LSFMD, interview with Mr. Blaccwood.

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Jan 3, 2014
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Well, Mr. Niel G Blaccwood let us interview with himself, but let's start with a little bit of history.
The LSFMD started in 1886, as Commissioner George M. Fall.

Here is a photo of the 1947, you can see Fire Department members while fighting a large fire in Downtown L.S.

As you can see the firetrucks were very old, well now they're much better.
Here's the H.Q. exterior, it looks good in my opinion.

Here's the interior as well.

Let's go ahead with Mr. Deputy Commissioner Niel G Blaccwood.

Stefan Brown: A'yo how's going Niel, all good?
Niel G Blaccwood: Yeah, I'm good!
Stefan Brown: Aigh' less' start with some questions.
Niel G Blaccwood: Go ahead and ask me, everything you want.
Stefan Brown: Less' start with, how's the FMD going these days.
Niel G Blaccwood: It's going alright, we tried to make it more funnier for our Paramedics with events and upgrades!
Stefan Brown: How many events did you guys host in these days?
Niel G Blaccwood: We hosted 2 events this week.
Stefan Brown: What kinda' events?
Niel G Blaccwood: Marathon event.
Stefan Brown: Aigh', less' talk about the High Commands in your Department.
Niel G Blaccwood: Ok.
Stefan Brown: Are they good, how are they moving in the Department?
Niel G Blaccwood: They're doing good, our Captains are working hard.
Stefan Brown: Ok Mr. Blaccwood, thank you for your time!
Niel G Blaccwood: Anytime!

Here's a photo with Niel very proud because of his H.Q.

By Intern,
Stefan Brown.


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Oct 22, 2014
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Good job Stefano
(( u fucking Italian snitch :p ))
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