The life of a drug dealer (Article writer: Jordan Trapz)

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Dec 22, 2015
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Los Santos - Life as a Drug Dealer
We took a deeper look into the streets of Los Santos, we wanted to find the absolute roots of what goes on in our city! Luckily, we manage to interview a well known drug dealer of the community.

Robert Trapz Daniels - 48 Year Old Living in Los Santos for over 30 years
This is Robert Daniels, Robert grew up into the streets of Los Santos in a more rough way than others, he grew up in the streets of violence. Robert was initially running a successful career as a Police Officer, however things took an ugly turn as his parents had died, Robert went nuts, Taking all sorts of drugs to deal with his depression. In the end, it was the choice of taking his life or using drugs and selling them as a living. Below we managed to catch an interview with the individual to see how he is managing!

News Reporter : Good Morning Mr. Daniels! First and foremost thank you for letting us interview you today!
Robert Trapz Daniels : It's my pleasure, I guess I need to share my story with others.
News Reporter : Alright, Let's begin, tell us a bit about what you do!
Robert Daniels : Well, I shouldn't be saying this, however I am a Drug Dealer, livin the high life with my main boi Fetty.
News Reporter : High Life? What is this you speak of?
Robert Daniels : My friend, you are nothing more than a News Reporter, I have done it all, drugs, money , sex , alcohol all that good shit! Even the legal shit, working as a cop was the worst mistake I had ever made.
News Reporter : Damn! What a life you got going for yourself, so tell me, How did your life change after this incident with your parents?
Robert Daniels : Well, it changed quite a bit. After they died, I overdosed on multiple drugs, trying to reduce my depression which it did work. However it only took a few years for me to get into the blackmarket and start selling this type of shit for a living, I made millions within the first few months! It was insane, hahaha.
News Reporter : Well I guess our time is short, it was nice having you for an interview today Mr. Daniels!
Robert Daniels : It honestly was my pleasure to have such an offer that I could not resist.

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