The Serial Robber

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Dec 12, 2014
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The Serial Robber
By: Bobby King | November 21, 2015

(Name: Classified age: 105)

All saints (Market) - This is where the man said the scene of the crime was, in that very spot he is
standing in. It is still a mystery as to why he got mugged and when. Market is also a place with a high crime rate, police are trying their very best to lower this crime rate, but it doesn't seem to be working. So it comes as no surprise that there can be such thing as a serial robber.
The police and the FBI are currently working on this case and trying to find any piece of evidence that could lead them to to this mysterious serial robber. If you do see a black male in a blue shirt with a burger hat and blue mask on. They do insist you to call them (911) straight away before this one man job turns into an organisation.

As you can see in this picture I was able to snap a photo of one of the many victims of the the serial robberies that have been going on around 'Grove street' and the small town of 'Blueberry'. He is wearing glasses to protect himself and his named is also been protected for his own safety and well being . I was also able to have a short conversation with him. And this is what he said to me.

Bobby: So sir why did you think it happened and at what time did you think it happend?
???: I don't know what time it happened, I had just been to pick up some food at the groceries and a man in a black coat with a red mask came out to me and pointed a Glock 26 at my forehead.
Bobby: What items did he take from you, and did you inform he police. If not, why?
???: Well, I did refuse to give him my money so he knocked me unconscious and took my stuff, when I woke up I couldn't call the police because he had taken my phone. So I went to a payphone and I explained it to the police. And they said, 'they'll try there best'.
Bobby: Well I'm dearly sorry to hear that, but I'm afraid that's all we got time for, stay safe... Bye
???: Bye.

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