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Apr 12, 2013
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Hello dear gang bangers.

I would like to start with introducing myself as your first Gang Moderator. So when you need something regarding your slot feel free to contact me IG or PM me at the forums.
I am announcing you hereby the opening of POINTS!!!!

Alright most of you already know how points work and how to act and behave yourself (will be explained underneath for the ones who don’t know them yet). There’s been a discussion about having a point limit or no point limit, but lawless wouldn’t be lawless with a point restriction wouldn’t we?! So hereby I decided to remove the point limit so you will be able to cap as many points as you like! This however can be revoked or be put on hold when it runs out of hand.

As well we have discussed about point alliances we have decided to not have any point alliances since it will ruin the fun of the real war. Even when a small gang allies a big gang it will be overpowered after a while and nobody will attend to a point no more and it will become boring. Bring the war on make sure you and your gang stand out and conquer.

Also read leii's topic here: http://www.lawlessrp.com/topic/1335-points-are-now-enabled/

We have allowed IC allies to help each other on turfs. As it’s much harder to compete as a single gang against the LSPD. It would be ridiculous when an IC ally will shoot their allies because of a turf. Of course this can happen when agreements aren’t met!

A different thing on lawless RP is that a gang isn’t able to get a strike. This however doesn’t mean you can’t be disbanded or removed from your slot. When there’s an over violation of rules and your members get prisoned a lot of times and/or for the same reason. We can either decide to change the slot holder or eventually disband the gang. Disbandment will be very rare in lawless To keep stable gangs up.

Here the current rules regarding points. Also found here: http://www.lawlessrp.com/topic/175-point-guidelines-rules/

1. Points are OOC and a way for gangs to gain income by controlling the different points. Gang members are allowed to begin shooting 15 minutes before the point has become active :)45, use /time in game to check this). Once the point is over, you must stop shooting!

2. Gang members participating in point must have gang skins on. You can wear them by going to any store and typing the /clothes command and picking one of them. If no skins are assigned, contact Gang Management and they will hook you up.

3. Each gang is allowed to hold as many points you able to capture.

4. All points are restricted by boundaries and must be fought out within the point boundaries (with the exception of chasing someone out and snipers). This is not meant if an r5/6 going to the point and only snipe’s people just because he likes to go to point this will be considered as attending to point without intention to capture.

5. You are allowed to chase people outside the point boundaries. If you see one of your gang members being attacked outside of the point boundaries, you are allowed to assist your gang member in the gun fight. Civilians are not allowed to assist in gunfights that result from chasing outside, it is still an OOC point fight and will be punished with DM.

6. You are not allowed to use any gun discharge exploits during point.

7. Gang members are only allowed to participate in points if they have an R5 or R6 online and attending point with them. Civilians and faction members are prohibited from participating in point. There must be at least one on the battle ground if the other one wants to snipe. (Look at rule 4).

8. You are allowed to return to a point after death as the revenge killing (RK) rule does not apply.

9. Gangs are not allowed to make an out of character alliance with another family for points.

10. You are prohibited from recruiting members into your gang 15 minutes before any point that you participate begins. :)30)

11. Healing while capping is prohibited. Any exploiting during capture of a point is prohibited and will be met with severe consequences. Also goes for double capping a point.

12. It is not allowed to use ANY anims in point boundaries /pbounds.

13. It is not allowed to /park your vehicle within point boundaries.

Happy killing and earning dat $$$$$$$$
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Apr 15, 2013
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money for bandanaaaa yesss right on time
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