Menace Mall (article writer: Chris Shocker)

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Dec 22, 2015
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Menace Mall

Jacob Menace and Justin Menace are pictured standing in front of their acclaimed 'Menace Mall' © SANews 2016

Menace Mall is a family run set of businesses that are arranged around a shopping center, or 'mall if you will, around Temple Drive. It is run by the well known Menace family, who are obviously wealthy, and only plan on obtaining more money.

The Mall has multiple stores that are available for public use currently, such as a small convenience store, a clothing store, and even a munition depot for all of you gun nuts. Across from the Mall, you have a Burger Shot, where you can find some great food after a long day of shopping.

I had the opportunity to have an interview with the Mall owner and infamous Justin Menace:

Me: Justin, can you tell me how you came about the idea of building a Mall? Especially out here, completely north of the city.

Justin: Well, we came about the idea because it was recommended to us. We are a wealthy family and frankly, we just have more money than we know what to do with. We decided to build it here because we already own land around here and in the county. This seemed like the best spot to build without having to spend an upwards of millions of dollars just on land for the Mall.

Me: Well, it seems like you have everything planned out. How much income are you expecting to see throughout the first year of opening the mall? And are you going to let any third party stores open here?

Justin: Well, I can't give you an exact number for legal reasons, but we're expecting around five million the first year, and even more the next year. We've had a good amount of business so far, and if it keeps going this way we will have more money to open up even more stores, not only in the mall, but around Los Santos. Now, we thought about letting third party stores open up in the mall, such as shoe stores and things like that, but we haven't quite decided yet. I think we're leaning towards yes, however.

Me: Alright, thank you for giving me the time to interview you and ask a few questions about your new mall! We appreciate it here at SANews, and we'd like to congratulate you on your success so far and wish for only better in the future!

Justin: *Chuckle* No problem, thanks for having me.

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A picture of the so called 'Menace Mall' © SANews 2016

Justin Wrzosek

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Mar 18, 2014
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Thank you for the advertisement, I've worked hard for this mall and the Location was quite Unique. Besides the fact that thousands of businesses are place at the acclaimed ''Market Mall.'' I Decided to release a new upcoming location in its popularity. Temple Drive has been abandoned for several years now. It's about time we re-freshen the sights around Los Santos. From The Infamous Casino, The Los Santos Bank, The Dirty Drug routes from the drug factory. This location Attracts customers of all sort! Doubt it or not, I remember people telling me ''This location will never rise.'' Well i agree, Nothing rises unless work is put it. We spoke with our contractors for the land permissions and they let us get a hold of the abandoned temple mall. I can't say it was easy but thanks to our contractors and business movers we couldn't have done it with out them. Another shout out to my loyal family members for putting in work as well

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John V Menace
Jay V Menace
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Chris V Menace
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Special thanks to San News for reviewing and noticing my hard work.

Much Love,
Justin V Menace

((Thanks for bringing back some type of role-play @Braunstein, Keep it up.))
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Nov 25, 2015
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I believe that a reply to this article was improperly typed, as it is missing my name as a loyal ensign of the Mosh Pit.
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