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Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2020 at 7:57 AM
Dec 1, 2014
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Sep 15, 2000 (Age: 19)

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, Male, 19, from ᴘʜɪʟɪᴘᴘɪɴᴇs

L.S.P.D Mara Salvatrucha XIII Folk Nation Legends Old School 2014 East Side Crips

Why PH country High PING around 400+ to 500+? Mar 22, 2017

Mawe was last seen:
Feb 23, 2020 at 7:57 AM
    1. D Strife
      D Strife
      btw lawless have facebook page?
    2. D Strife
      D Strife
      oh ok, salamat pre
    3. D Strife
      D Strife
      hello. why i cant play lawless rn?
      1. Mawe
        cuz its down
        Jan 28, 2020
    4. Ron Braddock
      Ron Braddock
      hearthrone for timecyc
    5. Tugal
      Hai.Please come ig for your phase1.Skan said me to conduct you through phase 1
    6. Jixie_Parker
      Hai.Please come ig for your phase1.Skan said me to conduct you through phase 1
      1. Mawe
        Will come later.
        Jul 8, 2019
      2. Jixie_Parker
        Later.Will take when i get spare time
        Jul 9, 2019
    7. Robert.Lewis
      Whats your email need you important!
      1. Mawe
        Send me a private conversation instead.
        May 19, 2019
    8. Capo
      *smack the roof of the car*
    9. Nurik
      помнишь меня? Мой ник: Nurik_Pavlov. Я бы хотел восстановить доступ к своему аккаунту
      1. Mawe
        Hey, If you lost your account

        You have to post an account recovery to get access back to your account
        Aug 2, 2018
      2. Nurik
        привет, в каком разделе на форуме мне это сделать?
        Aug 8, 2018
    10. B.Reis
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  • About

    Sep 15, 2000 (Age: 19)
    Character Name:
    LSPD - S.W.A.T Sergeant (R3) under Wolly Thane
    LSPD - S.W.A.T Police Officer (R1) under Vinay X Ramcharan
    LSPD - S.W.A.T / T&R Senior Officer (R2) under Conor Covenant
    LSPD - S.W.A.T Senior Officer (R2) under John Jack
    LSPD - T&R / HSIU Sergeant (R3) under Dado Ramcharan
    LSPD - S.W.A.T Senior Officer (R2) under Hank Splitzer
    LSPD - Traffic Division Captain (R4) under Jack Kenobi
    FBI - Special Agent under (R1) Christian Dodge
    FBI - Asst. of O.P.R Special Agent (R3) under Dado Ramcharan
    FBI - Senior Agent (R2) under Joey Vincre
    FBI - Agent (R1) under Ryder Murdoc
    San Andreas News Reporter - Analyst (R3) under Raymond Blackmore
    San Andreas Army - Private (R1) under Jack Trump
    Long Beach Crips - R5 under Mac V Lopez
    Infamous - R4 under Jaim Kappa
    Six Miles Mafia - R3 under Hamza Scaletta
    The Underground Hustler - R2 under Shaze Fonger
    Amphibia Corporation - R3 under Asykon Amphibia
    Los Santos Rifa - R2 under Max Mabbit
    Lucillean Organization - R4 under Negan S Lucille
    Los Santos Revolution - R6 under Justin > Sotilis & Daniel Lugo.
    Original Confiderate Ballas - R5 under Mikey Slash
    The Irish Militia - R5 under Logan Henning
    Jefferson Goonsquad - R4 under Daniel Gom
    East Side Bloods - R5 under Don Riven
    Los Zetas Cartel - R6 under Shyralyn Wesley
    The Imperial Disciples - R5 under Ces Cassidy
    The Guardians Brotherhood - R6 under Ganesh Thamizhan
    East Side Crips - R5 Tony Scott
    2414 Black Disciples - R5 under Alex D Maddox
    Grove Street Families - R4 under Dado Ramcharan
    April 10 2017: Junior Helper under Martin Soprano
    April 15 2017:
    Helper Removed by Martin Soprano
    May 21 2017:
    Junior Helper under Jesus Shock
    June 3 2017:
    Helper Removed due to lack of effort (Inactivity)
    June 20 2017:
    Junior Helper under Martin Soprano
    July 5 2017:
    Senior Helper promoted by Martin Soprano
    July 7 2017:
    Helper Removed for violating server rules
    August 13:
    Junior Helper under Olaf L Donelly
    September 1 2017:
    Helper Removed due to lack of effort (Inactivity)
    October 6 2017:
    Junior Helper under Nimit Orlando
    November 10 2017:
    Senior Helper promoted by Sergio Marquis
    December 19 2017:
    Resigned from Helper Team
    Febuary 12 2018:
    Reinstated as Junior Helper under Tyga Haze
    April 4 2018: Helper Removed for inappropriate behavior
    October 15 2017: 2017 Beta tester under Panos
    January 9 2018:
    Beta tester Removed due to inactivity