enough slots
- Adjusted GetTickCountDifference function
- Disabled /flymode
- Added minigame 4 to all settings and if statements
- Minigame 4 is a hay climbing game
- Every server restart, the climbing map changes randomly
- Once at the top of the hay climbing map, you can use /claimgift
- A 3D text dynamically moves to the top of the hay climbing map where you can use /claimgift
- The hay climbing map dynamically starts a new round every 15 minutes
- Lowered vehicle respawn time to 25 minutes from 45 minutes
- Added new casino interior
- Added new hitman interior
- You can now use /order in the new hitman interior
- Added entry fee to dynamic doors
- Admins can set entry fee via /ddedit
- Doors with entry fees have a special notice on their 3D text
- Once you press y, you will pay the entry fee and be granted access once only
- Scripted /verified
- Script automatically saves lands and buildings if they are edited
- Added events for verified players only
- Added verified link to launcher
- Core verified detection code
- Verified players have a special tag on /o
- Restricted the global chat channel to verified players only
- Removed global channel mutes (to be rescripted)
- Removed all verified variables and remade using PVars
- Verified players have a 'Verified Player' tag above their character's head
- Verified players now have a 'Verified Player' tag when using /newb or /o or /g
- Added a did you know message for becoming a verified player
- Added /gmute
- Global chat mutes are very harsh
- Unmute charges
Prison: NumberOfMutes*20 minutes
Fine: NumberOfMutes*20/2 percentage of total wealth (capped at 90% of total wealth - min $50,000)
- You can now use /dicebet in selected areas of the new casino
- You will be charged 5% fee at VIP dicebet and 8% fee at normal dicebet
- Added 3 ATMs in the new casino
- Added 3D text with fee charged for dicebet
- Added one more ATM for the new casino
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the beta testers, senior players, helpers, administrators, mappers, developers and everyone involved with this update. They have worked extremely hard on this update. I would like to give a special thanks to Toompert who has been an inspiration to me during this update, couldn't do it without you brother. I also want to thank all the players for their loyalty and patience with this update - I know it as a tough one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone...

From Lawless Roleplay
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