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  1. Shock

    Shock Management

    Apr 11, 2013
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    Security reminder


    Here at Lawless Roleplay, we take your security and privacy very seriously, and we would like to make an announcement to remind and inform you how to keep your account safe. Don't worry - there has not been a compromise, this is merely informational.

    For many of you, this may be old news, but we feel we can not stress this enough;

    Have a unique password for Lawless Roleplay
    You should always use a unique password for each website and server you use. By doing that, you ensure that if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe. Don't worry, here on Lawless Roleplay we treat your data with due care. Your information is never shared with anyone, and is salted and encrypted in our database.

    Use a strong password - and change it frequently
    Use a strong password. It should have 10 characters or more, with both uppercase, lowercase, and symbols. That way it is much harder to guess your password.

    Never enter your Lawless Roleplay credentials outside of our domain or SAMP server
    Make sure you are actually on Lawless Roleplay's website when entering your password. Phishing is a common technique to steal passwords. Phishing is a form of scamming that involves posing as Lawless Roleplay and tricking you into sending your password to them. If you have clicked an external link, make sure the connection is secure (green lock in the address bar), and that the domain is lawlessrp.com, like so:

    Lawless staff will NEVER ask for your password
    Members of the Lawless Roleplay staff will never ask for your password. Common attempts to steal passwords involve players posing as an admin in order to obtain passwords. Don't give anyone your password under any circumstances.

    And as always,
    Happy Gaming
    - Shock
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 15, 2018
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  2. Roy Thane

    Roy Thane Mapper

    Nov 27, 2016
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    I bet that some people don't know what phishing is. :drool:
  3. Thomas Stoglin

    Thomas Stoglin L.S.P.D Old School Beta Tester

    Aug 15, 2015
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    Nice !....
  4. Alom

    Alom Retired Admin

    Apr 18, 2016
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    just in case ur one of them people, shock has explained it here
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  5. Loki.T

    Loki.T Junior Helper Downtown Mafia Old School

    Nov 10, 2017
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  6. FreddyJohonson

    FreddyJohonson L.S.P.D

    Jul 11, 2016
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    Also put a hashtag # , Dollar Sign $ , - , = , % e.t.c and some symbols as these characters are not shown in Command Prompt (( Except Windows 11 , Which is not released yet )). So your all wifi's will be safe if you put these symbols there as Command Prompt or Linus and Unix are the only ways to hack a websites and pc's.

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