The returnal of San Andreas News Department!

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Dec 22, 2015
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Hello Citizens of Los Santos,

As many of you noticed our lovely News Department got shut down by the Goverment due to issues they had with previous leaders,

Many of you have been sitting at home, questioning what goes on around the city, and you are not the only ones.
I've been wondering for months trying to find out what goes on in this city, but now i dont have to anymore. The Las Venturas Committee has spoken with the San Fierro News Department, they suggested to sent one of their men over to re-open our current San Andreas news building, it is hereby being reconstructed and shall be opened tomorrow.
Many of you wonder, how will I be able to apply for such a job, is there even a way? Well, yes there is, we hereby open the application system.

You may now apply to our News Department, but be careful as our department is limited to ten reporters, four journalists and one director.

Hope meeting you soon,
Jacob V Meance
Producter San News

(( @John ))​
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