The All Saints Gun Store

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Sep 25, 2014
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The All Saints Gun Store
By: Luke Griffin | May 31, 2015

(Mr Cruz posing with Mr Capone in font of the All Saints Gun Store)

All Saints, Los Santos - I am sure all of you must have noticed the new store right beside All Saints General Hospital. For those citizens who have been living under the rock the past few days, let me tell you more about this store.

The All Saints Gun Store opened on the 26th of May 2015. The owner, a person by the name of Mr Yuri Dela Cruz, is rumored to be part of an elite government task force. Like the name says, this store is one of the few ammunition stores in and around Los Santos that has a license to sell and buy guns. You heard that right, be it the trusty 9mm or the powerful shotgun, you can find them all at All Saints Gun Store. For those game hunters, you will even find the every handy rifle there too! Not only that you may also get some limited edition Kevlar suits too. We all know how safe we are in Los Santos. These beauties are guaranteed to stop the most powerful of guns.

Also All Saint Gun Store boasts to keep genuine goods. Unlike the guns in the black market, which are Chinese rip-offs of the real deal, the guns here are guaranteed not to jam midway. Most hunters in Los Santos complain that their rifles get jammed mid way during a hunt, by using guns bought from here, you are guaranteed to never complain about this ever again.

(Mr Yuri checking the Sprunk machine)

(Mr Yuri maintaining the inventory)
Reasons to visit All Saints Gun Store and not the rest:

1) It is affordable
2) It is centrally located. It is walking distance from the All Saints General Hospital
3) Wide variety of goods available here
4) It is legal, unlike the other black markets. So the guns are of higher quality - no jams, no clogs, only pure excellence.

I managed to get an interview of Mr Cruz, the owner of All Saints Gun Store:

Luke: How long did it take to get everything set up?

Yuri: It didn't last long. Our first step was purchasing the land from its previous owner Quatro Variez, the next step was legalizing the ammunition to avoid inconveniences with the government, and eventually we called for designers and engineers assistance for an efficient building.

Luke: How much do you estimate will the number of customers be daily? Daily revenue?

Yuri: We're still new, but I believe the number of customers will expand daily. Considering the quality of products and security programs to avoid pilfering and robberies, we also provide medical cans to cure injuries and Kevlar vests.

Luke: To all aspiring entrepreneurs, what would like to say to them?

Yuri: Business is tough. If you don't have the guts don't enter it. Big corporate houses will tear you apart. You need perseverance, dedication and obviously skills to survive in this world.

Luke:There are some canards floating about that you are the same Yuri Dela Cruz who is considered to be the biggest drugs supplier in Los Santos. Would you like to comment on this?

Yuri: Well, let's skip this question.

Luke: Alright, thank you for your valuable time. We would like to wish you the best of success.

Yuri: Thank you.

If any company would like the SANews to write about their businesses, they can contact our office, our hotline number is 223-445-667 ((100181))

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Nov 6, 2014
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Name: Toompert Daman (SAN Network Producer)
Comment: Great article. I come there often. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I almost purchased the land myself to develop a similar business. But, in the end, I found it inappropriate to sell guns next to the hospital where so many people died or have lost loved ones because of gunfights. However it's great to see young businessmen not slowed down by any form of ethics or moral values.... Kudos!
Oct 23, 2014
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Name: transgender del splitzer
Comment: come to mcdonalds you get free luggin meals today. they are better than this trashy all saints gun store.
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Nov 28, 2013
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Name: Yuri Dela Cruz
Comment: Magnificent article!
(The new look.)​

George 2

Mar 29, 2014
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Name: Unknown
Comment: To the dear @Franz Capone;
You are ugly, you are not a diamond, you werent a diamond nor will you be one. Thank you.
To Mr. @Yuri Cruz; your store looks, hmm, intresting. I found it nice to finally see an organized store such as yours, as all of the other stores are just regular buildings.
Feb 15, 2014
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Name: Jack Bauer
Comment: Nice article, this could be the next big thing, more powerful than big ammu and fazzy ammu. Barney may even make it a turf, considering the size of it).
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