Lawless RP - A New Beginning

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Apr 11, 2013
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The who's, what's and why's

We are a group of people who have come together to create a fun, laid back and an exciting game environment for what SAMP was intended for. For fun, for shootouts, for chaos. We are all about the chaos, the fun and the excitement SAMP has to offer and most servers surprisingly do not offer. We are going to go by the name 'Lawless RP', short, smart, we are without laws, without restrictions, without a plagued management team. We intend to make this server to revive old memories of what it used to be, the fun, the chaos, the shooting. This may all sound very familiar to you, but know this, we aim to follow it right through to the end.

You can also show your support to our upcoming and rising community by putting the following picture in your signatures:

We intend to spread this image all around the SAMP communities. People will try and find the real source to where this photo is coming from, especially the curious (which is usually everyone!). When they find the true source of the image and its meaning behind it, then they will know what the storm actually means and what it's intended for.

So, why did we actually branch off from ***? It's simple. As a player, you never notice the corruption that lays. You may be aware corruption exists through assumptions and word of mouth, but you're never quite too sure. When you become an admin, these rumors that you heard in the past, were often true. We branched off from what I call a plague. The Management team were powerhungry, money grubbling faggots, simply put. They always introduce the same idelogy when critisised upon this, 'But we aren't like NGRP'. If anyone doesn't know, NGRP is another big community where *** branched off from. Of course, *** would never be like NGRP. Since NGRP is on a whole new ball game of corruption, lies and deciet. But *** is escalating towards it rapidly. Several images of proof are at hand. Not to mention, admins getting suspended for prisoning 'Management' staff on their VPN accounts. Admins getting removed because of them being a certain origin or ethnicity. If management didn't like them, they shouldn't have been put there in the first place. But they like to coordinate the good old NGRP tradition of 'Slave Admins'. By this, no methods of staff retention. Slaving admins to do work even if they don't like them. If you wish to know more about this all, feel free to check out the following links to have a good read through of the rise and fall of several communities on SAMP:

Messages from the dead: the story of Brian Wright:

The Rise and Fall of CCNGTA by Citizen Alpha:

As the saying by ilija Sani goes, 'SAMP isn't SAMP without drama'.

Server Offenses

Rules are going to belightly enforced. The main ones however that will be addressed, are the obvious ones. Such as hacking, ban evading, CS. Revenge Kill is going to be reduced to 10 minutes to return back. If people cannot do that, they deserve to be prisoned. We reduced it down 20 minutes to contain the excitement the server wishes to fulfill, that we all wish to fulfill. A full list will be drafted and shown to the community and pending feedback from them before we make it offical.

Complaints & Ban Appeals

Another topic that crosses my mind, forum complaints and ban appeals. Obviously, we wish to ensure the server contains its fun, but most of it can be handled IG without the need of streaming tears on a complaint. That is WHY we are removing player complaints in general and keeping only Administrative complaints. That way, people can only complain about the admin team, which they have a right to do if we do something wrong or if they need clarification. Ban appeals are going to remain private and handled through the form system. We don't want anyone's confidential information released and I'm sure we all feel that way.

Gangs & strikes

How will this be coordinated? Strikes won't be issued to gangs, but they have a chance of being disbanded. This is all doing to be handled case-by-case by all the admin team and their input depending on what the gang did and how severe it was. For example, if a leader rage quits and a lot of the players start notoriously hacking, we are in our bounds to disband that family, even if they have worked hard. We are focused more on prisoning players if they do something wrong and fining them their wealth. We don't wish to strike families nor disband them, simply put, gang leaders will be investing millions into their families. Gang owning business, paying for /bandana, HQ, cars, all through in game cash. You have to be recognised and gangs will be awarded. We intend to keep gangs running as long as possible, with only 8 gang slots. Huge variety and more loyal members in one family. It's going to be a great, big thing.


The notorious SPAS12 and Grenade removal. We are intending to remove this weapon to bring back a more skill based game, rather than blasting full radius and hitting. Once we remove this, we should see a significant change in the way people fight each other. LSPD grenades are also removed. We believe they were too much of an advantage to even think about implementing, let alone experiencing it being implemented on the other server.

We intend to keep factions laid back also. We do not want to appoint people who place harsh restriction on faction members. We do not wish to place such a system where everyone hates the factions simply because they abuse the powers they are bestowed with. We only want a fair and a mutual agreement between the two, faction and gangs. And that is, guns, chaos and fun.

The Donation system

Of course, every thriving community requires a donation system in order to cover its costs to run and maintain the server. We have already listed some ideas, but we want your input as to what would be a great incentive for donators, along with it not being such a huge advantage that it affects the way the economy and players in general work. Don't worry, we aren't going to be money hungry and logs of transactions will be posted in the appropriate sections (most likely the admin section).

Other crucial information:

'Finally, if you stop having fun then step away, you’ll do none of us any good by being miserable. Keep things in perspective, this is your hobby, what you do for fun.' -

'Complaints across the board were rising and the LSPD needed a big bucket of “calm down” and “have fun” which was clearly never going to happen with the current people in charge.' -

Citizen Alpha is our main guide in ensuring the server remains fun and for what it's intended for. None of that so serious LSPD, we all want to be laid back and have fun. After all, we are playing a game orientated and designed for one purpose, entertainment. Games aren't in this genre for no reason. We are what we are. We don't need people being butthurt, being so serious. Why need people who know how to have fun and be laid back. And that's what we intend to create.

Lawless, a new era that should have been an old era, revived.
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