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Sep 25, 2014
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Fire on the Block!
By: Jack X Luna | June 19, 2015

(Shot of the fire at its peak)

Coffee Lounge at the Brazzer Block in Market, Los Santos - It was a beautiful day in Los Santos. Crimes was at its minimum, no loss of lives, and everything was peaceful... until a fire started in a coffee lounge at the Brazzer Block! The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) unit has not found the cause of the fire yet, but some say the television in the lounge blew into flames, causing a miniature explosion. Unfortunately, there were 4 casualties, 1 affiliate who was in the lounge, 2 officers, and 1 firefighter.

The fire began to grow massively, and burned down the Brazzer Block. It took the bravery of 4 firemen crew to extinguish the fire, along with 4 firetrucks. It also took the teamwork of the police officers on scene to clear the area of civilians to ensure their safety.

(The work of the Fire Department)

(The work of the Police Department)
After the fire was extinguished, Junior Reporter Xiben Nguyen conducted an interview with James Kroger, a bystander who witnessed this catastrophe occur. Here's part of the interview here.

Interview between Xiben Nguyen & James Kroger:

Xiben Nguyen: I have found a pedestrian that said he saw it all happen. What is your name and what happened?
James Kroger: Hey, my name is James Kroger. So, I was driving nearby and saw this TV explode inside the building right...
Xiben Nguyen: Yes, right, right.

James Kroger: I saw this old guy, he yelled "Fuck here right in the p*ssy!"
Xiben Nguyen: That is not relevant, anyway, the fire has been extinguished by the local FMD, Xiben Nguyen tuning out.
James Kroger: Thanks for interviewing me, see you later.

As you see in the sample of the interview, James Kroger was a witness to the incident. We thought this wasn't enough information, so we interviewed someone else, Alexander Blackthorn, former police officer and FBI agent.

(Alexander Blackthorn on scene)

Interview between Jack X Luna & Alexander Blackthorn:

Jack X Luna: What were your thoughts when you first seen the fire?
Alexander Blackthorn: I thought I should help, I went there and helped the police evacuate civilians. People were scared, but thanks to my past experiences in the SAPD and the FBI, I managed to do, in my opinion, an excellent job.
Jack X Luna: That's a brave thing, to help the police do their job.

Alexander Blackthorn: Well, don't forget that I was an LEO, it's not something you can easily forget.
Jack X Luna: I can understand perfectly, I had past experiences as an LEO as well, but that's in the past.
Alexander Blackthorn: Yes indeed.

(Fire Department fighting the flames of the fire)

(Extinguished fire & debris)

Rebirth of the L.S.P.D
By: Luke Griffin | June 19, 2015

(Officer Ramcharan leading his men outside in order to maintain the law and order)

Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos - The citizens of Los Santos, your time to fear the gangsters and cringe at the sight of those undisciplined police officers have come to an end! Yesterday, using our hi-tech spay cam, we were watching the L.S.P.D in action. We must say, the Interim Chief of Police, Mr Vinay X Ramcharan is doing a splendid job!

The current police department is doing so well that some gangsters have decided to stay below the radar in the hopes that they don't get caught. I managed to get an interview of a person who claims he is a big time crook. For the sake of his safety, we will be calling him Double G

Luke Griffin: How was life before the new Chief?

Double G: Mah life? It was good. The chicks were hot, the money was rolling and the mah enemies were falling. Then this piece of shite came to town. God knows where did he come from, all of a sudden, acting as a boss.
Luke Griffin: Go on, what did you do? Did you retaliate?
Double G: Retele what? You talking about mah TV
Luke Griffin: Retaliate sir. I mean to ask what did you do to him
Double G: Why ain't you say that before? Anyways, I called mah boys to teach that punk a lesson. We loaded up, got the shit ready you know. Before we rolled out, all of a sudden, the whole area was filled with those mot*******cops. We just barely got away. We had a f***** snitch
Luke Griffin: What happened to the snitch?
Double G: That shite is down under the sewer.

(The L.S.P.D patrolling with a high speed pursuit bike ready to go beside the leading cruiser.)
The police force yesterday announced that the commonly used 'material factories' a hotspot for gangsters, but until recently turned a blind eye to, was now a no-go area for the citizens of Los Santos. They even announced that any person at that area will be shot on sight!

I managed to grab hold of an old eccentric man for a short interview.

Luke Griffin: How do you like the recent development in the Police Department?

Mr Richard Smith: Police you say? Hmm, they eat alot of donuts.
Luke Griffin: Anything else? Like do you like the new chief?
Mr Richar Smith: There is a new chief! I didn't know. Thank you son for telling me. I'll go to him and ask him for a donut.
Luke Griffiin: You live very near to the infamous Material Factory. How does the closure of the factory affect you?
Mr Richard Smith: I hate it! Before, I used to see young'ins in theire cute pajamas driving in and out in their cute bikes. No I have no one to throw gum on! I need to share the space with those cute monkeys at the Forklift Union and shoot my gum now. It's bad for my bones! I want it open again!

After interviewing a few more citizens of Los Santos, we came to infer that in general the citizens of Los Santos are happy with the new Chief. In fact, the number of enrollments in schools have increased - a byproduct of the general increase in the security and sense of reassurance in the parents in Los Santos.

L.S.M.F.D Major Restructuring
By: Luke Griffin | June 20, 2015

(The interior of the L.S.F.M.D Headquarters)

Los Santos Fire and Medical Depaetment Headquarters, Los Santos - Since the accession of Mr Aflred Drayton as the new L.S.F.M.D Commissioner, there had been many complaints from all sides of Los Santos, that L.S.F.M.D were full of incompetent and untrained man. Yesterday, Mr George Pearce, the Human Resource Captain of L.S.F.M.D publicly announced via the nation wide radio of the changes they could expect from L.S.F.M.D.

