Original Grove Families Taking Over Los Santos?

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Oct 20, 2013
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Original Grove Families Taking Over Los Santos?
By: Lucas Henning | November 22nd, 2015

(Grove Street Families Shouting and posing for the camera)

All Saints, Los Santos - The Original Grove Street Families is a name which can never be forgotten. They have been bringing chaos to the city ever since they were just a small time organisation. They started off as a group of friends, brothers but then they shortly expanded into a state-wide gang. Their traditional green color brings strength to those who wear it, and fear to those who see it.

Los Santos has been under attack by the gang for many years and the police are too scared to do anything about it. Multiple police operations have been sabotaged and aborted due to the immense strength of the gang.

(Drake Phixion - Acting-Leader - Standing while the gang salute behind him)
Phixion is a name which rings alarm bells in the strongest of people. Their notorious reputation, being the most ruthless gang lords in the city, spreads fear into the hearts of the public. Drake Phixion and his brothers lead this dangerous gang, Original Grove Families. He claims to bring peace and prosperity to the city by having one gang leading it with brute force at it's fingertips. The police have been criticized for the way they allow the gang to carry an arsenal of weapons around with them but the sole reason for this is, the police are afraid.

We speak to Drake Phixion, one of the gangs most notorious commanders:

Lucas Henning: Where do you expect the Grove Street Families to be in a year from now?
Drake Phixion: We expect to rule dem streets of Los Santos and we expect to spread to other cities.
Lucas Henning: Okay, how long have you been a part of Grove?
Drake Phixion: We been in dis for 'bout a year now.

Lucas Henning: Hmm okay, what made you, personally, want to join Grove Street?
Drake Phixion: It wasnt really me who founded it, it was my bredda, John. I just followed him 'round, like I always do, aye.
Lucas Henning: Ah okay. I am not very aware of what gang life is really like. What does your daily routine consist of?

Drake Phixion: Consists of keepin' control ova' tha streets, not letting dem rats crawl up on us.
Lucas Henning: Sounds interesting... Do Grove have any enemies on 'the streets'?
Drake Phixion: Chea', everyone's our enemy, the spics, the purps, the nazis.
Lucas Henning: Final question, how did Grove manage to control Los Santos?
Drake Phixion: We just stay dedicated and loyal, although we've been thru hard times. We just stayed togetha', nawmsaying bredda? We aint snitchin' each other like everyone does.

So, do you agree with Drake? Is Grove the best gang in the city? Should the police be doing more to stop them? Tell us how you feel about the gang activity in Los Santos.

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Nov 13, 2015
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Name: Pierrette Theold
Comment: I've worked with Salvatore Leone for several years! You Punks know nothing about loyalty.
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