The Mysterious Crime - Article by Ariana Grande

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Jul 21, 2016
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A very warm greeting to the viewers for SanNews .Today I, reporter Ariana also known as Ari is going to share a story which had happened in Los Santos few years back.
It's a story in which the F.B.I.'s could not even solve this mystery.


Many year's back a person named 'Jeyo' used to work for L.S.P.D and he soon left the faction and start working for Los Santos Rifa in which he indulged in many crimes. Crimes such as robbing banks, houses and people, was a part of his life.

-L.S.P.D. HQ

He gave trouble to many but also helped many. Yes, he was selfish from the bottom of his heart. He did have some argument with the gang members which in turn forced him to leave the gang.

The main part of the story:

After leaving the gang,
Jeyo was in a bankrupt state where he lost all his money in gambling. Gambling was his main weakness. He thought that if he gambles he will be more rich as i mentioned before he was very selfish and greedy. At the end he became homeless and no one even talked to him as he was recognized for his wealth.

Jeyo then was helped by a middle class man named Luke. Jeyo got some hope to continue his life. He started working as a Drug Smuggler to get his income and live a decent live once again.

-Drug Factory

Jeyo worked for many months as a Drug Smuggler but then suddenly one day, a worker went to collect the drug crates full of cracks and he found a body lying just right beside it. His skull was smashed. The worker then saw a unique ring which only Jeyo had.

-All Saints

Jeyo was dead. No one knew who killed him. The F.B.I. and the Detective team as well the L.S.F.M.D. tried really hard to find the killer. During those days the H.M.A. service din't even exist. There was no sign left. The L.S.F.M.D. too checked the body for any clues for the murderer, but there were none.

-Jeyo's Death

This was taken as a revenge. It might have been that Jeyo's behavior disturbed many, he might have hurt someones feeling which in turn resulted in him such state. Karma plays a role too.

Conclusion of the story:

In our society too we should do good to others and not stay in bad books. Who knows that one day you might be in place of Jeyo!


Ariana Grande (Junior Reporter)
Panos Santo (Network Director).

Nov 23, 2013
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Guess what she's my wife :D Good work
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