We are happy to say that the response to Mr Pearce's announcement was met with much happiness and relief that the once proud and functional department was on the right track to re-gain its lost dignity. The medical staff was recently boosted with fresh blood which hopefully will revive this ailing department.

(A proud medic posing beside his medical van.)
The SANews prides itself to get its readers the juiciest and most relevant stories to our readers in the fastest time with the most thorough investigation. We managed to get in contact with Mr Pearce and we had a good conversation through email correspondence. Here is the short excerpt of the interview.

Luke Griffin: You had announced that the L.S.F.M.D recruitment process has changed. Could you brief us on it?
George Pearce: Basically, the recruitment has been changed to a better stage of actually guaranteeing better staff which know what they're doing. We have added exams and academy training to the recruitment process to actually make sure our applicants are ready and qualified to become an employee within our department.
Luke Griffin: There are many complaints about the lack of medical staff in Los Santos. What are your views about this? Is there any solution to this problem?

George Pearce: The recruitment process was changed due to the complaints which were redirected towards me from our Commissioner. We didn't just implement the new recruitment system, but we also implemented internal systems such as promotional system which will help us watch our medics carefully and spectate their work. There is a solution, which will be an easy one which will be announced soon.
Luke Griffin: We have gotten news that the L.S.F.M.D is hosting a car show. Is it true?

George Pearce: Well, that car show was made about a week ago, and I basically don't know about any upcoming programs, since I only work within my division, nothing more, nothing less.
Luke Griffin: Can we expect major changes in the L.S.F.M.D under your supervision? Do you have any vision or plan to change L.S.FM.D? If yes, could you share about it?
George Pearce: You can actually expect the department to improve, as this plan was made between me and the commissioner, to ensure the best plans to be implemented and to improve the department. And yes, we have more plans and visions to change the L.S.F.M.D and make it more rewarding for our employees, as we will have more ceremonies and more programs, such as public training days, in which we will teach BLS kit usage and that'll help the public a lot
. We also have in mind a more strict infraction system and medals and awards issuance.
Luke Griffin: This is for all the eager readers who want to join L.S.F.M.D. Any tips for them to increase their chances of selection? Like what are the taboos and the must do to guarantee and a selection?

George Pearce: I have a few basic tips which are as follows;
1) Read all our files before filing in an application.
2) Fill in the questions as requested, no more, no less required.
3) Stay professional in your application, as we are looking for good people to become our colleagues, we are not looking for a bunch of immature people who require babysitting from the high command team.

Luke Griffin: What was the funniest interview that you took for an applicant for the L.S.F.M.D?
George Pearce: I once had an interview before with a guy who said he likes tomatoes, I didnt actually think it was funny until I witnessed his actions. He brought tomatoes with him to the interview and kept relating to the subject that he likes tomatoes. That was one of the most funniest times of my career.

For all the readers who plan to join and help this department be an elite faction, they can contact the training officers inside Los Santos. We wish the L.S.F.M.D the best of luck in their future endeavors.

The SANews will continue to deliver such relevant news to the public.

SANews Weekly Lottery (Week 1)
By: Aidan Griffin | June 20, 2015

SANews Headquarters - That's right! The SANews lottery is back and this time it will be held every week! You can still purchase up to 10 tickets. You can now register with your lucky ticket numbers, may good luck be with you! And remember the more tickets you buy the more chances you win!

The lottery event would still take place at our Headquarters.

Q: If I buy 10 tickets, do I guarantee that I win?
A: We don't guarantee that you win, but it will increase your chances of winning!

Q: How will the results be announced?
A: We will announce the luck winner at our channel! We will also contact you in case you're not in town while we we're announcing the winner. ((This thread will be also update and your forum username will be tagged))

Q: Who should I contact for the tickets?
A: It's already written below.

Q: How are you going to choose the winner?
A: With the help of our newly advance computers! It will help us pick random numbers.

((we would use randomizer.com for choosing the lucky winner, we will be fair to everyone!))

Hosts: Aidan Griffin and Luke Griffin

Participants: | Ticket Numbers:

1.) You can only buy up to 10 tickets.
2.) Your name and ticket number will only be registered after paying the ticket price.
3.) The ticket number should not be more than 5 digits.

Event sponsors:

Aidan Griffin - Alfa Romeo 2010(Alpha).
Luke Griffin - 20,000 materials.

Ticket price: 2,000$

Reward: 5,000$ + 1,500$ per every ticket sold.

You may contact these people to pay for the lottery ticket price.
Aidan Griffin 555-690 ((7738))
Luke Griffin 555-666 ((100181))
Toompert Daman 555-429 ((1414))

The grand lotto draw will be on : June 27,2015 ((GMT 0))

((Click here to go to the Registration Page))

San Andreas Network - Win 10000 materials!
San Andreas Network - You can win 10000 materials, financed by San Andreas Network. Do you have a land? A well built and functional piece of land? Well take a picture and email it over to [email protected] (( PM )). The best built land will win! We will announce the winner of this event next week. Good luck!

This was San Andreas Network for this week, have a good day and stay safe!

Would you like to advertise? Contact [email protected] (( PM )).
San Andreas Network is a Government approved organisation.

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Name: Cpt. George Pearce
Comment: I am glad that you had relief after knowing about the change, and I would like to thank you personally and behalf of the department for your interest in putting us as a headline in the newspaper, and also thanks to your newspaper, we have had more interest for the department and we've been receiving more applications day by day!
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